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Cover Wars (Men) – Gong Yoo VS Lee Jun Ki (South Korea)


They are two of the most eligible bachelors in South Korea. Both in their 30’s. Both handsome yet  strikingly different. One is a hunk the other is a quintessential flower boy.


GONG YOO for Singles magazine December 2013

One of my favorite South Korean actor. He has that boyish charm when he smiles. A perfect specimen of man-boy. It’s probably one of the reasons why many are enamored with this sexy hunk. For this cover shoot he flew to Jeju island looking right at home with nature.



LEE JUN KI for STAR1 magazine December 2013

He floated on everyone’s radar as the mischievous second lead in 2005’s My Girl almost stealing Lee Dong Wook’s thunder. He was whisked off to the military for close to 2 years and has recently made a comeback starring in 2 dramas Arang and the Magistrate, Two Weeks. He still has that “flower boy” quality with a blend of maturity on full display as he covers for  star1 magazine.

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Cover Wars — Sun Li VS Chris Li (China)

Both are products of a competition. Both are gorgeous sporting the pixie cut. Both are acclaimed actresses.


CHRIS LI for Femina magazine November 2013

She’s Super Girl! No really, she is. She was discovered and won the title in the nationwide singing competition “Super Girl” back in 2005. Now, she’s done numerous movies and graced countless magazine covers. She displays her distinct androgynous look for Femina magazine’s cover shoot this month. She has recently won her biggest award to date by bringing home the trophy for Best Worldwide Act at the 2013 MTV EMA.


SUN LI for SELF magazine November 2013

Betty Sun may not have won in 2001’s Star Search but look where she is now! Her most notable work is the highly popular Legend of  Zhen Zhuan where she played the heroine. But I bet, her biggest achievement is marrying Chinese actor Deng Chao. In this cover shoot, she rocks the retro look to a T donning men’s fashion items yet still ultra feminine.


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Cover Wars (Men)– Eddie Peng VS Han Geng (China)


Both of them are singers. Although one is better known as a singer and the other as an actor. Obviously, both are hotties in their own right.Each with a different charm.


EDDIE PENG for L’Officiel Hommes November 2013

One of my Taiwanese biases and for good reasons. From a geeky, gangly kid, now he’s grown into this sophisticated, confident man gracing covers of magazines and landing several endorsement deals. He’s in the middle of filming his biggest film yet, Rise of the Legend, playing the iconinc kung fu legend Wong Fei Hong. In this cover shoot he shows both his playful nature and serious side.




HAN GENG for Men’s UNO for November 2013

Best known as a former member of boy group Super Junior. He left the group and established himself as a solo act with tremendous success even overshadowing his former band especially in the mainland where he reaped tons of recognition. Nowadays, he has ventured into acting and will be featured in the Hollywood film Transformers 4. In this cover shoot he transforms into pure enigmatic male elegance.

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Cover Wars– Rainie Yang VS Annie Chen (Taiwan)

Both are adorable and pretty. But the comparison ends there. One is Queen. The other is tapped as the next big thing. Yet when it comes to fashion, these two are both chameleons.


RAINIE YANG for Vogue November 2013

She hasn’t done a drama in 2 years. Still, she reigns supreme as idol queen. She’s been in the industry for more than a decade. It’s hard to believe that this cutie is turning 30! She taps into her youthdal days, remembering her early Vogue covers for this Vogue cover shoot with no less than Mika Ninagawa with clothes and accessories by Michael kors, Loewe, Charlotte Olympia, Topshop, Moschino,Blumarine and Kenzo.




ANNIE CHEN for Bella儂儂 November 2013

This young lady is no stranger to fashion, having been discovered at a fashion competition in 2007. She never looked back since debuting in 2008. She’s a staple in local television starring in back to back dramas. This month she graces the cover of Bella magazine once again showing what she’s got as the next big thing.


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Cover Wars (Men) — T.O.P VS SIWON (Korea)

It’s a battle of the boy bands aka idols. Both started out early and both have transitioned into acting. Who’s got the edge? Tough choice.


CHOI SEUNG HYUN aka T.O.P of BigBang for L’Officiel Hommes November

Touted as the most enigmatic member of the group with a taste for avant- garde fashion. This guy makes every girl wonder what’s on his beautiful mind. In the cover of L’Officiel Hommes he looks impeccable in a navy suit and perfectly coiffed hair.


CHOI SIWON of Super Junior of Arena Homme+ November

As the center guy of the group, he makes every girl swoon. He walks the streets of Hongkong and sheds his usual squeaky clean image for an unshaven, rough and tough look on the cover and pages of Arena magazine. What’s not to like? Purr..fection!

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Cover Wars (Men) — Jang Dong Gun VS Kang Dong Won (Korea)

Considered as two of Korea’s most handsome men. Both are amazing actors. One is off the market sadly but the other is still a bachelor. Hooray for the ladies!


JANG DONG GUN for The Celebrity November

Already in his 40’s, married and a father, this hunk ‘s still got what it takes to make ladies swoon and a celebrity status others envy. No wonder he was tapped to grace the cover of The Celebrity‘s maiden issue.

KANG DONG WON for High Cut Vol. 112

He’s been absent from the limelight for almost two years, thanks to the mandatory military service. Yet he’s star has never shined brighter. Channeling the “bad boy” type he graces High Cut‘s October-November issue.

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Cover Wars — Ivy Chen VS Kwai Lun Mei (Taiwan)

Both are award winning actresses. Pretty and petite. One is my favorite, the other I respect.


IVY CHEN for W Queen October 2013

She’s got a best actress trophy for the movie Hear Me at the Taipei Film Festival. This pixie like goddess is actually turning  31! Would you believe it? She looks like a fair princess for W Queen magazine.  On the cover Ivy wears the white macramé lace sleeves from Miu Miu. She showcases her angelic beauty in a white lace mini dress with white flower adornments from Jill Stuart and Red Valentino Faille Mini Tank Dress in Sand.




KWAI LUN MEI for ELLE October 2013

She’s got a best actress trophy for BF*GF at the Asia Pacific Film Festival. Always edgy, she rocks the vintage glam in a chiffon dress decorated with metal love from Burberry Prorsum; knot bracelet by Balenciaga; ring and diamond earrings both  from Louis Vuitton; Heels by Dior  and the hollow carved lace dress, decorated with feathers gradient sequined vest, gauze bow hair bands, thin belts, lace high heels all by Louis Vuitton and platinum diamond bracelet from Chanel.


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Cover Wars (Men) — Huang Xiao Ming VS Tong Da Wei (China)

Two of China’s hottest actors. Both starred in a Peter Chan film. Both recognized for their craft.

HUANG XIAO MING for L’Officiel Hommes October 2013

The actor who just recently won a Golden Rooster best actor trophy for his work in American Dreams in China sets the pages of L’Officiel Hommes October issue on fire. He smolders the spread with his ragged good looks and looks sharp on the cover in a dark gray coat.

TONG DA WEI for Men Style BAZAAR October 2013

Best known for his role in the movie Lost in Beijing, married to beautiful Chinese actress Guan Yue. He’s all business in a black suit on the cover of Men Style BAZAAR while looking calm and confident on a racetrack in beautiful Milan, Italy  on the pages of this October issue.

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Cover Wars — Zhou Xun VS Ni Ni (China)

ZHOU XUN for ELLE October 2013

One of China’s top actresses who catapulted to fame via her award winning performance in the 2005 Movie Perhaps Love is returning to television after a 10 year absence in the TV adaptation of the critically acclaimed Mo Yan novel Red Sorghum 红高粱. Wouldn’t you say she still looks young for her age in the pages of Elle?

NiNi for Woman’s Day October 2013

Feng Shao Feng’s main squeeze has been all over the pages of various magazines. This time she graces the cover and spreads for Woman’s Day looking radiant and blooming.

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Cover Wars — Godfrey Gao VS Tony Yang (Taiwan)

It’s about time to bring the MEN out! Go grab some tissues, turn on the AC and grab a cold drink because it’s going to be hot in here. Feast your eyes on these two glorious Taiwanese stars.


GODFREY GAO for Men’s Joker October 2013

I dream of Godfrey every night and I wake up still thinking of him. Can you blame me?!  It should be a crime to look this good! Asia’s first male supermodel clenches his jaw and broods the night away for this Men’s JOKER photoshoot for October.




TONY YANG for GQ Taiwan October 2013

Amber Kuo is one lucky girl. Tony sweats it out on the cover of GQ Taiwan,just like your regular guy and gives us a glimpse of his assets. And look at that winning smile! Enough to melt any girl’s heart.


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