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Cover Wars (Men) – Gong Yoo VS Lee Jun Ki (South Korea)


They are two of the most eligible bachelors in South Korea. Both in their 30’s. Both handsome yet  strikingly different. One is a hunk the other is a quintessential flower boy.


GONG YOO for Singles magazine December 2013

One of my favorite South Korean actor. He has that boyish charm when he smiles. A perfect specimen of man-boy. It’s probably one of the reasons why many are enamored with this sexy hunk. For this cover shoot he flew to Jeju island looking right at home with nature.



LEE JUN KI for STAR1 magazine December 2013

He floated on everyone’s radar as the mischievous second lead in 2005’s My Girl almost stealing Lee Dong Wook’s thunder. He was whisked off to the military for close to 2 years and has recently made a comeback starring in 2 dramas Arang and the Magistrate, Two Weeks. He still has that “flower boy” quality with a blend of maturity on full display as he covers for  star1 magazine.

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BigBang’s TOP Voted as “Sexiest Male Musician of 2013”


Fuse TV recently unveiled its sexiest male and female musician. 15 ladies and 15 gents battled it out but only two were chosen. So who’s hotness is beyond sizzling? BigBang’s very own Choi Seung Hyun more popularly known for his single moniker “TOP” is king of hotness! I couldn’t agree more. His eyes alone could melt any girl’s panties off. He got the most number of votes for the male category with 1.5 million while female counterpart went to none other than Britney Spears (yeah Work it B*tch!) with almost the same numbers. Other famous celebs in the sexiest list are: Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake and even Jay-Z.

Speaking of TOP, his movie Alumni is doing pretty well at the South Korean box office. Barely 10 days after its release date, the movie is about to break the 1 million mark for attendance as of this writing. And because of the his group’s (BigBang) popularity in the region, a special screening will also be held in Taiwan on December 20th. Another hooray for my Tabi!


Alumni Poster

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Kim Soo Hyun and SUZY a Romantic Couple for Outdoor Ad Campaign


BEAN POLE Outdoor which was launched last year is pulling out all the stops to make its presence known in the market. With two of the most recognizable and well-loved faces from the South Korean entertainment industry representing the label, awareness of the product has indeed grew. This year the outdoor brand has brought together the “perfect couple” for more ad campaigns. The two looked like real sweethearts in the beautiful, frosty, landscape of Canada showcasing some of the brands winter clothing pieces.

Oh how great and amazing life would be if they are indeed lovers. But we all know that despite the chemistry we see, nothing beyond friendship exist between them. That is real life, sometimes it sucks! Why am I so bitter over this? Well, because I was hoping something would come out of their partnership since doing Dream High a few years back. But apparently, Suzy is playing sweet music with another co-star (which I have already written about but in case you don’t know feel free to loook it up in the archives) while Kim Soo hyun is mum about his personal life.

This year, BEAN POLE OUTDOOR launched a campaign called “Down Story:Dove Love in Canada”,a special event which will take place from January 13 to January 18, 2014 where ten guests randomly chosen, will get the chance to experience a one-of-a-kind camping experience with Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun. It’s not your run of the mill type of camping but a pimped out one! I’m not an outdoor person per se and I hate winter. I can’t imagine staying outdoors in the middle of the nowhere freezing my ass off. But hey, to each his own. I know that for some people this is a great idea and on top of the adventure, the lucky ones will also live in luxury while camping and spend time with their idols. Not bad eh?


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FNC Entertainment Launches Reality Series “Cheongdam-dong 111” on tvN

FNC Entertainment Artists

FNC Entertainment Artists

Cheongdam-dong is an area in Gangnam, Seoul where the affluent lives.It is where the hip, the young and the rich flock. It is also home to many entertainment companies like SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, and most recently FNC Entertainment.

This month, in partnerhsip with tvN, FNC Entertainment will launch a new reality-based TV show called Cheongdam-dong 111. It will give audience a front seat access to its label artists Lee Dong Gun, FTIsland, CNBlue, Juniel, AOA and other idol groups, celebrities and trainees. The people who usually stay behind the scenes will go front and center which includes, top management bosses, department heads, personal trainers etc.

The program promises to shed light on how the company operates, how the staff works and how a star is made. It will be made up of 8 episodes with different focal point per story. It is said that FTIsland member Lee Hongki and FNC’s entertainment boss have a “Tom and Jerry” kind of relationship which will be interesting to see. I am also quite enticed to check out the rivalry between Lee Dong Gun and Jung Yong Hwa, which is already playing out well in KBS2 TV’s Marry Him If You Dare, in a real-life situation (I know it’s not really “real” but who cares!). The first episode will air on November 21st.


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The Face Reader Sweeps 50th Grand Bell Film Awards with 6 Wins


The 50th annual Daejong Film Awards took place yesterday at the KBS Hall with Ha Ji Won and Shin Hyun Joon as masters of ceremony. This year’s biggest blockbuster films took home most of the awards. The Face reader got 6 out of its 11 nominations, Miracle in Room No.7 took home 4 awards, Snowpiercer and Berlin Files got 2.

The three male cast members of The Face Reader managed to get individual awards. Song Kang Ho got the best actor award while Jo Jung Suk took home the best supporting actor award. This is Jo Jung Suk’s first win as actor (those other popularity awards don’t count). This must really be his year. He’s living up to the title “breakout star”. Meanwhile, Lee Jung Jae grabbed the popular choice award. It is also interesting to note that Kim Soo Hyun bagged the award for best male newcomer. The boy’s gone a long way from his Dream High days. I believe he even surpassed those who came before him not just in popularity but in artistic merits as well.

This year’s awarding ceremony was far more interesting than last year which was so predictable with Masquerade winning most (and I mean MOST) of the 22 categories.

Here’s the list of the winners:


  • Best Film: The Face Reader
  • Best Director: Han Jae-rim (The Face Reader)
  • Best Screenplay: Miracle in Cell No.7
  • Best Actor: Ryu Seung Ryong (Miracle in Cell No.7) and Song Kang Ho (The Face Reader)
  • Best Actress: Uhm Jung Hwa (Montage)
  • Best Supporting Actor: Jo Jung Suk
  • Best Supporting Actress: Jang Young Nam (Wolf Boy)
  • New Director Award: Jung Byung Gil (Confession of Murder)
  • Best Newcomer Actress: Seo Eun Ah (Act)
  • Best Newcomer Actor: Kim Soo hyun (Secretly, Greatly)
  • Best in Cinematography: Berlin Files
  • Best in Editing: Snowpiercer
  • Best in Lighting: Berlin Files
  • Best Costume Design: The Face Reader
  • Best Art Direction: Snowpiercer
  • Best Musical Score: New World
  • Best Production: Miracle in Room No.7
  • Popularity Award: Lee Jung Jae (The Face Reader)
  • Special Jury Prize: Miracle in Room No.7


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Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young are Officially Dating


Can somebody please pinch me? Or better yet, give me a hard smack because I think I might have died and gone to OTP heaven!  It has been confirmed today by Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum‘s agencies that they are in fact dating! According to to their press release, the two have been dating for about a month.  But they have decided to be open about it. We know that Goddess of Fire has wrapped up a few weeks ago which means that the couple are not constantly spending time together anymore. Kim Bum who’s 2 years younger Moon Geun Young,  is now busy with his commitments in China while she is considering some new projects. But before all that, it is said that the two went to Europe for a vacay together! People have also been witnessing their closeness in a few outdoors sighting. However, some are questioning their decision to reveal their budding romance so soon. Well, I say I don’t ca–eh eh eh-eh are!  I am all for this couple. I wish they stay together forever and ever.

Although Goddess of Fire was a train wreck, who knew that it was actually blissful on set. Though it did held a lot of promise in the beginning it never really established its story and characters well to be relevant.  It didn’t even crash and burn since it never really took flight to begin with. It was painful just to watch it thriving like a headless horseman with nowhere no go. So I was more than happy that it finally ended. But despite its lackluster turnout, it wasn’t exactly garbage. It did have it’s wonderful moments and of course,  Tae Do! Although he did not end up with Yoo Jung in the end, he did manage to get the girl for “real”!  This has got to be the best ending. Now, bring out the champagne and let’s celebrate!

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Ha Ji Won Flaunts Sexy Body at “Empress Ki” Press Conference



Yesterday, October 24th the cast and crew of MBC’s mega special series Empress Ki held a press conference at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul. Lead actress Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki) wowed the crowd in an elegant minimalist white slit-up-to-there designer dress which showed her curves. The men were not so bad either. Joo Jin Mo (Wang Yoo) looked delicious in an all-black suit ensemble, although I think those trousers is just a tad long. Ji Chang Wook (Emperor Huizong of Yuan) abandoned his hair extensions for a while and smiled for the photogs looking fab in a gray plaid jacket and simple black shirt and pants.

But the attention of the press was not on the fashion of course. Recently, the drama has been catching a lot of flack for it’s controversial story. Many netizens voiced their concerns regarding the seemingly “untruthful” interpretations of real-life historical figures. The actors along with the writers explained to those present at the conference that the drama should not be taken as “pure fact” but instead as a combination of “fiction and fact”. Even the wardrobe department is taking a lot of heat because many are questioning the costumes and set production. Ha Ji Won’s interpretation of an “amazon princess” like Empress Ki is also being questioned.

I have been watching series, dramas, fantasy, sageuk, or whatever you want to call them for a long time (I mean really LONG time) and as a viewer I know that writers dig up the annals of history just to be able to present the closest possible story to the documented facts. But like I said in my other posts,the dilemma for writers as well as producers is how close to the real accounts should they present without sacrificing the cinematic appeal of the series. I don’t know abut you, but for me, I don’t really want to watch a point-by-point retelling of an event in history. I could always watch a documentary for that. It’s supposed to be a movie or TV series for crying out loud. The objective is to entertain primarily not to educate. Besides, a smart viewer would know fact from fiction.

The first episode will air on October 28th, Monday-Tuesday on MBC replacing Goddess of Fire: Jung Yi.


More pictures below:

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2013 Style Icon Awards Korea (Updated)


The 2013 Style Icon Awards (SIA) awarding ceremony was held today at CJ E & M Center. Clara, 2AM Seulong and model fashionista Kang Seung Hyun presided over the event. The event honors daring and unique individuals in the media, culture, art, fashion and lifestyle who’s impact was culture changing not just trend setting. 10 most influential people are selected and will be granted the title “style icon”. Last year the highest honor belonged to Jang Dong Gun, who’s stint in the highly-rated drama Gentlemen’s Dignity changed the way society looks at 40-something men. In other words, he made 40’s men look desirable again. Before the ceremony began, a red carpet event took place where celebrities walk and greet the waiting crowd.


Here are the winners:

  • Style Icon of the Year Award: G-DRAGON

10 Teen Style Icon Award:

  • BigBang’s G-Dragon, Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Jong Suk,Yeo Jin Goo, hip-hop royalty Dynamic Duo, Shin Dong Hyup, SISTAR, Lee Seo Jin, Jung Woo Sung, Tilda Swinton.

Special Awards:

  • New Icon Award: Crayon Pop
  • Best K-Style Awards: SNSD’s Sooyoung, Choi Jin Hyuk
  • Global Icon Award: ASAP Rocky (American rapper)
  • Chevrolet (Chevy) New Star Award: Clara
  • Annual Award: Grandpa Over Flowers


Check out the gallery below.

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Inside Out! — SUZY VS GOO HARA (Korea)

Both are recognized as “center girls” of their respective group. Both have made the “dating” gossip mill. Two different yet equally beautiful young girls.

SUZY of Miss A for ELLE

This girl is indeed turning into a woman. A beautiful woman. She sheds her wholesome image for a sexy photoshoot for SWAROVSKI crystals on the pages of ELLE’s November issue.



GOO HARA of Kara for Allure

She’s known for her teeny-weeny waistline.Her lovelife has always been colorful. On the pages of Allure magazine this November, she fulfills your “fantasy” in matching colorful wigs.

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What’s In The Bag?

Bagging it! 

Check out some Korean celebrities’ bags must-haves.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but I don’t think so. A bag is! Can you imagine going anywhere without a bag? It could be anything from a satchel to a duffel, a clutch or a hand bag, an envelope bag or a hobo. No girl can leave home without it. Personally I call it an “armory”.

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