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The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 7 – Recap

To bravely face what you have intentionally refused to face for fear that if doing so would mean finding out that everything has been a fantasy…that takes courage.



After going through the motion of trying to get over someone,  Ji An Lei found her way back to He Wei Ting house. She apologized for the trouble she caused him and for inconveniencing him. She poured her heart out for him during that short gut wrenching moment. She told him how having him in her life made her feel that she deserves to be loved and that his presense gave her emotional and mental assurance. Damn! It was so painful watching this part, I was actually crying my heart out just like Lei lei. Her face is all wet with tears and she’s in agony but here she is telling the person she loves that it wasn’t a mistake to have kept him in her heart for so long. At least HWT is not a jerk. He told JAL that she missed a lot of chances with other men because of him and that she also truly loves Hai Lun. But he also told her that during the time he was away, sending postcards to her made him feel that he still had a home, to which JAL replied “Too bad, I wasn’t the one who made you want to stay”. I love how strong she is saying those feelings out loud. It must have taken all her will power when she finally said “He Wei Ting, My love for you ends here” and walked away.

All the while, Huang Yi Kang was waiting outside by his motorbike. Lei lei came out sobbing looking as if she just lost everything. Yi Kang then asked her to go for a spin. I literally wanted to poke his eyes out at this point. I mean obviously the girl needs a hug dude! Just hug her already! But at least he whisked her away in his bike. Hai Lun also came to HWT’s place and heard everything. So now, she has no doubt that he loves her. She also said that she ought to be braver just like him and stand up to her dad. But HWT told her that he didn’t want to put a wedge between her and her family. Meanwhile Lei lei and HYK spent the whole night by the beach. Just talking with each other, giving comfort and being each other’s strength. Although he has fully given up on his crush, she on the other hand still can’t completely let go.

The following day, Lei Lei got a surprise visit. Her older sister came to Taipei for a wedding and decided to drop in on her. Yi Kang opened the door and a surprised An Lei jie asked who he was. He explained that he was Xiao Yun and Da Kai’s friend to which JAL’s sister replied “they went to Europe so what are you still doing here?” So JAL told her that they were dating so she didn’t need to set her up on blind dates. She begged HYK to help her pretend that they were dating telling him that her sister would not stop setting her up on dates unless she’s already seeing someone. Of course, he could only follow. So Yi Kang hid in his room or at least he tried to while JAL and her sister talk in the living room. HYK tiptoed to the bathroom unable to hold it in but unfortunately JAL’S sister needed to take a leak as well so he hid in the shower. While in the bathroom, she  asked JAL if the two of them have already seen each other’s bodies, or if they have been so close to the point of kissing, or if they have hugged each other. Both of them thought of the same memories just then. An Lei jie woke up and heard someone snoring in the other room so she entered and found a sleeping HYK! So she took off and left a note telling JAL to be brave if she has found love and that she didn’t have to hide even if they were already living together, or so she thought.

Yi Kang and Lei lei went to work and she thanked him again for covering for her. Hai Lun asked JAL for some private “girl talk”. She told JAL that she heard everything she said to HWT. She apologized, thanked her and asked if they could still be friends. It’s really hard when your competition is being nice to you (real or not) because it robs you of every weapon. It leaves you defenseless. It is much easier if she were a bitch. But I suppose the writers don’t want to go that way. So be it! Meanwhile HWT crossed paths with An Lei jie and she spilled the beans on him.

Jia Yi and Tiffany are waiting for Lei lei to finish working so they could all go to a KTV. Jia Yi is having some marital issues so she refuses to go home. She suspects that her husband is having an affair. On their way out, a masked man suddenly grabbed JAL from behind. The thief took some of their stuff, tied their hands and locked them in the room. The two women started crying while JAL remained strong. Jia Yi was fearful that she wouldn’t have a chance to see her husband and apologize for being stubborn while Tiffany was afraid that she won’t have a chance to tell A Tai that she loves him. Suddenly, Wen Ge, Jia Yi’s husband arrived and rescued them. The police came afterwards.  JAL thought to herself who would she want to see the most if it were her last day.  So the four of them went to a KTV and Jia Yi and her husband are okay again as if nothing happened. Ah Tai also came and comforted Tiffany. Poor Lei lei, she could only sing by herself and wish her friends continued happiness.

She got so drunk that she started walking the wrong way, thankfully HYK came to the rescue again. HWT happens to be in the same place. He was quietly observing the group but came rushing when JAL suddenly fell. He saw Yi kang and told him to take care of her properly. A drunk JAL hugged HWT and told him she was happy and that her friends also found their happiness. He then forced JAL to ride in HYK’s motorbike and the two drive away. She was so drunk that she started slipping so HYK took her arms and wrapped them in his waist (that gentle touch was so cute),but still slipped, leaving HYK with no choice but to place her in front in stead. It was so a sweet torture watching the scene. She was leaning on HYK, singing a sad song (the beautiful insert song which I don’t know the title of) while crying at the same time.They stopped at some statues (which look awfully similar to the opening theme) and JAL puked. I’m already beginning to fall for HYK myself her, he pats her back while she throws up and then cleans up her mess (who does that!? I mean what guy does that?!) She rambles about how her friends found happiness but she hasn’t at her age. HYK reassured her that it doesn’t matter because she still looks cute and she can surely begin a new life. But how can one let go of a love you’ve had for 10 years?

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The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 6 – Recap

Sometimes without consciously knowing we form a habit. It becomes so normal like mundane everyday things that we barely notice that we are already falling into it. Whether it’s good or bad habits…sometimes we are not sure. And sometimes when we meet new people we grow accustomed to them without realizing that we actually love having them around already.




The three ladies, Ji An Lei, Tiffany and Jia Yi  all went for a check up for different reasons. AS they were talking about the results, Lei lei mentioned about having to eat loads of carrots because the doctor said she needed them. The 2 besties were surprised because they know for a fact that she hated carrots. Lei lei explained that thanks to Huang Yi Kang, who infused them in whaetver food she eats but is very good at it, she can’t even taste the carrots in them. The two then teased JAL for becoming so comfortable with HYK.

Yi Kang already feels settled living with JAL that he does many of the chores unbidden. He changes the lights, he fixes the fuse, he even makes coffee for her. But JAL, being the feminist that she is, told him not to do those things. He asked if it’s because she doesn’t like them. She explained saying that it’s not because of that, but rather it’s because she doesn’t want to rely on anyone, especially a man. The two then engaged in a not so lengthy battle of the sexes. After their “non discussion” she declared that she was going out. Surprised, HYK asked where would she go on a weekend. She said that she’s been working hard the whole week so she needs to use this time to date He Wei Ting. In turn she asked him whether he had asked Hai Lun out. He hasn’t. He also reminded JAL that needed to do some grocery shopping. She told him that it’s okay because as the landlord, she’s assigning the task to the tenant. HYK could only give her a thumbs up.

Hai Lun was trying to send a message to ask Wei Ting for dinner but decided not to send it. She was headed for the office but her stepmom asked if they could talk for a while because she wants to show her something. It was an old photo album when HL was still a kid. The stepmom (who is surprisingly cool!) was very supportive of her telling her to go for her happiness if she’s sure in her heart about it. She told HL that happiness can come from different sources and she should not be afraid and stand up to her dad. Meawhile, JAL and HWT are playing badminton like good friends do but HL’a father saw them. After that he talked with JAL regarding his daughter and HWT. It turns out that he has already changed his mind and is already willing to accept him if he could make his daughter happy. He asked JAL if he were truly serious about HL since she seemed to know him well. He was even willing to give him his dream job. This placed JAL in a tight spot because HWT just told her how he wants to prove himself and not simply suit anyone’s preference for him.

Lei lei decided to make dinner for her and HYK and tell him the news at the same time. She sent him a message but didn’t read them. After seeing HL still hard at work, he decided to stay and help her. It was already when they finished repacking so they took the bus home together. He chose that moment to confess. Unfortunately she didn’t her his confession because she had already fallen asleep. At the same time, the dishes JAL prepared were left on the table untouched. Finally he arrived home and started eating the food. JAL was knda upset becausde he didn’t inform her where he was. Hee said that if she told her he spent the night with HL would she still be angry. This chaned her mood suddenly and she perked up more when he said that he already confessed. The downside was that she was sleeping. Be he said that he feels muchbetter after expressing himself. That he has a sense of fulfIllment. JAL was of course incredulous about this. But HYK assured her that HL has already given him an answer and he has accepted it and gave his blessings. It made her more upset. And then he countered and ashed if she had confessed her true feelings for HWT herself. She said she hasn’t it didn’t matter because thing are going to change this weekend. She imposed on him not to give up on HL and that he must no’t think about it at all.

On the day of the barbecue, everyone who works for the company came to the Director’s house. Everyone was chatting happily enjoying HYK’s freshly barbecued meat. The director himself was in a good mood. Finally HWT arrived. HL immediately ran into his waiting embrace and they agreed not to fight in the future. He thanked HL’s father for inviting him and the director then made the announcement in front of everyone. He introduced HWT as his daughter’s boyfriend and also that he was going to be the editor-in-chief of their publishing company. He was of course not happy about this so he talked with the director and graciously rejected the offer. But the director won’t have it. HWT would also not give in saying that he doesn’t want people to say that he used his connections to get the position. HYK asked JAL if she already knew what the director was going to say and why she didn’t tell HWT in advance. HYK accused her of using the situation to gain an advantage, to which she responded saying she’s not that kind of person. She said that she could not have predicted what would happen whether it will turn out for good or bad. She also told him that she’s not like him who would easily give up on the person she loves.

Lei lei was waiting outside for Wei Ting. When he came, she immediately asked if he accepted. He said that of course he didn’t for how could he. He asked if she already what was going to happen and why she din’t tell him in advance. He was so upset feeling betrayed by his own bestfriend. Every bottled up feelings she had for the past 15 years spilled out after that. she said, that she has always been in love with him. A surprised HWT then said to her, “what do you expect then since I can’t accept the job nor can I reciprocate your feelings.” He told her that all he wanted was his bestfriend but she’s no longer there. HYK, who was actually eavesdropping (don’t you know that it’s rude to do that) nearby approached her. He asked if what she wanted was for the two to break up so she could come in. JAL was upset telling him he doesn’t understand where she’s coming from since he’s not the one who waited for 15 years. He then told her that it was her who don’t understand. He said “you’re time has passed and once it passed you cannot get it back”. He encouraged her to forget about him and learn to truly live her life and learn to enjoy the little things.

Yi Kang (he’s such a busybody!) went to comfort HL afterwards and then finally told her that the girl he actually likes is her. He went on and said that his confession was not for anything but for him to put an end to it. She thanked him for liking her and they agreed to remain good friends. He went home but JAL was not there. Obviously worried, he called Tiffany and asked if JAL was there. She was not, so he went out and searched for her everywhere! But they kept missing each other. JAL decided to do what HYK told her to do, she went to a KTV, read some books and tried to forget. All the while HYK was wondering where she was but he was happy because she was trying to overcome her pain. Even though he’s emotion was also messed up, he’s happy that he has her with him and asked her to let him accompany her in her sadness and pain. But eventually JAL ended up at HWT place. She apologized for making things difficult for him and then he said he’s very lucky because when he was away he has someone whom he could send postcards to and made him feel that there was always someone home waiting for him. She started bawling her eyes out (so was I! damn this was a painful part!) and hugged her.

Personal note:

This episode was emotionally charged. I think Yi Kang is not really in love with Hai Lun. He simply likes her that’s why he is not as torn as Lei lei is. 15 years is hard to forget. That’s like a lifetime! I liked Yi Kang’s compassionate nature. He is always there for other people. I especially like how he looks out for Lei lei although at times he seems rough. But sometimes, tough love is necessary to make a person see reason. As for Hai Lun’s father, he’s acting for me is lacking. I don’t feel anything when he talks. He should also be happy because the man his daughter wants to marry is a man with principles which is rare these days. He should actually be proud because he’s not an opportunist.

The ratings started out quite low for this but it’s been improving. The best rating it got was episode 4 with 1.03 although it dropped to .83 last episode. I hope the ratings improve. Next week’s episode looks exciting and funny!

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Marry Him If You Dare Episode 9 — Recap


EPISODE 9 Truth…or Something Like It


Mi Rae refused Kim Shin’s kiss thinking about what Se Joo said about liking someone because of the knowledge that you’ll be with the person in the future and what old Mi Rae said about someone dying. PD Na also refused to believe ahjumma’s confession even after she told him how she got he scar on her shoulder. On her wedding day (in the future) oppa apologized for giving her the scar saying that it was his fault and how he caused it. He has never revealed this to anybody but still he could’t believe her saying that perhaps she was just tired. An urgent call came so he had to get back to the office. Meanwhile, MR and KS continued filming and investigating on the ghosts. They found a wedding dress, a picture of a couple and a diary which detailed the dead couples ordeal due to the man’s cancer. Mi Rae thought of an ending narration for the pilot episode.

Se Joo was editing what MR had filmed when KS walked in. He deleted many unnecessary parts which angered KS. He told SJ to drop what he was doing and he will ask someone else to do it for him. SJ told him matter-of-factly that it was turning out like a melodrama so he had to edit them out. But thanked KS still for giving him free time. SJ sought ahjumma and asked her which side she was on. She immediately responded “you’re side!” and revealed who she really was. SK asked why “him” over KS. She responded that it was because of his good personality and background. He asked if MR knows who he really was and ahjumma said she doesn’t. She wonders if he really believes her or not. Kim Shin and Mi Rae are talking to Lee Jae Soo about changing the concept of the documentary after they discovered that there weren’t any ghosts at the house. MR began to write the narration with KS fussing next to her. Unknown to them, oppa was standing outside the window. He went and asked ahjumma to show him the scar. She said she had it removed, which made him doubt. He asked for a strand of her hair, ahjumma got pissed and asked him if he wanted her urine and blood sample as well. Because oppa still refused to believe, she chose to reveal to him including that which she cannot tell MR.

The next day oppa told MR that he found a job for her as production assistant at another place. He told her to quit her ambition of becoming a writer and focus on her happiness instead.He then talked to KS telling him that he is in fact her brother (he even brought a document to prove it). He told him that MR is transferring to another team. He also asked KS if he likes his sister, or love her and if he was willing to marry her. He was dumbfounded at this. He later top meet MR who’s waiting for him. She told him about being transferred to another team and asked for his opinion. KS told her that since it’s her life, she should make the decision on her own. Teary eyed, she told him that she doesn’t want to go and she wanted to work with him but instead he is so indifferent to her like she was a stranger.

All that MR wanted to hear from KS, SJ said. She cried telling SJ that she is deeply touched by his concern. They went to eat noodles at a convenience store later and agreed to treat each other more comfortably. Yoo Kyung was passing by and SJ saw her. He gave the “ok” signal and she pretended to root for him then walked away. Much later, they were walking at the halls of the company when they overheard PD Lee talking to another writer. He was actually asking the writer to change everything that MR had written since it doesn’t suit the scary theme he wanted to convey. MR told writer Bae about this there was nothing she could do. SJ asked PD Lee to give MR the chance and to apologize for overstepping ethics. PD Lee got upset and reminded SJ that he was but a mere VJ not in any position to tell him what top do. Enraged, SJ said he will remember what he said and told MR not to worry for she will definitely get a chance to debut.

PD Na got so upset after hearing the news from writer Bae. But he couldn’t do anything because he knows the it’s PD Lee’s prerogative to change writers. KS overheard this and asked if PD Lee kicked out MR. Just as he was about to find PD Lee oppa stopped him. He said that as her brother, he’s more that upset and he even want to punch PD Lee until his teeth are knocked off but he knows he can’t do that. He then told KS that he doesn’t have the right to interfere. KS said, what if he really likes MR?I told him that he will never approve of him because of his strict principles and unbending personality. He said that he won’t entrust his younger sister to someone like him and suffer miserably.

The pilot day finally arrived, KS and YK are co-anchors. Everything MR wrote was replaced. YK asked SJ’s whereabouts to which he replied “he’s at the hospital because Mi rae hurt her foot”. The broadcast when on and just as it was about to end MR and SJ arrived. But at the end, KS chose to use MR’s words for the closing spiel. She became emotional and went down immediately to talk to KS but he left right after the curtain fell. She tried calling him but he refused to answer even when he saw her at the entrance just as he was driving by. Everyone stayed up to see the ratings for the pilot which comes out early in the morning, which turned out to be 9.8 and 10.2 for an average of 10%. Miranda still wanted to ax the show and the writer responsible for it (which she thought was MR) but SJ convinced her to change her mind. SJ told Miranda that he’s not interested in running the network because top level management are cheap and base their decisions on emotion. So eventually Miranda gave in to him. He agreed to go back to his “position” in a month. Afterwards, she informed the team (who were huddled together waiting for the call) that they will get the 11pm slot.

Se Joo finally asked ahjumma for help reminding her of what she told him before. She asked KS to meet her at a Chinese restaurant to tell him something important. SJ and MR also came to the same restaurant. Meanwhile, after overhearing ahjumma’s phone conversation with SJ, YK began to investigate. She went to ahjumma’s locker and found her diary. She read the entries and was surprised. At the same time, Miranda arrived at the resto. She wanted to meet MR again and SJ promised to arrange it for her. After a while KS arrived and ahjumma told him that they were going to talk in a private room because the place was packed.Just as he was going up, he got a message from the person he asked regarding SJ. In the message, the person confirmed that SJ is indeed Miranda’s grandson and future chairman of YBS, just then the door opens  and he saw SJ, Miranda and MR in the room.


My Thoughts:

I understand why they needed to show the audience about what they were working on (dead couple) but I thought a glimpse would be enough but not a mini clip. In Se Joo’s words, it was so melodramatic at that point. I also feel sorry for Yoo Kyung. She is the righful person for Se Joo in the first place but now she’s almost begging for his attention. What I don’t understand is this: why is it that Mi Rae and Kim Shin had flashes and a certain emotional link but Se Joo and Yoo Kyung does not? Aren’t they in the same part of the equation? The “spy guy” also doesn’t make sense. He just pops up on screen like a fly and hen gone the next second without any explanations. So what’s his deal? Future Mi Rae is beginning to sound like a broken record. I guess the writing staff would just dump all the answers in the final episode. I hate it when dramas do that as if the whole journey was pointless. I don’t wanna fret over this so I’ll stop there.

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The Pursuit of Happiness – Episode 5 Recap

In life we are faced with indecision. Sometimes we are not sure if the direction we are headed is the right one. We often ask if we should change our course or stay where we are. But is changing course the best option? Are we certain its the right path? Because sometimes, the more undecided we are of which direction to take, the more we get lost.


Everyone was up and about preparing for the event which is happening is a matter of minutes. Hai Lun was standing outside when Yi Kang arrived, he asked if she was waiting for him and just then Wei Ting pulled in his red car and HL hurried over to him. He came to be the speaker of event but when he was on stage he could barely open his mouth to speak. Just before he went on stage HL’s father belittled his ability and asked him to break up with her. Thankfully YK saved the day by taking over as guest speaker. YK spoke about his travel experiences. He shared how liking a girl can make someone change what he likes and thinks about. The speaker asked if the girl he talks about is his girlfriend. He said she was his “dream girl”.

After the event, YK went straight to the hospital and picked Ji An Lei up. They went to the grocery afterwards to get something for dinner. YK offered to cook as a celebration. Ji An Lei thought that WT did well. While they were walking around the store YK picked up some carrots. Lei lei told him to put them back because she’s never gonna eat them. During dinner she kept saying how much she hates carrots. But YK said he could never tell because she was eating them already. Naughty YK put carrots into the dishes he cooked. Lei lei was upset and began to gag. He said that he only wanted her to overcome her dislike for carrots and was just concerned about her. He then said that people can change.

That afternoon, after the event YK overheard HL and WT fighting at the rooftop. WT was upset about the situation while HL was trying to apologize and asked him what was wrong (you’re father is what’s wrong girl!) Of course he didn’t say anything about the real reason he was upset but instead told her that he could not give her what she needed and walked away. YK went over to comfort her.It is at that moment when he realized that she needed a better man (himself). He told LL that he already agreed to work in the company and will be starting the following week. Furthermore, and most importantly, he decided to fight beside LL in pursuing their happiness. At that moment, LL was extremely happy, it was like all the walls are gone between them. Now they are allies.

Yi Kang reported for work and Lei lei introduced him to the team. She briefed him on his duties and was extra snappy. Simon suggested to have a welcome party for him but LL chided him saying it wasn’t necessary and that they should focus on work. After her meeting, she sent YK a message asking him to rendezvous at the rooftop. She told him that he should make his move on HL and that she also did him a favor by sending her something supposedly coming from him. Unknown to them, Simon and Zhi wei saw them talk and thought something was weird especially after the show they put on in front of everyone.

After work, YK asked LL if she wanted to go home together. She answered, of course this was the best way to save on taxi fare. He said it was not necessary since he bought a bike. So they hopped on it together and headed home.To their surprise the whole gang was there. They interrogated the two and asked them what was the real score between them. LL tried to explain but they believed that the two are living together as a couple. LL tried to call WT but he still refused to answer. Tiffany told her to be happy because it only means that the relationship is on the rocks.

The next day, YK presented his design ideas to HL. She liked it. She also thanked him for the “gift”. He asked if she was okay. Afterwards, he went to the store where LL was and asked her to go for lunch together as a way of thanking her for the “gift”. During lunch, he told her not to meddle too much into his love life and just focus on WT. He said that he’ll do it his own way. She told him she did so because they were allies. LL went to WT house later. WT was clearly not himself. She asked what really happened because she knows that he’s not an irresponsible person. So she forced him to change and eat out with her. She put on the necklace he gave her and sent YK a message asking how he was progressing. YK took HL out to a place to throw paint on the wall so where can forget her troubles.

Meanwhile LL and WT were not doing so well. WT was obviously so heart broken to think about anything else. LL tried her best to cheer him up. Suddenly he noticed the necklace she was wearing and asked why she still has it. She said that she still has everything he gave her. She told him that he can be happy again. On the walk back hugged LL and thanked her for spending time with him. She said it was her duty as a good friend. WT took a taxi and LL messaged YK and informed him that she was done. He said he was talking a romantic stroll with HL.

She waited for him to come home hoping to hear his good news. Eventually they both admitted that the evening was not that successful. YK said that the couple was just having a rough patch so it might be difficult for them, so they should come up with another plan. Just then, Tiffany called and asked YK to help her. YK pretended to be her boyfriend in front of her suitor Ah Tai. Naughty Tiffany got scared after hearing his love confession. LL advised her not to be afraid and go for it if she loves him. Tiffany was unsure not having been in this situation before. YK waited until the 2 are done talking thinking that she won’t have a ride home. Lei lei was touched by his action.

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Never Give Up Dodo – Episode 1

The verdict is out. This hilarious, naughty, in-your-face comedy is something you should not miss. If you haven’t started watching it, drop whatever you’re watching right now (Go!) head over to or whatever channel is available from your location and start streaming! I guarantee you’ll not only have a hearty laugh but you’ll be on the floor LMHFOing. If you don’t I’m telling you, you’re missing 10% of your life. Or maybe not exactly 10% but ypu’ll be missing a hell lot. Not convinced? I’ll give you some reasons why you should watch it.

Reasons for watching:

1. Godfrey Gao acting cute on camera.

2. Godfrey Gao taking his shirt off.

3. Godfrey Gao pouring beer all over his naked body.


My brain just self combusted conjuring such powerful images of him especially the third one. Sorry, give me a moment to collect my thoughts. This lady is so utterly giddy that I’m seeing stars and hearts all around. I’m afraid I’m writing gibberish here. I love this show so much but I wish it’s much longer. My only gripe is that it’s only 25 minutes for 10 episodes. Too short.


Here’s a quick recap.

Qian Dou dou is a loser when it comes to love. After a fortune teller told her that she’ll never get married and will be alone till the day she dies, all her previous relationships have failed no matter what she did. Her first fiance eloped with her bridesmaid so she had to return her wedding gown. But the shop refused to accept telling her that nobody could wear the gown because her breasts are too small. She returned to the same shop a second time for the same reason but was refused again. This time her fiance married another woman. But Duo duo refused to believe that she doesn’t have any luck in men.

godfrey gao

Duo duo (Yin Hang), is now a manager in the company runned by her friend Director Sun (Li Yuan) where Xu Fei (Godfrey Gao) used to work but is now starting his own business. Duo duo and Xu fei are engaged and the couple love to role-play and pretend to be strangers making out. They have bought a house together but unfortunately the broker swindled them.

never give up

It turns out that another person has already moved in. Duo duo refused to accept the situation as such so she went to the house to meet the owner. As luck would have it, the person who moved in (who’s the real owner’s friend) was none other than her ex-fiance Li Dong (Mike Sui). The three struck a deal. They would all live together.

never give up dodo

This is where the hilarity began. Soon after moving in, Xu Fei and Li Dong started their “competition”. They tried to outdo each other to show Duo duo whose a better man. They made the same, omelette but ended up appreciating one another in a bromantic kinda way. They flexed, stripped and poured beer on their bodies to show who has a better body.

never give up dodo

They would spy on each other too. They even fought about a stuffed animal (which was given to DD as a gift from LD). But Xu fei had enough and wanted to move out. So they decided to stay at one of his ex-girlfriend’s house who according to him was fat, ugly and nerdy. The couple packed and left. They rang the bell at XF’s ex-gf’s house and out came a vixen!

never give up

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Marry Him If You Dare Episode 8 – Recap


My Thoughts:

First, the ratings still remains a single digit. Why?

Let me tell you of a conversation I had with a co-worker. I was looking at some pictures of this drama when my female co-worker passed by. She stopped and said, “Are you watching that?” I said  “yeah…you?” She said, “I am. It’s nice but don’t you think it’s kind of slow. And I think the story is too simple.” Me, “Hmm…”

I think the narrative is a bit lose. And let’s face it, people love cliches despite the fact that they appear in every other drama, those funny, sweet, romantic, pull-at-your-heartstrings scenes are what many viewers look forward to see. Here, those moments appear to be contrived especially in previous episodes.  But thankfully in this episode, there  appeared natural and more effective. But hey, as what came out last in Pandora’s box, I believe there’s still hope. After all, we are merely half way.




Kim Shin told Se Joo to check in at a psychiatric hospital.He thought that SJ was delusional after hearing him talk about being the owner of YBS and all. SJ thanked KS and said that he learned a lot from him then they parted ways. Yoo Kyung told Na Mi Rae to clearly draw the line with Se Joo and not to give him false hopes. Meanwhile, KS, obviously unsettled about what he heard from SJ, decided to investigate him. On his way home KS bumped into old Mi Rae ahjumma and he asked her if it was indeed MR who asked him to go to Fortune8. She said yes. Ahjumma even told him that MR is not the innocent girl that he thinks she is. He then said, that MR’s lack in  certain areas, her heart is still pure and she is not yet sly and cunning. This made ahjumma think. She said that she’s already at that point.He told him not to meet MR anymore if he wants to be happy.The next day, MR saw SJ coming from the subway but he merely nodded and left. Obviously still nursing his wound. She went to YBS and was about to take the elevator but KS is already. Just a the elevator was about to close YK came running. She didn’t want to be in the same place with them so she said if she’ll take the next one but KS told her to come because they were having a meeting anyway. KS intentionally acted rude in MR’s presence. YK then explained that there was a misunderstanding and that MR really doesn’t know anything about what happened.

The situation at the pilot team’s meeting has just turned awkward with SJ, MR and KS trying to avoid each other. Brainstorming commenced like all hell broke lose. Each one has a different opinion. Eventually they all agreed to do a pilot about “home”.The team started their research. MR asked ajhumma for advice but she refused to help telling MR that she won’t meddle with her work anymore. Uknown to her, Miranda bugged her room so she can hear every part of the conversation. The two older woman went out to play golf. Miranda asked ahjumma if the woman SJ liked was her. She immediately called SJ to confirm, threatening to kick her out if he does not answer. So he said yes, he liked MR. She obviously doesn’t like her because of her background. Ahjumma eventually admitted that it was. So Miranda stopped the game and went to see MR right away. Ahjumma tried contacting MR to inform her but unfortunately she missed the call and didn’t see the message, as she was so busy with the research. MR was waiting at the bus stop when Miranda approached and asked her for direction. She politely answered telling her that the bus she was asking about was coming and she should get on it, MR even paid for the fare. Poor Miranda! She was groped, tossed and stuffed in the crowded bus. But she thought that MR was a nice lady.

While MR was gathering her research at a cafe, the owner spoke to her and asked about what she was doing. It turns out that the lady was a writer herself but decided to quit when she was 40 because of the cutthroat situation in that field. This made MR think about her career. She hasn’t even debuted as a writer and currently the maknae of team at her age of 32! So despite knowing that it’s unethical, she asked writer Bae to give her the task to write the narration for the pilot so that she can debut as a writer. Writer Bae agreed and told PD Na about it. Oppa was initially against it but writer Bae made him change his mind.He then took MR shopping and bought MR what she would need for the shoot. He even asked KS to help MR during the shoot.

se joo,mirae

Lee Jae Soo, MR and KS were discussing about the shoot. The team decided to let the two of them (alone) enter the haunted house to film, MR acting as both writer and cameraman while KS narrates. At that moment SJ arrived so Jae Soo asked him to teach MR how to use a 6mm camera being the expert in the matter. KS said it was not necessary and that he’d teach her himself but JS refused. So SJ showed MR the ropes on how the camera works. MR apologized again for what happened. SJ asked her why she likes KS. Does she like the bad boy style or if it was love at first sight. She told him that it wasn’t like that. She said that it was because he was nice to her. She even told him that ajhumma said he was going to be her husband. He laughed at that. He said to her that an emotion which starts after hearing some words is not true love. He gave her the camera and walked away.

mirae,kim shin

The following day they proceeded on location and interviewed locals who apparently saw the ghosts in the house. Unfortunately MR fell and injured herself.But she pretended that nothing happened even when KS asked how she was. The two of them then went into the haunted house while the rest of the team started filming. Oppa and writer Bae was stressed out because the guests were dressed so nicely so oppa ordered SJ to tell them to change but YK intervened asking him what he would say, knowing that he’s really a rich guy himself. He said that broadcasting is business and profit is important. She then told him that indeed he was a business man and handled the situation herself. Meanwhile back at the haunted house, MR and KS were walking around when all of a sudden KS stopped dead in his tracks. MR thought he saw a ghost but it was only a spider. He asked her to remove it. (Big guy’s afraid of spiders!)

se joo, yoo kyung

SJ sent MR a message asking her if she had decided already which she answered “not yet”. This gave SJ a bit of hope. YK found him sitting alone looking happy. After a while they went for some beer. She asked if MR answered him yet. He said yes and that he knows MR liked KS more than him. YK was so happy. But SJ then told her a story about when he was a young boy. He had the nicest race car with remote control. But then another boy got a toy car from claw crane machine and he thought it was nice. He remembered how it glittered in the sun. He could have just bought the toy car but instead he spent all his time trying to get it to the point of skipping classes. He never gave up. She knows exactly what he means so she asked if he got it in the end. He pulled something out of his pocket and showed her the same shiny toy car. He said that he’ll continue fighting for MR and asked for her help.

This broke her heart of course so she got drunk. She called PD Na to find SJ but ahjumma was there so she sent her home instead. PD Na came much later and found ahjumma. He told her that MR and KS are spending the night at the house. In disbelief, and in fear of what might happen, she ended up confessing who she really was. SJ went back home and told his grandmother that he was returning to his original position much sooner because he needs to rev up “something”. Back at the haunted house, KS noticed MR’s limp and forced her to sit down. He saw the wound and told her to get it cleaned but she refused telling him that debuting is more important than anything else. At that moment they stared at each other and KS began to lean towards MR.

mirae kimshin

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Marry Him If You Dare Episode 7 – Recap

EPISODE 7 Confession Gone Wrong


When Na Mi Rae entered the norebang, Kim Shin and Se Joo battled for her attention, which was quite funny. In the middle of the celebration the piece of crap news director told them to hand over the information the team has for the news to him. The ass wants to take credit for himself telling them that it was not their job but the news team’s job. But the team, spearheaded by KS wanted to take action and take matters into their own hands instead. So KS and PD Na (oppa) went straight to Miranda and proposed a new program which she outright rejected. But Kim Shin was smart. He played a game of cat and mouse telling oppa that it would be better for them to take their show out of Seoul and produce it themselves. Bingo! Miranda took the bait and they got a new program. The next day, the team happily set up their new office. Meantime, ahjumma cooked some delicious dishes for oppa which he compared to their mother’s cooking. He wondered why she knows it.

Mi rae on the hand, stepped out to make a secret phone call to Kim Shin and asked him to meet up for “class”. Just as she was talking ahjumma walked by and asked if she’s still seeing KS.Mi Rae ended up telling ahjumma how shallow and cunning she is, hurting her feelings so she left crying. The weird looking guy (who came through the portal) found her and she ran away, fortunately Miranda’s chauffeured car came and drove her away. Ahjumma told Miranda not to let her grandson marry a reporter. Back at home oppa was worrying where she was but MR couldn’t care less. She only had one thing in mind –her date with KS.

MR came to their meeting place and approached a KS  who was trying to go incognito but failed. They walked around the park and talked about their first impressions. At the same time, SJ and Yoo Kyung were enjoying the lunch and bottle of red wine SJ prepared for MR (which she turned down).SJ expressed how much he feels pushed away whereas in the past he did the pushing away. So feels helpless. YK advised him to confess not just in a cool just mention it kinda way but in a grand way. Outwardly wishing him to succeed but deep inside, really wanting him to fail so that she’ll get her chance with him.

Sly ahjumma started manipulating everyone’s fate. She started what she calls “project Se Joo”. She told YK that she was going to marry KS and told her to focus her attention on him instead. She also told KS to go to Fortune 8 to meet MR who doesn’t know a thing about what’s going on. But ahjumma knows it is where SJ would confess to MR. Thereby orchestrating a perfect set-up.

So SJ indeed went with his over-the-top confession (seriously it was so cheesy but I know that is precisely the intention) with his whole gang plus YK present. An unsuspecting KS walked right in and viola! Everyone was surprised. KS was so upset that he said harsh words to MR and she retaliated by calling him a bad man. Hooray for ahjumma, 3 hearts are broken in 1 night! KS called SJ and the two had a one-on-one talk. YK also sought MR out and told her to make everything clear with SJ. She then called SJ and apologized for what happened. KS was telling off  SJ regarding his character and that he must show some respect to his seniors. SJ then asked him what he would do if their situations are reversed. Him being in a higher position like perhaps the “head of YBS”.

My Thoughts:

I can’t really point it out but something is amiss. We’re on episode 7, which means almost halfway but how come I can’t feel it. On the plus side, I do enjoy a few scenes and laugh at some cute parts. I can see that there is something there but there’s no “prick” to the heart. Does that make sense? The chemistry is there. Then, it must be the flow. Anyhow, something is definitely lacking. This must be why the ratings won’t go up.

If there’s one scene which I really like, it’s the one with ahjumma Mi Rae and PD Na oppa. It felt sincere. Let’s just pretend we don’t already know that he is the person “they” love who is going to die in the future.

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The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 4 – Recap

Is it wrong to want to be happy? Is it wrong to try to pursue your own happiness if it means coming between two people already in a relationship? If it’s a terrible thing to do, then is it better to just accept and move one?



Ji An Lei started seeing other guys however unwillingly with the help of her girlfriends. But since she’s not willing to let go of He Wei Ting Tiffany reminded her to go with her plan to steal him back with Huang Yi Kang’s help. Her friends kept encouraging her.Meanwhile, HWT pick Hai Lun up from work, showing off his new ride.He heard from HL that JAL was sick and didn’t come to work for 2 days. So he went to JAL’s place to see how she was.He leaned in so (ridiculously) close to feel her temperature. She then admitted that she was not sick but just wanted to take time off. He then asked her to go for a spin on his new car. she climbed into the passenger seat and smelled HL’s scent. She thought that she had obviously marked her territory and she had no place in that car so she told him that she was tired. JAL found HYK’s recording and listened to it and was grossed out. She thought that he was involved in some adult film. HYK later explained that he was doing a research for a spa.

Lei Lei asked Yi Kang if he would like to work at her company. But he was a bit confused knowing that she wanted to resign. she then told him that she needs his help because she’s not brave enough alone. The following day she went over to HYK’s place to ask him to help her snatch HWT back, in return he’ll have work and a place to stay. But instead he turned her down and questioned her moral standards.she then ranted about everything in his “future” apartment and hurried out fuming mad. That night she went to tango class with her girlfriends. Both her friends have blissful relationships save for her. Both are having “date nights” while she’s trying to convince herself that she’ll be okay alone. Eventually they decided to forego their plans and decided to have a ladies night instead.

She found her necklace (the one which she threw away) on the table where HYK left them. she lashed out at him telling him that he was so nosy and weak. He told her that he was leaving that weekend and won’t have anything to do with her and her despicable underhand method of breaking up a happy relationship.LL asked wt to be the speaker for their product launch as a travel expert. She convinced him. HL and HYK met and told him that she was using hs idea fir her project and asked him to reconsider her offer. LL confronted HYK about not being brave enough to face her. She told him that he was a hypocrite since they obviously want the same thing. HYK then told her that they different, while she wants WT, the only thing he wants is HL’s happiness. Meanwhile, the couple met for and talked the deals they made with HYK and LL. Eventually WT admitted why there’s a lot between LL and him, that she was his ex-girlfriend. She admitted that she already knew from the first time they met.

Yi Kang came to work the following day.But because of what had happened the previous day, he and LL avoided each other at work and at home as well. He went to check the products at the store and she dropped by to check on them too being a responsible supervisor that she is. He apologized for the hurtful things he said but she didnt’t want to talk about anything personal. She hurried downstairs to see the items but unfortunately she fell. He took her to the hospital and informed everyone about it. HL and HWT came rushing to the hospital to check on her and Simon came moments later. They all told her to stay home and rest and not worry about the event. So JAL stayed home by herself. Suddenly hungery but helpless, she decided to sleep instead. Good thing that HYK brought food for her and helped her to eat. They started talking and cleared tha air between them. He said that she will drive for her check up the following day.

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Marry Him If You Dare Episode 6 – Recap

The future is undecided. Everything can change with every decision that we make.


EPISODE 6 Let Me Be Your Hero


Old Mi Rae informed Kim Shin, Mi Rae and Oppa that there was going to be a fire at the subway station which killed 100 people. She then told him to cover that news. He got mad saying that he’s not some cold-blooded person who would disregard people’s lives just to get an exclusive broadcast. Upon knowing this, the whole morning show team decided to try to prevent the incident from happening. They thought a fire drill would be the best facade. Morning came and Se Joo and Yoo Kyung went down to the subway station to do the drill. SJ used his connections to get the permission from the station. YK on the other hand agreed to do drill despite the risk and humiliation in order to please SJ. Meanwhile, KS is beginning to doubt SJ’s real identity and asked how he did it and who’s backing him up. The team then proceeded to check the fire station, the hospital and everything that might be needed if the fire breaks out. KS with his unbending principle refused to pretend that everything was coincidence and agreed to film only if they tell the viewers a little bit of truth if not everything. He asked for MR to be his writer which oppa disapprove but MR herself wanted to go.

MR asked KS why he likes YK and he answered saying “because she’s comfortable and nice”. He then asked the same question and she replied with the same answer. He asked if they were dating and said that it would be well since they look good together.She then asked why he’s doing many things for her and he said it’s because she was special. He took back what he said which hurt MR so he later admitted not having done so with any other person but for her. They took the subway together with a camera man hoping to arrive at the station just in time to stop the fire. However, ahjumma finally recalled how the fire started but it was already too late because MR and KS are already on the subway right where the fire is. KS dashed to save people while MR courageously started filming the scene using her phone. YK and SJ on the other hand were checking the sea of people coming out from the coaches hoping to see MR and KS.

KS went after after the guy in red hat who started the fire with MR following close behind to film. Meanwhile SJ and YK were trying hard to open up the water source which the arsonist chained up.Eventually KS caught with the arsonist and he was arrested. Unfortunately, a huge electronic signage fell on MR pinning her down unable to move. KS went back for her and helped her while SJ was desperate trying to cut the chains thinking only of saving MR. Just when the fire was about to break out, the sprinklers started working after SJ successfully opened the water valves. He then ran to find MR and found her laughing with KS. He wanted to approach but YK stopped him saying that they should leave the 2 alone because they were having a moment having just escaped death together.

The morning show team had celebratory party after a successful broadcast. Miranda decided to cancel the demotion and retained everyone as if nothing happened after watching the incident play out on TV. SJ and YK did not attend the party however, she went to some chaebol’s party where SJ was and discovered his secret. SJ pleaded with her to keep his secret from everyone especially from MR.She agreed. Meanwhile, after having dinner, the group decided to go to some norebang. MR went to find a suitable place and KS followed her. It was a cold night so KS held MR’s hand and put it in his jacket pocket to her warm which made MR beam with joy. Later on, SJ found MR sitting outside the norebang by herself and sat beside her. He asked is she was okay and she did too. He said that his body is painful so she offered to give him a massage which he gladly accepted. She started massaging his back just as KS was coming back.

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Marry Him If You Dare Episode 5 – Recap

Now I’m convinced that the reason old Mi Rae came back is precisely to help Kim Shin get back on his feet or rather help him avoid making the same mistakes which lead to his eventual downfall.  With Empress Ki premiering this week, MHIYD has a bigger opponent. The episode merely got a single digit rating  falling on third place.


Episode 5 A Change of Heart

Old Mirae went into detail on how Kim Shin will fail. According to her he will hit rock bottom and drag Mi rae along with him making their lives both miserable. Kim Shin tried to keep his cool during and after the whole interview. He confronted old Mi Rae asking her if she likes him because of the attention she’s giving him. He walked out and came across Se Joo who was there to meet “someone”. KS called Mi Rae to remind her of their study time and said he would be waiting at the EAST gate. A few moments later SJ called her too and said he was waiting for her at the WEST gate. Old Mi Rae asked young Mi Rae if she was meeting KS. She then explained why she kept pushing her to SJ. In the end she left her to decide for herself. However, old Mi Rae’s physical condition gets worse by the day and she eventually collapsed. Good thing that Miranda recognized her after appearing on the show and approached her when it happened.Mi Rae decided to stand up KS and went home instead but not after meeting SJ and inviting him to go to the amusement park the next day. An obviously happy SJ agreed. Meanwhile Miranda was suspicious of old Mi Rae and asked why she was so interested in her grandson.

Mi Rae decided to meet both men and sort out her feelings along the way because she’s not sure if she could continue to like KS after knowing what she knows or whether she could actually like SJ. The next day the rain won’t let up so their amusement park date was cancelled so they ended up in SJ’s fake shabby pad watching his old college film project.Mi Rae was intently watching the film while SJ was intently watching her. He waved his hand in front of her face but she waved it away and for a moment they were touching hand-to-hand. He brushed the residue of popcorn on her lips with his thumb making both of them feel embarrassed.


Seo Yoo Kyung on the other hand was busy filming with an over bearing director who wants to showcase her physical assets more than her talent. She’s so pathetic that it’s sad (I actually feel sorry for her).She came to the bar afterwards looking for SJ who came much later (after sending MR home) He started gushing about MR saying that he likes her independent nature. While on a bus home, KS sent a message asking MR to meet him right away.

They met at a basketball court and made a bet. The loser will treat the winner to soju which eventually KS did. He said it’s all well that he treats her since it’s his farewell to her telling her that he was leaving the city for a regional post in a week. Mi Rae comfronted old MR about this at home. The next day everyone said their goodbyes to KS while Oppa (MR’s brother) talked to him in private asking him why KS and MR met last night. He asked him if he likes her. He started denying it and asked if he (oppa) likes her too.

Later that night, SJ gave MR a call apologizing for what had happened at work. She said it was not his fault and that he had nothing to do with it anyway. Meanwhile, ahjumma (old MR) went to the supermarket to get something for dinner. She was soon flocked by so many people who recognized her from KS’s morning show. The mob started saying mean things about KS. Suddenly she realized that she had to help KS for she still loves him afterall. She checked her diary and slipped quietly out of the house and meet KS by the hill. While having dinner she called MR and told her to take her brother outside because she has a gift for them. At the same time, Miranda also stepped out suddenly remembering what the fortune teller told her.KS was wondering why ahjumma wanted to meet him. She said for him to just hand on a little bit longer because she’s about to do something for him. She handed him an umbrella and it started raining.


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