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Marry Him If You Dare Episode 9 — Recap


EPISODE 9 Truth…or Something Like It


Mi Rae refused Kim Shin’s kiss thinking about what Se Joo said about liking someone because of the knowledge that you’ll be with the person in the future and what old Mi Rae said about someone dying. PD Na also refused to believe ahjumma’s confession even after she told him how she got he scar on her shoulder. On her wedding day (in the future) oppa apologized for giving her the scar saying that it was his fault and how he caused it. He has never revealed this to anybody but still he could’t believe her saying that perhaps she was just tired. An urgent call came so he had to get back to the office. Meanwhile, MR and KS continued filming and investigating on the ghosts. They found a wedding dress, a picture of a couple and a diary which detailed the dead couples ordeal due to the man’s cancer. Mi Rae thought of an ending narration for the pilot episode.

Se Joo was editing what MR had filmed when KS walked in. He deleted many unnecessary parts which angered KS. He told SJ to drop what he was doing and he will ask someone else to do it for him. SJ told him matter-of-factly that it was turning out like a melodrama so he had to edit them out. But thanked KS still for giving him free time. SJ sought ahjumma and asked her which side she was on. She immediately responded “you’re side!” and revealed who she really was. SK asked why “him” over KS. She responded that it was because of his good personality and background. He asked if MR knows who he really was and ahjumma said she doesn’t. She wonders if he really believes her or not. Kim Shin and Mi Rae are talking to Lee Jae Soo about changing the concept of the documentary after they discovered that there weren’t any ghosts at the house. MR began to write the narration with KS fussing next to her. Unknown to them, oppa was standing outside the window. He went and asked ahjumma to show him the scar. She said she had it removed, which made him doubt. He asked for a strand of her hair, ahjumma got pissed and asked him if he wanted her urine and blood sample as well. Because oppa still refused to believe, she chose to reveal to him including that which she cannot tell MR.

The next day oppa told MR that he found a job for her as production assistant at another place. He told her to quit her ambition of becoming a writer and focus on her happiness instead.He then talked to KS telling him that he is in fact her brother (he even brought a document to prove it). He told him that MR is transferring to another team. He also asked KS if he likes his sister, or love her and if he was willing to marry her. He was dumbfounded at this. He later top meet MR who’s waiting for him. She told him about being transferred to another team and asked for his opinion. KS told her that since it’s her life, she should make the decision on her own. Teary eyed, she told him that she doesn’t want to go and she wanted to work with him but instead he is so indifferent to her like she was a stranger.

All that MR wanted to hear from KS, SJ said. She cried telling SJ that she is deeply touched by his concern. They went to eat noodles at a convenience store later and agreed to treat each other more comfortably. Yoo Kyung was passing by and SJ saw her. He gave the “ok” signal and she pretended to root for him then walked away. Much later, they were walking at the halls of the company when they overheard PD Lee talking to another writer. He was actually asking the writer to change everything that MR had written since it doesn’t suit the scary theme he wanted to convey. MR told writer Bae about this there was nothing she could do. SJ asked PD Lee to give MR the chance and to apologize for overstepping ethics. PD Lee got upset and reminded SJ that he was but a mere VJ not in any position to tell him what top do. Enraged, SJ said he will remember what he said and told MR not to worry for she will definitely get a chance to debut.

PD Na got so upset after hearing the news from writer Bae. But he couldn’t do anything because he knows the it’s PD Lee’s prerogative to change writers. KS overheard this and asked if PD Lee kicked out MR. Just as he was about to find PD Lee oppa stopped him. He said that as her brother, he’s more that upset and he even want to punch PD Lee until his teeth are knocked off but he knows he can’t do that. He then told KS that he doesn’t have the right to interfere. KS said, what if he really likes MR?I told him that he will never approve of him because of his strict principles and unbending personality. He said that he won’t entrust his younger sister to someone like him and suffer miserably.

The pilot day finally arrived, KS and YK are co-anchors. Everything MR wrote was replaced. YK asked SJ’s whereabouts to which he replied “he’s at the hospital because Mi rae hurt her foot”. The broadcast when on and just as it was about to end MR and SJ arrived. But at the end, KS chose to use MR’s words for the closing spiel. She became emotional and went down immediately to talk to KS but he left right after the curtain fell. She tried calling him but he refused to answer even when he saw her at the entrance just as he was driving by. Everyone stayed up to see the ratings for the pilot which comes out early in the morning, which turned out to be 9.8 and 10.2 for an average of 10%. Miranda still wanted to ax the show and the writer responsible for it (which she thought was MR) but SJ convinced her to change her mind. SJ told Miranda that he’s not interested in running the network because top level management are cheap and base their decisions on emotion. So eventually Miranda gave in to him. He agreed to go back to his “position” in a month. Afterwards, she informed the team (who were huddled together waiting for the call) that they will get the 11pm slot.

Se Joo finally asked ahjumma for help reminding her of what she told him before. She asked KS to meet her at a Chinese restaurant to tell him something important. SJ and MR also came to the same restaurant. Meanwhile, after overhearing ahjumma’s phone conversation with SJ, YK began to investigate. She went to ahjumma’s locker and found her diary. She read the entries and was surprised. At the same time, Miranda arrived at the resto. She wanted to meet MR again and SJ promised to arrange it for her. After a while KS arrived and ahjumma told him that they were going to talk in a private room because the place was packed.Just as he was going up, he got a message from the person he asked regarding SJ. In the message, the person confirmed that SJ is indeed Miranda’s grandson and future chairman of YBS, just then the door opens  and he saw SJ, Miranda and MR in the room.


My Thoughts:

I understand why they needed to show the audience about what they were working on (dead couple) but I thought a glimpse would be enough but not a mini clip. In Se Joo’s words, it was so melodramatic at that point. I also feel sorry for Yoo Kyung. She is the righful person for Se Joo in the first place but now she’s almost begging for his attention. What I don’t understand is this: why is it that Mi Rae and Kim Shin had flashes and a certain emotional link but Se Joo and Yoo Kyung does not? Aren’t they in the same part of the equation? The “spy guy” also doesn’t make sense. He just pops up on screen like a fly and hen gone the next second without any explanations. So what’s his deal? Future Mi Rae is beginning to sound like a broken record. I guess the writing staff would just dump all the answers in the final episode. I hate it when dramas do that as if the whole journey was pointless. I don’t wanna fret over this so I’ll stop there.

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Marry Him If You Dare Episode 8 – Recap


My Thoughts:

First, the ratings still remains a single digit. Why?

Let me tell you of a conversation I had with a co-worker. I was looking at some pictures of this drama when my female co-worker passed by. She stopped and said, “Are you watching that?” I said  “yeah…you?” She said, “I am. It’s nice but don’t you think it’s kind of slow. And I think the story is too simple.” Me, “Hmm…”

I think the narrative is a bit lose. And let’s face it, people love cliches despite the fact that they appear in every other drama, those funny, sweet, romantic, pull-at-your-heartstrings scenes are what many viewers look forward to see. Here, those moments appear to be contrived especially in previous episodes.  But thankfully in this episode, there  appeared natural and more effective. But hey, as what came out last in Pandora’s box, I believe there’s still hope. After all, we are merely half way.




Kim Shin told Se Joo to check in at a psychiatric hospital.He thought that SJ was delusional after hearing him talk about being the owner of YBS and all. SJ thanked KS and said that he learned a lot from him then they parted ways. Yoo Kyung told Na Mi Rae to clearly draw the line with Se Joo and not to give him false hopes. Meanwhile, KS, obviously unsettled about what he heard from SJ, decided to investigate him. On his way home KS bumped into old Mi Rae ahjumma and he asked her if it was indeed MR who asked him to go to Fortune8. She said yes. Ahjumma even told him that MR is not the innocent girl that he thinks she is. He then said, that MR’s lack in  certain areas, her heart is still pure and she is not yet sly and cunning. This made ahjumma think. She said that she’s already at that point.He told him not to meet MR anymore if he wants to be happy.The next day, MR saw SJ coming from the subway but he merely nodded and left. Obviously still nursing his wound. She went to YBS and was about to take the elevator but KS is already. Just a the elevator was about to close YK came running. She didn’t want to be in the same place with them so she said if she’ll take the next one but KS told her to come because they were having a meeting anyway. KS intentionally acted rude in MR’s presence. YK then explained that there was a misunderstanding and that MR really doesn’t know anything about what happened.

The situation at the pilot team’s meeting has just turned awkward with SJ, MR and KS trying to avoid each other. Brainstorming commenced like all hell broke lose. Each one has a different opinion. Eventually they all agreed to do a pilot about “home”.The team started their research. MR asked ajhumma for advice but she refused to help telling MR that she won’t meddle with her work anymore. Uknown to her, Miranda bugged her room so she can hear every part of the conversation. The two older woman went out to play golf. Miranda asked ahjumma if the woman SJ liked was her. She immediately called SJ to confirm, threatening to kick her out if he does not answer. So he said yes, he liked MR. She obviously doesn’t like her because of her background. Ahjumma eventually admitted that it was. So Miranda stopped the game and went to see MR right away. Ahjumma tried contacting MR to inform her but unfortunately she missed the call and didn’t see the message, as she was so busy with the research. MR was waiting at the bus stop when Miranda approached and asked her for direction. She politely answered telling her that the bus she was asking about was coming and she should get on it, MR even paid for the fare. Poor Miranda! She was groped, tossed and stuffed in the crowded bus. But she thought that MR was a nice lady.

While MR was gathering her research at a cafe, the owner spoke to her and asked about what she was doing. It turns out that the lady was a writer herself but decided to quit when she was 40 because of the cutthroat situation in that field. This made MR think about her career. She hasn’t even debuted as a writer and currently the maknae of team at her age of 32! So despite knowing that it’s unethical, she asked writer Bae to give her the task to write the narration for the pilot so that she can debut as a writer. Writer Bae agreed and told PD Na about it. Oppa was initially against it but writer Bae made him change his mind.He then took MR shopping and bought MR what she would need for the shoot. He even asked KS to help MR during the shoot.

se joo,mirae

Lee Jae Soo, MR and KS were discussing about the shoot. The team decided to let the two of them (alone) enter the haunted house to film, MR acting as both writer and cameraman while KS narrates. At that moment SJ arrived so Jae Soo asked him to teach MR how to use a 6mm camera being the expert in the matter. KS said it was not necessary and that he’d teach her himself but JS refused. So SJ showed MR the ropes on how the camera works. MR apologized again for what happened. SJ asked her why she likes KS. Does she like the bad boy style or if it was love at first sight. She told him that it wasn’t like that. She said that it was because he was nice to her. She even told him that ajhumma said he was going to be her husband. He laughed at that. He said to her that an emotion which starts after hearing some words is not true love. He gave her the camera and walked away.

mirae,kim shin

The following day they proceeded on location and interviewed locals who apparently saw the ghosts in the house. Unfortunately MR fell and injured herself.But she pretended that nothing happened even when KS asked how she was. The two of them then went into the haunted house while the rest of the team started filming. Oppa and writer Bae was stressed out because the guests were dressed so nicely so oppa ordered SJ to tell them to change but YK intervened asking him what he would say, knowing that he’s really a rich guy himself. He said that broadcasting is business and profit is important. She then told him that indeed he was a business man and handled the situation herself. Meanwhile back at the haunted house, MR and KS were walking around when all of a sudden KS stopped dead in his tracks. MR thought he saw a ghost but it was only a spider. He asked her to remove it. (Big guy’s afraid of spiders!)

se joo, yoo kyung

SJ sent MR a message asking her if she had decided already which she answered “not yet”. This gave SJ a bit of hope. YK found him sitting alone looking happy. After a while they went for some beer. She asked if MR answered him yet. He said yes and that he knows MR liked KS more than him. YK was so happy. But SJ then told her a story about when he was a young boy. He had the nicest race car with remote control. But then another boy got a toy car from claw crane machine and he thought it was nice. He remembered how it glittered in the sun. He could have just bought the toy car but instead he spent all his time trying to get it to the point of skipping classes. He never gave up. She knows exactly what he means so she asked if he got it in the end. He pulled something out of his pocket and showed her the same shiny toy car. He said that he’ll continue fighting for MR and asked for her help.

This broke her heart of course so she got drunk. She called PD Na to find SJ but ahjumma was there so she sent her home instead. PD Na came much later and found ahjumma. He told her that MR and KS are spending the night at the house. In disbelief, and in fear of what might happen, she ended up confessing who she really was. SJ went back home and told his grandmother that he was returning to his original position much sooner because he needs to rev up “something”. Back at the haunted house, KS noticed MR’s limp and forced her to sit down. He saw the wound and told her to get it cleaned but she refused telling him that debuting is more important than anything else. At that moment they stared at each other and KS began to lean towards MR.

mirae kimshin

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Marry Him If You Dare Episode 7 – Recap

EPISODE 7 Confession Gone Wrong


When Na Mi Rae entered the norebang, Kim Shin and Se Joo battled for her attention, which was quite funny. In the middle of the celebration the piece of crap news director told them to hand over the information the team has for the news to him. The ass wants to take credit for himself telling them that it was not their job but the news team’s job. But the team, spearheaded by KS wanted to take action and take matters into their own hands instead. So KS and PD Na (oppa) went straight to Miranda and proposed a new program which she outright rejected. But Kim Shin was smart. He played a game of cat and mouse telling oppa that it would be better for them to take their show out of Seoul and produce it themselves. Bingo! Miranda took the bait and they got a new program. The next day, the team happily set up their new office. Meantime, ahjumma cooked some delicious dishes for oppa which he compared to their mother’s cooking. He wondered why she knows it.

Mi rae on the hand, stepped out to make a secret phone call to Kim Shin and asked him to meet up for “class”. Just as she was talking ahjumma walked by and asked if she’s still seeing KS.Mi Rae ended up telling ahjumma how shallow and cunning she is, hurting her feelings so she left crying. The weird looking guy (who came through the portal) found her and she ran away, fortunately Miranda’s chauffeured car came and drove her away. Ahjumma told Miranda not to let her grandson marry a reporter. Back at home oppa was worrying where she was but MR couldn’t care less. She only had one thing in mind –her date with KS.

MR came to their meeting place and approached a KS  who was trying to go incognito but failed. They walked around the park and talked about their first impressions. At the same time, SJ and Yoo Kyung were enjoying the lunch and bottle of red wine SJ prepared for MR (which she turned down).SJ expressed how much he feels pushed away whereas in the past he did the pushing away. So feels helpless. YK advised him to confess not just in a cool just mention it kinda way but in a grand way. Outwardly wishing him to succeed but deep inside, really wanting him to fail so that she’ll get her chance with him.

Sly ahjumma started manipulating everyone’s fate. She started what she calls “project Se Joo”. She told YK that she was going to marry KS and told her to focus her attention on him instead. She also told KS to go to Fortune 8 to meet MR who doesn’t know a thing about what’s going on. But ahjumma knows it is where SJ would confess to MR. Thereby orchestrating a perfect set-up.

So SJ indeed went with his over-the-top confession (seriously it was so cheesy but I know that is precisely the intention) with his whole gang plus YK present. An unsuspecting KS walked right in and viola! Everyone was surprised. KS was so upset that he said harsh words to MR and she retaliated by calling him a bad man. Hooray for ahjumma, 3 hearts are broken in 1 night! KS called SJ and the two had a one-on-one talk. YK also sought MR out and told her to make everything clear with SJ. She then called SJ and apologized for what happened. KS was telling off  SJ regarding his character and that he must show some respect to his seniors. SJ then asked him what he would do if their situations are reversed. Him being in a higher position like perhaps the “head of YBS”.

My Thoughts:

I can’t really point it out but something is amiss. We’re on episode 7, which means almost halfway but how come I can’t feel it. On the plus side, I do enjoy a few scenes and laugh at some cute parts. I can see that there is something there but there’s no “prick” to the heart. Does that make sense? The chemistry is there. Then, it must be the flow. Anyhow, something is definitely lacking. This must be why the ratings won’t go up.

If there’s one scene which I really like, it’s the one with ahjumma Mi Rae and PD Na oppa. It felt sincere. Let’s just pretend we don’t already know that he is the person “they” love who is going to die in the future.

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Marry Him If You Dare Episode 6 – Recap

The future is undecided. Everything can change with every decision that we make.


EPISODE 6 Let Me Be Your Hero


Old Mi Rae informed Kim Shin, Mi Rae and Oppa that there was going to be a fire at the subway station which killed 100 people. She then told him to cover that news. He got mad saying that he’s not some cold-blooded person who would disregard people’s lives just to get an exclusive broadcast. Upon knowing this, the whole morning show team decided to try to prevent the incident from happening. They thought a fire drill would be the best facade. Morning came and Se Joo and Yoo Kyung went down to the subway station to do the drill. SJ used his connections to get the permission from the station. YK on the other hand agreed to do drill despite the risk and humiliation in order to please SJ. Meanwhile, KS is beginning to doubt SJ’s real identity and asked how he did it and who’s backing him up. The team then proceeded to check the fire station, the hospital and everything that might be needed if the fire breaks out. KS with his unbending principle refused to pretend that everything was coincidence and agreed to film only if they tell the viewers a little bit of truth if not everything. He asked for MR to be his writer which oppa disapprove but MR herself wanted to go.

MR asked KS why he likes YK and he answered saying “because she’s comfortable and nice”. He then asked the same question and she replied with the same answer. He asked if they were dating and said that it would be well since they look good together.She then asked why he’s doing many things for her and he said it’s because she was special. He took back what he said which hurt MR so he later admitted not having done so with any other person but for her. They took the subway together with a camera man hoping to arrive at the station just in time to stop the fire. However, ahjumma finally recalled how the fire started but it was already too late because MR and KS are already on the subway right where the fire is. KS dashed to save people while MR courageously started filming the scene using her phone. YK and SJ on the other hand were checking the sea of people coming out from the coaches hoping to see MR and KS.

KS went after after the guy in red hat who started the fire with MR following close behind to film. Meanwhile SJ and YK were trying hard to open up the water source which the arsonist chained up.Eventually KS caught with the arsonist and he was arrested. Unfortunately, a huge electronic signage fell on MR pinning her down unable to move. KS went back for her and helped her while SJ was desperate trying to cut the chains thinking only of saving MR. Just when the fire was about to break out, the sprinklers started working after SJ successfully opened the water valves. He then ran to find MR and found her laughing with KS. He wanted to approach but YK stopped him saying that they should leave the 2 alone because they were having a moment having just escaped death together.

The morning show team had celebratory party after a successful broadcast. Miranda decided to cancel the demotion and retained everyone as if nothing happened after watching the incident play out on TV. SJ and YK did not attend the party however, she went to some chaebol’s party where SJ was and discovered his secret. SJ pleaded with her to keep his secret from everyone especially from MR.She agreed. Meanwhile, after having dinner, the group decided to go to some norebang. MR went to find a suitable place and KS followed her. It was a cold night so KS held MR’s hand and put it in his jacket pocket to her warm which made MR beam with joy. Later on, SJ found MR sitting outside the norebang by herself and sat beside her. He asked is she was okay and she did too. He said that his body is painful so she offered to give him a massage which he gladly accepted. She started massaging his back just as KS was coming back.

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Marry Him If You Dare Episode 5 – Recap

Now I’m convinced that the reason old Mi Rae came back is precisely to help Kim Shin get back on his feet or rather help him avoid making the same mistakes which lead to his eventual downfall.  With Empress Ki premiering this week, MHIYD has a bigger opponent. The episode merely got a single digit rating  falling on third place.


Episode 5 A Change of Heart

Old Mirae went into detail on how Kim Shin will fail. According to her he will hit rock bottom and drag Mi rae along with him making their lives both miserable. Kim Shin tried to keep his cool during and after the whole interview. He confronted old Mi Rae asking her if she likes him because of the attention she’s giving him. He walked out and came across Se Joo who was there to meet “someone”. KS called Mi Rae to remind her of their study time and said he would be waiting at the EAST gate. A few moments later SJ called her too and said he was waiting for her at the WEST gate. Old Mi Rae asked young Mi Rae if she was meeting KS. She then explained why she kept pushing her to SJ. In the end she left her to decide for herself. However, old Mi Rae’s physical condition gets worse by the day and she eventually collapsed. Good thing that Miranda recognized her after appearing on the show and approached her when it happened.Mi Rae decided to stand up KS and went home instead but not after meeting SJ and inviting him to go to the amusement park the next day. An obviously happy SJ agreed. Meanwhile Miranda was suspicious of old Mi Rae and asked why she was so interested in her grandson.

Mi Rae decided to meet both men and sort out her feelings along the way because she’s not sure if she could continue to like KS after knowing what she knows or whether she could actually like SJ. The next day the rain won’t let up so their amusement park date was cancelled so they ended up in SJ’s fake shabby pad watching his old college film project.Mi Rae was intently watching the film while SJ was intently watching her. He waved his hand in front of her face but she waved it away and for a moment they were touching hand-to-hand. He brushed the residue of popcorn on her lips with his thumb making both of them feel embarrassed.


Seo Yoo Kyung on the other hand was busy filming with an over bearing director who wants to showcase her physical assets more than her talent. She’s so pathetic that it’s sad (I actually feel sorry for her).She came to the bar afterwards looking for SJ who came much later (after sending MR home) He started gushing about MR saying that he likes her independent nature. While on a bus home, KS sent a message asking MR to meet him right away.

They met at a basketball court and made a bet. The loser will treat the winner to soju which eventually KS did. He said it’s all well that he treats her since it’s his farewell to her telling her that he was leaving the city for a regional post in a week. Mi Rae comfronted old MR about this at home. The next day everyone said their goodbyes to KS while Oppa (MR’s brother) talked to him in private asking him why KS and MR met last night. He asked him if he likes her. He started denying it and asked if he (oppa) likes her too.

Later that night, SJ gave MR a call apologizing for what had happened at work. She said it was not his fault and that he had nothing to do with it anyway. Meanwhile, ahjumma (old MR) went to the supermarket to get something for dinner. She was soon flocked by so many people who recognized her from KS’s morning show. The mob started saying mean things about KS. Suddenly she realized that she had to help KS for she still loves him afterall. She checked her diary and slipped quietly out of the house and meet KS by the hill. While having dinner she called MR and told her to take her brother outside because she has a gift for them. At the same time, Miranda also stepped out suddenly remembering what the fortune teller told her.KS was wondering why ahjumma wanted to meet him. She said for him to just hand on a little bit longer because she’s about to do something for him. She handed him an umbrella and it started raining.


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Marry Him If You Dare Episode 4 – Recap

There’s just one thing I found unsettling in this episode. Why all of a sudden Kim Shin was so good to Mi Rae? It was like a 360 degrees turn. I guess perhaps the strange man who went through the time portal is the explanation. But nonetheless, it could have been more subtle and believable.


Episode 4 Twisted Reality

Mi Rae made in to Kim Shin’s morning show team.

Kim Shim was so jealous he lashed on Mi Rae and Se Joo telling them to tone down on their PDA. He walked out of the studio and wondered what’s wrong with him.


Seo Yoo Kyung  was obviously taken by Se Joo’s arrogance. She decided to go after him and told MR about it. She went to an expensive bar and saw SJ by himself. She offered to pay for his drinks but it turns out that the drinks he ordered were the most expensive ones.

She still insisted on paying and in return he offered to treat her as well. So they went to an udon house across the street. But it wasn’t a regular udon house. It was for those who can afford as well. She was wondering why he goes to expensive places knowing that he was but a mere VJ.

Back at MR’s house, the two MR’s were arguing again. Young MR was getting tired of old MR’s seemingly insane plans and notions. She doesn’t want to give up her job as a writer and doesn’t want to depend on any guy whether SJ or KS, to have a nice future. She said that she wants to pursue her own dreams and tread her own path. Finally fed up, old MR then decided to reveal the truth. She showed young MR the window where she draws her plans. But young MR still seemed uninterested in all of it.

People say that the past has it’s own way of catching up on you, no matter how you try to bury it or change it. And it sure does. That night MR and KS had the same dream. They were sharing a bed at the hospital and were very lovey-dovey when suddenly MR’s brother woke up and asked them “What are you two doing?” The following day they came across each at the lobby and were obviously conscious of each other. She told him that she was running some errands and he ended up escorting and giving her a grand tour of YBS! They checked a salon at the building where MR’s brother was getting groomed and asked them “What are you two doing?” They proceeded and ended up at the props room and chanced upon Darth Vader. In the blink of an eye, he was in Darth Vader costume and she was Mrs. Santa.She was moving around she got tangled with him and her dress ended up torn so he sewed the rip material himself. At the same time, he was gave her some advice about the broadcasting industry. He volunteered to teach her the trick of the trade and agreed to meet again.

Meanwhile, Miranda was fuming mad because their hotel business incurred huge losses so to save it she decided to downsize. She decided to fire many YBS employees thinking that they are not important. Of course, SJ ran to the pent house to talk to his grandma out of it but she was already decided. Some employees who got the boot, tried to convince KS to help them but he said that he was helpless as well.So the following day, Miranda came to YBS to personally congratulate those who will remain and sack the others. She came to KS’s morning show where SJ was a part of. Suddenly, KS arrived and refused to start the show unless Miranda agrees to let everyone in the team stay. They had a showdown of who will give in first to which Miranda lost. In the end, everyone was retained and MR was beeming at KS saying how marvelous he was. What she didn’t know was the reason why KS actually stood up to Miranda was because of her.

Old Mi Rae was of course unhappy seeing how young Mi Rae seemed to be falling for KS all over again. But oh no, ahjumma won’t be deterred on her plans..she still wants to push on what she thinks is the best future for her so she went on the show as a fortune teller in place of a suddenly MIA legit fortune teller. Kim Shin who does not believe in them proceeded with the questions and asked her name first, to which she answered “My name is Na Mi Rae”. She said she’ll make him believe. She said facts about his past and his habits (they were married so she should know!). He asked about his future to which Na Mi Rae responded with “You will fail.”

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Marry Him If You Dare Episode 3- Recap

I have finally found my draft. Hooray! I was supposed to post this the other day but anyhow here it is. My personal thought on this episode as a whole is similar to what Kim Shin felt. He suddenly felt his heart beat!


Episode 3 Past VS Past

A fuming Mi Rae stood up to Kim Shin saying than she won’t be taking this one sitting down. She’s gonna show everybody who’s looking down on her that she can also succeed. She stormed out of the room and Se Joo eavesdropping on what happened offered her something to drink. He listened to her tirade and her ideas about the show. After a while they went back in. Se Joo to take part in the team meeting and Mi Rae was there to retrieve her laptop. Before she left, she gave Kim Shin a piece of her mind and challenged him. So Kim Shin asked what her ideas for the show were.She suggested a few things including an old guy who donates money by selling school supplies who’s famous for refusing interviewers and splashing them water. At first KS was against the idea but he eventually agreed to the challenge on the condition that MR will write the script.

Back home old MR was asking young MR about SJ but young MR seems not to believe her anymore. She’s doubting whether she really comes from the future or just needs some serious mental therapy. Meanwhile, old MR found out that the one who got hit by KS’s car was in fact Seo Yoo Kyung. she realizes that their fate has changed. We also see SJ’s real purpose in joining the team which is to get to know the worthy employees and how he improve the company.

The following day the team went on location to shoot the poor grandpa. An arrogant KS introduced himself but got splashed and hot instead. Then MR, with a cute puppy on a leash came to the rescue. Eventually they won the old man over and were invited. They then started to film him in secret but KS admitted this to the old man. Here finally we get a glimpse of KS’s soft.He shared his sob story to the old man convincing him to tell his story on camera.

Back in the editing room MR was curious whether the tale KS told was a lie. KS then grabbed MR and forced her to look him in the eye and judge for herself. He was looking intently at her which made her feel uncomfortable. Then he suddenly stood behind her grabbing the mouse on her computer to check on the film. The closeness made her aware of him physically for the first time. Afterwards he suddenly messed her hair which she realized she hasn’t washed for 3 days.

The two MR’s were discussing KS and SJ. Old MR told young MR to focus on SJ and try to win him. She said the keyword to his heart is “water”. So the following night MR agreed to get into SJ’s car thinking up a plan of how to seduce him with water. She was trying every possible way that it looked funny. On their way, they passed by a car wash. Realizing this could be her chance, she accidentally or rather intentionally pushed the car windows open getting them all drenched. So the two of them cuddled up while trying to get warm and dry as they watch the preview together. At the same time, KS was passing by watching them with a glum expression on his face. Later that night, KS dreamed of the “real past” when he and MR shared a kiss at the hospital.The following day the piece MR wrote was aired. SJ and MR watched the monitor closer together. Upon seeing her name on the credits an overjoyed MR suddenly hugged SJ. KS who’s been watching them suddenly got pissed.

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Marry Him If You Dare Episode 1-2 Review

You know what’s funny? When you try to reason with yourself to chAnge what you have already decided not to do but in reality you’re itching to do and winning over yourself in the end. Does that make sense? Let me explain. You see, I promised myself not to write a recap of Marry Him If You Dare. Why? Because I just want to savor it as a viewer and not let the critic in me come out. However, I have reached a consensus amongst myselves (I just sounded bonkers there!) to write a mini-recap slash review.

Episode 1 Young Mi Rae VS Old Mi Rae
The Good.

It was amazingly fast! Like one minute old Mi Rae pops up then warns young Mi Rae to avoid an accident and then the next thing you know their on a plane to Jeju and then back again to Seoul with young MiRae colliding with future husband Kim Shin.But, I like it! Mi Rae’s character was established although the other 3 of the square not. We only got a glimpse of them which I think is right because the story is supposed to come undone slowly through Mi Rae’s own choices. I also love Yoon Eun Hye‘s energy. She’s like a bundle of sunshine. I actually thought that she was acting younger than her real age because her persona seems a lot younger and damn she looks fresh!








The Bad.

They could have chosen a better time-travel mode instead of a ridiculously big ticking clock and a vintage elevator but heck I have seen worse! Also it wasn’t clear exactly how it all works. Probably the writers saved it up for later episodes. And my, old Mi Rae’s boots must go to charity and young Mi Rae’s swimsuit straight to the shredder! But nothing beats Kim Shin’s hair. Man, do news anchors in Korea really use that much hair gel? I want to tell the hairstylist to go easy on the hair gel. The animated pop-ups are kinda cute but too cartoonish for my taste. I mean, this is not a high school drama so let’s leave the cutesy-gooey stuff to that other drama over at SBS.








The Aww Inducing

Which literally translates to the engineered romantic captures which we drama addicts live for.
This one’s all Team Se Joo. Voyeurism much! Mi Rae decided to go au naturel at the beach glowing like a sea mermaid while Se Joo is recording the action. Oh but he didn’t intend to! Our guy’s fallen at first sight.









Episode 2 Kim Shin VS Park Se Joo

Or what I’d like to call the hot-headed prick versus the humble pretender.

The Good.

Ahjummas are beating the younger gens to the pulp! Choi Myoung Gil has a commanding on-screen presence as older Mi Rae and Go Du Shim is crazy funny as YBS president and Se Joo’s grandmother, Lee Mi Ran. Lee Dong Gun, you arrogant a***ol! He’s a prick all right. But he’s so good at it that he’s perfect. Oh I hate his foul-mouthed, unbending persona but I know that’s what the role calls for. We are also getting to see the picture more clearly as to what happened in the future prompting old Mi Rae to come back and change it. The reunion between her and Kim Shin was not good as if there’s bad blood between them. A mystery is always a good thing because as a viewer it makes me want to see more to know what the answer is.








The (not so) Bad.

Don’t hate me for this Jung Yong Hwa worshipers. I just thought that he needs a little more push in the acting part. I just thought his facial expressions were almost the same. He’s supposed to be pretending to be a normal guy yet I can’t distinguish any difference between the two or maybe it’s because the chaebol persona has not been given enough time to come out thus dissecting his performance is futile. I mean let’s face it, LDG is a veteran compared to him. Han Chae Ah was also short leased here. I didn’t feel her presence in episode 1 nor in this. Perhaps it’s because there wasn’t much for her to work on to begin with.








The Aww Inducing.

Round 2 for Se Joo again. He got to see the girl on the beach again right under his desk! and now they even get to work with each other. He covers for her when her oppa comes looking and then helps her with the preview editing. After a while the two of them listens to the musical score together sharing one headset sitting on the floor.He even charmed old Mi Rae who obviously thought she was seeing angels.








I actually enjoyed the second episode more than the first so I don’t understand the drop in ratings.Let’s hope next week to see more reveals and better ratings. And can I just say how young looking Yoon Eun Hye is! She looks about the same age as Jung Yong Hwa is some frames.

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Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Gun’s Realistic Wedding Pics for Marry Him If You Dare

With only a few more hours left before it’s premiere today (October 14th), KBS releases some adorable wedding pictures of Marry Him If You Dare  미래의 선택 lead characters Mi Rae (Yoon Eun Hye) and Kim Shin (Lee Dong Gun). I love these wedding photos (still not loving the hair though). They make a lovely couple.

However, it leaves me wondering whether it’s a good thing to have released these now even before it’s pilot. I mean we all know that they are going to get married and get separated, that’s the main point of the whole time travelling thing to begin with. But, as a viewer myself, I also want to see a bit of competition among the males. We women absolutely adore it when men fight over us. Don’t we? So I would like to see Park Se Joo (Jung Yong Hwa) duke it out with Kim Shin (Lee Dong Gun) first. However, it seems like he won’t be given that much of a chance. But I also think that “the wedding” is just the beginning. They would separate eventually thus giving Se Joo a chance to woo Mi Rae and Kim Shin will try to do everything just to win her back. That’s how I feel but don’t let my crazy imaginings spoil the fun for you.

It’s the process that gets. The ending is just icing on the cake. Let’s see  how it goes tonight.

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