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Jin Se Yeon Cast in Age of Feeling Joins Kim Hyun Joong,Lim Soo Young


Jin Se Yeon has been cast as Yoon Ok Ryeon in the upcoming KBS2 drama Age of Feeling감격시대, a role originally offered to Kim So Eun who backed out at the last minute due to scheduling conflicts. The drama was intented for a November release but because of its story which necessitates filming overseas extensively, it was pushed to a January play date after Bel Ami. Since the drama is about the struggle of a group of young people during the 1930’s just before the war, the production team had to film key scenes in Shanghai.

The last time I saw Jin Se Yeon was in the Joo Ji Hoon comeback project Five Fingers. She also took over the role originally intended for T-Ara’s Ham Eun Jung. Back then, Ham Eun Jung was forcibly removed because of the whole bullying incident which was blown out of epic proportion. After a gazillion of he says, she says and an apology later, everything is back to normal for the group.

She joins Kim Hyun Joong (Shin Jung Tae), the male lead and female lead Lim Soo Young (Ga-ya). It has been reported that KHJ has already started filming. With the released BTS, looks to me like he really wants to work the whole machismo thing and I say it’s working. He sure exudes tough-rough male to me. What would Yun Ji Hoo (Boys Over Flowers) say to all this? After the failed City Conquest, this has got to be a welcome respite for him.


KHJ first shooting day

KHJ first shooting day

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Reply 1994, To Get an Extension?



The cable TV drama Reply 1994 응답하라 1994 (tvN), was originally set to have a 20 episode run on 1 episode per week but started airing back-to-back, (Friday-Saturday) episodes from the second week. The drama has aired 11 of its intended 20 episodes in the last six weeks. Initially, if completed as planned, a total of 20 episodes with 9 more remaining until the finale in the last week of December will be broadcast.

But the production company and network is now faced with a tough decision. To extend or not, that is the question. It is doing even better that it’s predecessor, Reply 1997. The rating is continuously rising. With cable TV standard, this is beyond remarkable. According to Nielsen Korea the ratings are as follows; Episode 1 2.6%, Episode 2-3 3%, 3.2%, Episode 4-5 4.2%, 4.7%,Episode 6-7 5.8%, 6.2%,Episode 8-9 7.1%, 8.1%,Episode 10-11 8.8% 8.8% (up 10.6%). Calling it a phenomenal hit would be a just summation.

PD Shin Won Ho however denied this rumor saying that there is no extension when asked by the media. He said, that a lot of things should be considered especially the story. It’s good to know that doesn’t want to sacrifice the quality of the drama for the sake of ratings.

Although I am not utterly loyal to this drama, I think that it’s throwback feel is what is drawing people to it. Nostalgia plus the hilarious cast of mismatch couples are just some of the perfect elements this drama offer. So if you aren’t watching this yet, I suggest you do, like right now!

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Sung Joon Joins Kim So Yeon for I Need Romance 3



I was gonna write about this issue last week when news floated about Sung Joon’s possible involvement in I Need Romance 로맨스가 필요해 season 3, but thought against it. I bid my time because I had a feeling a confirmation is not far behind. So was I right or what?

Sung Joon will play the part of a 27 year old genius composer opposite lead female Kim So Yeon, a 33 year old hardworking woman who does not believe in love anymore after her failed relationships (or so she said). But in her heart she longs for love. In real life we know of course that he is actually way younger than his role but with his long limbs he can easily pass as someone older.

The idea of older woman-younger man romance is nothing new. We have seen this over time and quite successfully at that! I remember watching a very funny Ko Hyun Jung falling for her best friend’s younger brother, Chun Jung Myung in Foxy Lady (2006). And who could forget the ratings hit My Queen (Taiwan 2009) which brought together Cheryl Yang and Ethan Ruan. Lately there has been a few dramas with the same theme namely (China) Drama Go Go Go with Ruby Lin and Jiro Wang, (Japan) Last Cinderella with Ryoko Shinohara and Haruma Miura just no name a few.

This drama follows I Need Romance 2011 and 2012. It will air sometime in January 2014 over tvN.

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Park Han Byul Chops Long Locks for Role in Upcoming Drama “Well Raised Daughter,Hana”


Arguably better known as singer Se7en’s girlfriend for over a decade. Park Han Byul recently made headlines when news of their break up leaked but the two kept mum about it. Now, she’s back in the headlines not because she’s starring in a drama for the first time but more for cutting a whole chunk of her beautiful, long locks. When I first saw the stills myself, I had to do a double take. I thought I was looking at an uber cute man-boy or at a member of some of the oh-so-many idol groups that I can’t even recall their names. So I checked and surprisingly it is indeed Park Han Byul masquerading as a high school boy for the upcoming SBS Monday to Friday drama called Well Raised Daughter, Hana잘 키운 딸 하나. What I can say? Wow! She looks young for a 28 year old lady.

Park Han Byul will portray a dual role in the drama namely, Jang Geun Seong and Jang Hana. Hana, the daugher of the Jang family who owns a 200 year old soy sauce empire. She had to pretend as the family’s son Jang Geun Seong to protect the family business from bad-meaning people and business rivals. To keep the secret and make everyone believe the bogus identity, she goes to a school as a boy. The drama is set to premiere on December 2nd replacing Ugly Alert.

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November 18th (Monday) Drama Ratings Result


First, full disclosure. I don’t care about the other shows so I am only posting the results for the dramas I watch.
Yesterday, November 18th the Ha Ji Won, Joo Jin Mo lead Empress Ki (MBC) managed to maintain it’s lead among the other programs in its time slot with a 15.5% rating. This is also enough to land on the 5th spot overall ratings. Melody of Love사랑은 노래를 타고 (which is surprising everyone by outperforming others) is lording over the competition as the overall number one with 23.7%.

Meanwhile (SBS) Choi Ji Woo’s Suspicious Housekeeper got 9.5% while (KBS) Yoon Eun Hye’s Marry Him If You Dare is continuing it’s downward spiral with 5%, recording the lowest “ever” ratings since its pilot.


Personal Note:

You may have noticed that I stopped recapping Marry Him If You Dare from episode 10. Furthermore, I will not continue with it any longer. The reason is simple. I am heartbroken by how it is faring and last night’s results was another blow to my already broken heart. I have no motivation left in me to continue with that task but will continue to watch the show in support of my Eun Hye. But thank you to those who have read my recaps.

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“Bel Ami” Fashionable Individual Character Posters

I could have included this in the gallery for my previous post here but I thought this merits another post altogether. There’s nothing dramatic about the posters nor are they the best I’ve seen. But for one, it is true to its theme. Hip, young, and current. I was not expecting an artsy poster because first of all this drama is considered to be a teen drama. Oh all right, a young adult drama if I may correct myself. The four main leads actually look like they are just having a casual photo shoot.

Jang Geun Suk in my book is one of the best 20 something’s I’ve seen in a suit. He can defnitely make a statement. The hair suits the description of the character and I think he got the physical essence of Dokgo Ma te. He may not be the most beautiful man per se, but he certainly exudes charm as exhibited in his previous work You’re Beautiful. I think the challenge for him is how to make this character different from that characterization.

IU looks as cute as a button with her short coif and head dress. But her yellow dress looks  too drab for me like she borrowed it from her older sister or her mother. The second outfit however is much better. I especially love the very colorful,printed pleated skirt. I need to get me some of those! The yellow sweats plus minimal accessory makes her innocent girlish personality pop out.

Han Chae Young , one word — “va-va-voom” or maybe that’s three. Those sexy serpentine sandals are so fierce she could give Tyra a run for her money. She definitely knows how to highlight her assets. Check out those gams! She’s not called Korea’s living Barbie for nothing.

But Lee Jang Woo, I can’t even begin to comprehend what he’s wearing.! Whoever convinced him to wear that fishnet should be fired and he better hire another stylist. Okay, that maybe just a tad cruel but his outfit is just too much for my eyes to handle. I don’t know if this was a photo shoot for a costume party of what. Or maybe he’s channeling the early 90’s. Please heavens forbid! Don’t let him go on with this fashion faux pas in the drama.

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“Pretty Man” Press Conference with Jang Geuk Suk,IU,Han Chae Young

Photo/TV Daily

Photo/TV Daily


KBS2 TV’s newest primetime Wednesday-Thursday offering Pretty Man예쁜남자 had a press presentation today at the Seoul Palace Hotel. The four leads Jang Geun Suk, IU, Han Chae Young and Lee Jang Woo attended the event. The man behind the “flower boy” dramas (Flower Boy Next Door, Flower Boy Ramen Shop) Jung Jung Hwa is teaming up with screenwriter Yoo Young A to bring to life the most beautiful man in the world’s (Dokgo Ma-te) story to life.

During the press conference Jang Geun Suk was asked how IU is different from former leading lady Yoon A whom he has worked with in Love Rain and if she’s treating her any differently since both are singing idols. IU was also asked how she manages her hectic schedule. She’s filming for this drama and still promoting her new album. She said that she’s having fun shooting and reading the funny script gives her enough energy.On the other hand, Han Chae Young was asked how she maintains such a sexy body having just delivered her baby boy three months ago. She does look smashing in the gold fitted short dress. But I prefer IU’s simple, classic black and white ensemble. She looks both cute and ladylike. Jang Geun Suk is immaculate in his burgundy coat and freshly clipped do while Lee Jang Woo chose a long black jacket, slim tie, white shirt and skinnies. He looks like he missed a band parade or something. I’m also not quite sure if I hate the hair or not.

The drama was previously known for it’s English title Pretty Man or Beautiful Man but has since adapted the title BEL AMI (FR. beautiful friend). Although at times it may have a different meaning depending on the usage. It may also be used to call ones “boyfriend”. Either way, this is probably the reason why the production team chose this English title instead of its literal translation.

In addition to the four main cast, other cast members include So Yoo Jin, Kim Ye Won, Yang Mi Kyung, Kim Yeong Jae, Lee Mi Young, Park Ji Yoon among others. The first episode airs this Wednesday, November 20th.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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“Secret” Successfully Ended on Top plus Cast Celebration


Secret successfully ended it’s 16 episode run last week with it’s finale episode aired on November 14th. It had quite a steep path, debuting with a single digit but quietly rose to the top of the Wednesday-Thursday block. The final episode got a nationwide rating of 18.9. Although it failed to clitch the 20% mark nationwide, it did manage to pull that feat in Seoul registering a 20.6% rating. It’s closest rival “The Heirs” got a nationwide rating of 15.9% and forget about Medical Top Team because it’s way below the batting average.After the final shoot,the whole cast including its production team celebrated with a simple traditional meal con farewell party.

To be honest I didn’t really follow this drama religiously. Angsty, revenge dramas are not really my cup of tea. I am more of a romance, light drama, type of person. Plus I’m not a fan of any of the leads. Hwang Jung Eum is good actress but she just looks so strange nowadays on TV like she has had too much botox done. I have nothing against the procedure but sometimes it really makes a person look strange than pretty. For his part, Ji Sung fared better here. This was a way better drama than his previous utter mess of a sageuk slash fantasy slash whatever Daepoongsoo or The Great Seer. There wasn’t anything great about it.

I am more excited with the drama replacing this time slot which used to be called Pretty Man but has now adapted the official English tile “Bel Ami”. More with that in another post…


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“Prime Minister and I” Teases with Lee Bum Soo and YoonA’s 1st Encounter

Teaser Captures


KBS2 released the first official trailer of its upcoming Monday-Tuesday rom-com drama Prime Minister and I 총리와 나. Based on the trailer, this drama hints at a hilarious, carousel type of story. One with just enough up and down, yet fully enjoyable and romantic. It brings to mind, one of the most successful romantic drama South Korea has ever produced —Lover’s in Paris with Park Shin Yang and Kim Jung Eun. Guy rides a luxury car while the girl rides a bicycle (in this case a moped). In both dramas the male leads were once married. The girl enters the picture bringing along a bundle of sunshine with her and changes the heart of a once cynical, workaholic, uptight man.

I do hope that for once YoonA can do better. Her previous dramas were mostly duds. The most recent being the tragic “Love Rain” which had an average rating of 5%. Maybe she can learn a thing of two in acting from her veteran partner Lee Bum Soo, for she definitely needs a few pointers in that area. Let’s just say, she’s a better entertainer than actor.

In their run-in YoonA (reporter Nam Da Jung) looks to be drunk (pun intended (^.^)) holding on to Lee Bum Soo’s (PM Kwon Yool) leg while he gives her a cold, what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-this-girl stare. I’m pretty sure there will be more run ins after that.


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BTS for “Man From the Stars” featuring Kim Soo Hyun

SBS released publicity photos for the upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama Man From the Stars or You Who Came From the Stars 별에서 온 그대 showing male lead Kim Soo Hyun going around the block in a suit. He even checks himself out on the monitor, not because he’s vain but merely as a common practice among actors. Of course you would want to see the finished product. In the stills, he looks astonishingly young. I’d say around 16 or 17 although he is 25 in real life. I want to have whatever he’s having!

In the drama, KSY plays Do Min joon, a 400 year old alien who fell to earth during the Joseon dynasty but has maintained his youthful, pretty looks. He is supposed to look perfect and is fast and agile. Because he has stayed on earth for four centuries, he grew cynanical over human beings. This is going to change after falling in love with a hallyu star Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) who is physically much older than him.

I have already seen their cute dynamics in the movie “The Thieves”, and I gotta say that pretty boy can hold his own ground. I guess he is not intimidated by his noona sunbae. Maybe it’s because he has romanced older women in the movie and more so in the drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun. ‘Atta boy!



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