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Andy Chen Yi as the Legendary Flower Boy Gao Changgong aka Lan Ling Wang


Although he may not have the bravado nor the acting chops of or lack thereof of Feng Shao Feng, I do think that he fits the role much better aesthetically. He IS a “flower boy” and looking at the stills, you could actually understand why he had to cover that pretty face. Unlike FSF, who looks rather manly than delicate.

You could tell he looks good even with the mask on

You could tell he looks good even with the mask on

I remember the scene where Lan Ling Wang and Xue Wu met for the first time while he was taking a bath by the small lake (or was it a falls?) Xue Wu immediately took off her clothes and joined in thinking that he was a woman. I was like, seriously?! Which angle? Just because he had long hair doesn’t make him look any less than a man. It had its flaws, yes, but was still a good series especially with Ariel Lin who makes everything she does wonderful.

Check out those pecs!

Check out those pecs!

Princess of Lan Ling or what I’d like to call the younger version of Prince of Lan Ling, looks promising enough. The core is still the same, that is the love triangle among Gao Changgong-Princess of Lan Ling-Yuwen Yong. But this time, Yuwen Yong’s character takes the lead while Lan Ling Wang takes the back seat.

More Images

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Upcoming Mainland Series “Princess of Lan Ling”


Don’t be mistaken. The series has nothing to do with Prince of Lan Ling (Feng Shao Feng, Ariel Lin) although the place where all the events transpired and the characters are one and the same. This series however is adapted from the 2009 novel with the same title by Yang Qian Zi.

Legend has it that if one possesses the Qinglun mirror, peace will be obtained. But on the wrong hands, will bring chaos. It tells the story of modern girl Yuan Qing Suo/Li Ezi (played by Zhang Han Yun) who was sworn to protect the secret of the ancestral mirror. Her journey takes her deep into the Northern Zhou kingdom at the the time of unrest and war during the Eastern Jin Dynasty. She will be caught in the political crossfire as well as love entangles with Emperor Yuwen Yong (Peng Guan Ying) of Zhou and Prince Gao Zhang Gong (Chen Yi) of Lanling.

Princess of Lan Ling 兰陵王妃 is directed by the famous Hongkong director Yi Yezhao and stars Zhang Han Yun, Peng Guan Ying and Taiwanese cutie Andy Chen.

Comparison to Prince of Lan Ling is inevitable since they have the same theme. It is also a tall order to accomplish what the previous has accomplished in terms of success.  From the cast down to production, one can safely assume that this is a modest series compared to it’s predecessor.


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Beautiful Country with Ruby Lin and Yuan Hong Drops Official Trailer plus Poster

The first trailer is finally out! Was that fast or what!


My Thoughts:

It’s good to see Ruby Lin in something other than her soft feminine roles in most of her period dramas. I don’t really see her as great actress but she’s good in this one. But I also think that she has to toughen up a bit more to convincingly portray a cross-dressing, sword wielding girl. It’s a bit too much to compare her to the likes of Shu Qi or Zhang Zi Yi. However, it’s great to see the variation in her acting skill.

Two words, YUAN HONG. I’m trying not to overpraise him but forgive my bias. I am just a girl (all right I’ll stop there). He does brooding really well and when most people would rather overact, he on the other hand, underacts. I like it when he does that. With his eyes and mannerisms telling the story. This has got to be his best so far.

Ma Tian Yu. Where did the pretty boy go? What I see here is a MAN! And the older version of him with just a little bit of stash, is surprisingly so magnetic. I never thought he could do well as a rogue.

The backdrop plus the sad, soft music does justice to this series’ title — Beautiful Country.


Beautiful Country official poster

Beautiful Country official poster  


The couple Liu Xiu and Li Hua in their matrimonial garbs. I’m guessing it’s for their second wedding. Or it could be the first (but I highly doubt that since they were pretty young and poor then) Or the third (when he’s already the emperor of  Han) They will be married thrice after all.



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Hu Ge, Tang Yan, Wallace Chung Considering TV Adaptation of “Lang Ya Bang”

A few days ago I’ve written about Long Ballad 秀丽江山, a popular novel which is about to hit the small screen with actress-producer Ruby Lin and Yuan Hong headlining the said series. At this point the shooting is almost about to wrap up and ready for the chopping block (board of censors)to give it a go signal for airing next year.

Shandong Television Media Group has acquired the rights to the novel Langya Bang琅琊榜, a highly popular internet novel known as the Chinese version of Count of Monte Cristo. The novel is about to get a live adaptation with two famed directors Kong Sheng and Li Xue at the helm. According to several sources, initial preparations are already under way. The script is ready, the costumes have been designed, the settings have been chosen and names of actors offered to play the lead roles are floating in the netosphere. If the rumors are to be believed, which I pray to the drama gods to be real, Hu Ge, Tang Yan and Wallace Chung might be the leads. Excited does not even come close to how I feel! I should probably start burning the midnight candle, add a little bit of incense and start chanting to make it work.

Hu Ge and Tang Yan have worked together in several projects in the past including the modern drama Unbeatable, a typical mainland workplace drama which also starred heart breaker Roy Chiu, and the RPG series Rift of the Sky 轩辕剑之天之痕, which was so ridiculously whack I laughed uncontrollably at some scenes. But it did have it’s saving grace, Yuwen Tuo’s (Hu Ge) tormented character and demoness Dugu Ningke‘s quest for redemption and love.

I have always been a big Hu Ge fan since forever. I love how he always works his chemistry with co-actors like Ariel Lin (Seven of the Sky, Legend of the Condor Heroes), Ivy Chen (Modern People), Liu Yi Fei (Chinese Paladin) among others. Oh well, save for Shangri-La which I could barely stomach despite of my love for Hu Ge. He may not be so young anymore to play Lin Shu but I have no doubt he can pull it off. Tang Yan, on the other hand, is one of my favorite mainland actress. She can be cute (Love Waking Up,The Xia Girls), kick-ass (Agent X,Storm Warriors), cunning (Chinese Paladin 3,Rift of the Sky), innocent (Gone with the Wind) and surely she portray Princess Ni Huang with aplomb. Wallace Chung, although I have only seen him in a series once, (The Magic Blade which I absolutely abhor) is a solid actor and I think he will be perfect as Jing Wang Xiao. If the three signs on they will start filming in February 2014.


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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2013) Extended Trailer


If you are a wuxia series lover (like me) you would definitely know that another one  of Jin Yong’s well-loved novels is getting a reboot next year. I said another one, meaning two of them are in the works.  There is the much talked about ROTCH with Chen Xiao which is a part of a trilogy which are Legend of the Condor Heroes, Return of the Condor Heroes and Dragon Saber and Heavenly Sword, all of which have been adapted and retold a few times over. My personal favorite though is Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 天龙八部.  A bad-ass, expansive, emotionally gripping series, it’ll take you on a roller coaster ride. I have seen the 2003 version with Hu Jun, Jimmy Lin, Gao Hu and Liu Yi Fei which became partly responsible for my wuxia love affair. So I was jumping up and down when I heard news of its remake early this year. I was even more happy that the amazing Wallace Chung will be headlining it. I think he’s perfect for the role of Beggar Sect leader Qiao Feng. The other two pivotal characters are Shaolin Monk Xu Zhu who will be played by Han Dong and Dali Prince Duan Yu will be played by Korean actor Kim Kibum. My initial reaction to the latter’s casting was unpleasant, however Lemon Zhang Meng who’s playing Wang Yu Yan is a pint size cutie, so I thought they would be a good match.

In the 2003 version, Duan Yu‘s 3 sisters fell in love with him  because they didn’t know that they were siblings at first and he ended up with Wang Yu Yan.  Even Shaolin Monk Xu Zhu got his happy ending but Qiao Feng did not. His first love A Zhu (Liu Tao) died helping him while younger sister A Zi (Chen Hao) who’s in love with him, died for him. Remember that part when they jumped off the cliff? Well, technically he jumped with her in his arms. Sigh. This new version however is based on the third revision of the novel so we will definitely see a few changes here and there. I’m not a spoilsport so I won’t spoil the fun.

Regarding the trailer. One thought. Spectacular. The special effects are tastefully made and not overly done like those RPG ones that are coming out next year. Gotta hand it to the production team.


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Chinese Paladin 5 in the Works with Jiang Jin Fu


Fans of the RPG wuxia-fantasy series The Legend of Sword and Fairy or Chinese Paladin rejoice! Rumor has it that Chinese Paladin 5 is in the works. Can I just say, heck it’s about time! It’s been 8 long years since Chinese Paladin (2005) was released and launched the careers of then little known stars, Hu Ge, Liu Yi Fei and Ady Ahn. I still remember every detail of the series like I saw it yesterday. It can also be said that Li Xiao Yao is probably Hu Ge’s most memorable character. Now, Hu Ge is one of China’s most sought after actors, Liu Yi Fei and Ady Ahn have about 40 films and dramas between them. Even Eddie Peng who played funny Tang Yu has made a name for himself. However, I don’t know whatever happened to Ah Nu‘s Esther Liu. She’s probably around somewhere.

Chinese Paladin Official Poster

Chinese Paladin Official Poster

In 2009 Chinese Paladin 3 was released, again with Hu Ge as the lead character Jing Tian/Long Yang/Fei Pang, Yang Mi as Xue Jian, Liu Shi Shi as Long Kui and Wallace Huo and Tang Yan who played star-crossed lovers, soulmates and my favorite couple Chang Xing and Zi Xuan. This series is one of my all-time favorite. I’ve watched it so many times yet love it every single time. That’s how good it is. It’s probably because of what I can call a dream cast. We all know that Tang Yan, Shi shi and Yang Mi have become real-life BFFs after this. And I’ve become a solid Wallace-Tang Yan shipper! I still hurt recalling their “farewell scene”. Who could forget that scene? Tissue please!

Chinese Paladin 3 Official Poster

Chinese Paladin 3 Official Poster


Fans of the series have long campaigned for another installment and looks like that prayer is about to be answered. According to various sources, production will start around November and will star up and coming “it” guy Jiang Jin Fu as the main protagonist Jiang Yun Fan. I think Jin Fu’s career is following Hu Ge’s career path just like Chen Xiao following Huang Xiao Ming‘s. Although personally, I think the “Ge Ges 哥哥” look better than the “Di Dis 弟弟”. Interestingly, the lead female Tang Yu Rou is said to be played by Victoria Song Qian of the K-pop group Miss A. What whetted my appetite though is not this pairing but the possible cameo’s of original cast members Hu Ge, Wallace, Tang Yan and Shi shi. But I know this might be so far-fetched given their red hot careers now. Scheduling conflicts might prevent this from ever happening.

If production starts this year, we may see Chinese Paladin 5 next year!

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Shawn Wei Becomes Emperor Kang Xi in The Duke of Mount Deer Reboot

wei qian xiang

Wei Qian Xiang or Shawn Wei has just recently come back to the mainland after a  trip to Taiwan to meet his fans. He has amassed a score of screaming female followers there following the success of King Lan Ling where he played Xue Wu‘s (Ariel Lin) loyal sidekick Xiao Dong.  His passionate portrayal has won over many hearts including mine. I admit I didn’t know he existed prior to KLL. And afterwards I had to google his name and found out who the hunk was.  I dare say he has earned some bragging rights after fans bestowed on him the moniker  “The 3rd Male God” How’s that for a nickname? I bet he doesn’t care who’s first or second. Man, he’s third! He’s officially in the radar.

As if to prove this, he is playing meatier roles of late.  And what could be meatier than playing Emperor Kang Xi in the latest TV adaptation of The Duke of Mount Deer.  Many actors have expressed their desire to play such a character who is known for its complexity and depth. The most notable of which was Nicky Wu‘s version in Bu Bu Jing Xin which made him relevant again if I might add.

The Duke of Mount Deer is based on the well loved wuxia novel by Jin Yong and has been adapted numerous times including the 1984 TVB version with the then very fresh Andy Lau as Kang Xi and Tony Leung as Wai Siu Bo. The lastest adaptation was in 2008 with Huang Xiao Ming as the hero Wei Xiao Bao with Wallace Chung as Emperor Kang Xi having the English title Royal Tramp. This latest version which has begun production in August will have Han Dong as the lead. I have nothing against Han Dong, he can play tramp with aplomb. Although I must say that seeing the first official teasers of him as Wei Xiao Bao had me in stitches. I’m not saying it’s laughable because it’s not. His facial mannerisms just make me laugh in a way the other two (Huang Xiao Ming and Tony Leung) never did.

The target airing will be next year and that’s still a few months off.  So now I have no choice but to be content in watching Shawn’s Wei’s mainland drama Love Band Aid just to get my fill. It’s not that bad, I like Joanne  Zeng anyway who’s playing his love interest. And most probably I’ll re-watch King of Lan Ling or watch his other dramas starting off with last years’ Agent X.


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Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying –From Reel to Real?


There is one thing that people should understand about fans, once we (I include myself because I am a self confessed tard) ship an OTP nothing in this world could make us stop shipping it even long after the drama/series is over. Not even when the writers try to create “romantic” moments with another character just to break that OTP.  I mean literally –NOTHING. We celebrate with it, cry with it and even go down in flames with it.  And with most fandoms, we most often than not, wish that our OTP’s become real-life couples. We dissect every detail of every picture just to prove that “something” is going on with our OTP in real life. I don’t know why but that’s just how we feel. Personally,this way,  I feel like I am a part of their journey as a couple.

Mainland newbies Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying is a classic example of this. The two have starred in dramas, Gong 2, Female Prime Minister, and the yet unreleased Angelababy starrer, Yun Zhong Ge. They were also paired up in the movie The Palace. Although they will not in any way share a scene together in The Condor Heroes (Return of the Condor Heroes 2014), technically that is still considered working in one series. Zhao Li Ying will be playing Mu Nianci (previously played by Liu Shi Shi) the mother of Yang Guo which is Chen Xiao’s character. So there will be no romantic relationship at all. But oh no! It does not stop the fandoms to demand that Michelle Chen be replaced by Zhao Li Ying instead because she fits the Little Dragon Mainden‘s specifications better. To be brutally honest, I cannot agree more! I do think that aesthetically, ZLY would have been a perfect fit. Oh but well, what can we do? So it is probably of no coincidence that now people are saying or rather “claiming” that CH and ZLY are in fact “sweethearts” in real life. Pictures of the two holding hands, whispering sweetly to each other and seemingly innocent stuff are making the rounds in the mainland networking sites. Of course their agencies were quick to deny this. But fans will believe what they want to believe, trust me. With the frustration over Yu Zheng’s casting choices, I can’t blame the fandoms for thinking this way. Heck! I wish it were true myself!

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BTS from Yu Zheng’s “Craptastic” Adaptation The Condor Heroes 2014 with Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen


As if I haven’t puked enough! Sorry I feel acidic today hence the sour mouth. No offense meant to those who wish this adaptation would never see the light of day, but looks to me that there’s no stopping this (yes people in spite of all the flack it’s getting from the public). And to think that I was actually hoping that probably it won’t be that bad, yet, pictures don’t lie do they?! I just love Xiao Long Nu so much and the memory of Liu Yi Fei in the white dress so beautiful and ethereal like she is supposed to be makes me want to go up in arms against Michelle Chen (no personal offense to her as I don’t love her nor hate her). She “STILL” just look so wrong for the part. Oh well, don’t mind me. At least Chen Xiao looks good even if I want to kill his stylist.

Here are some BTS of The Condor Heroes (2014). Enjoy (if you can)!

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