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The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 2 – Recap









It picked up where it ended in episode 1 with Ting Wei‘s reveal regarding his fiance Hai Lun. Lei Lei sat through the entire dinner pretending everything was okay pasting a fake smile on her face. She walked feeling dejected and went straight to bed dismissing what her niece Xiao Yun was trying to say. She woke up and realizing that she hasn’t changed, went straight to the bathroom where someone was taking a shower. Thinking it was Xiao Yun, she stripped down to her undies and started talking about her worst day saying that she was pathetic because she still loves the man who doesn’t love her anymore. She walked out but realizing that she left her phone, went back only to find a naked Huang Yi Kang. She hysterically asked him what he was doing in her house and he went on to explain. It turns out that Xiao Yun had rented her room to him for a month and left Lei Lei a message but she did not listen to it. Suddenly Lei Lei’s friends came to celebrate her supposed engagement but Jiang Yun had to go to the bathroom and found the naked Yi Kang and Tiffany followed suit. Soon after Tiffany accidentally opened the broken faucet and Yi Kang ran to contain the water letting his cover go. Tiffany (can’t help but love this girl) offered to cover Yi Kang herself. The 2 girls then realizing the real situation told JAL to let HYK stay. She agreed.








Meanwhile, HYK is still waiting to hear from Helen. His been wanting to confess even buying a necklace for her. Finally she replied and agreed to meet him. It turns out that the girl he likes and HTW’s fiance is one and the same girl. They met in a resto and started talking about their past encounters in New zealand. HYK started dropping hints as he began his confession only to be totally shut out after hearing Helen say that she has finally found the man she’ll love forever. He then decided to drown his sorrow with alcohol.At the same time, JAL is getting some encouragements from her friends. She thought that perhaps the lesson she must learn is to let go of the past. She came home and found a drunk HYK. As she herself was broken-hearted, she decided to join in and the two got drunk on champagne. It was their first time to really talk since both can understand what the other was feeling. HYK then gave JAL the necklace she bought for Hai Lun. Alone in her room much later, JAL recalled a time when HTW gave her a necklace when they were still a couple.








The following day JAL and HTW met for coffee. The were obviusly very comfortable with each other. HTW asked JAL if she was ever happy with him saying that maybe all he gave her were heartaches. He then told her about their third break up which happened at the airport and what he told her at that time. JAL pretended to be uninterested (when she practically thinks about it all the time). She was touched that he still remembers his promise to marry her when she’s still single at 35.He said that he wants to be her good friend forever. He also confessed that he was very happy with her but treated her badly. He said that this time he would treasure his present relationship. Back in the office, JAL and her team are thinking up a good marketing plan for their new product. Simon (a co-worker) asked JAL about her plans regarding HL. The whole team is unhappy with their new “general manager” and plans to do something about it. However, JAL is hesitant. She is uncertain whether HL is an enemy or not because she seems to be nice enough.

He Ting Wei asked JAL to help him choose a necklace for HL (she chose the house, now she’s choosing the necklace too!) which he will give later at dinner. He was going to “meet the family”. However, everything went sour when HL’s father asked HTW regarding his future plans. HL’s father looks down on HTW’s ability to raise a family with his meager earnings and unstable job. HL’s sister said that her jie jie is old enough to decide on her own future(she’s an outspoken kid, good for her). After dinner a wounded HTW went seeking for JAL advice. Meanwhile JAL has just returned home, she found HYK fixing her door. He said that he noticed her difficulty when she closes it (how thoughtful!). But she retorted saying he doesn’t have to do anything. He also volunteered to fix the broken bathroom door. He was talking more casually with her after their “heart to heart” drunken talk the previous night. But JAL still puts up her wall shooting down HYK’s efforts. She then went in her room to get changed. At that time the doorbell rang. JAL came back out,in house clothes, and munched on a slice of melon HYK offered. He then said that someone was there looking for her. She turns and found HTW waiting at the living room and started explaining for him not to misunderstand the situation. He said “I need you now.



First off I like the homage to In Time with You. When the girlfriends were talking Tiffany said that maybe JAL thinks the two of them are like Li Da Ren (Bolin Chen) and Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin).

Second, I’m beginning to dislike (not hate) Hai Lun. She’s so pleasant it’s so fake. And I like Tifanny! She’s the type of friend you’d want to have. Naughty but great where it counts.

Third, did you see Tony Yang‘s body? The dude’s ripped. I was like, Ji An Lei open your eyes girl! There’s a better guy right under your nose.

P.S. The preview looks really interesting. It looks like we’re going to see the love-square in action, finally!

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Marry Him If You Dare Episode 1-2 Review

You know what’s funny? When you try to reason with yourself to chAnge what you have already decided not to do but in reality you’re itching to do and winning over yourself in the end. Does that make sense? Let me explain. You see, I promised myself not to write a recap of Marry Him If You Dare. Why? Because I just want to savor it as a viewer and not let the critic in me come out. However, I have reached a consensus amongst myselves (I just sounded bonkers there!) to write a mini-recap slash review.

Episode 1 Young Mi Rae VS Old Mi Rae
The Good.

It was amazingly fast! Like one minute old Mi Rae pops up then warns young Mi Rae to avoid an accident and then the next thing you know their on a plane to Jeju and then back again to Seoul with young MiRae colliding with future husband Kim Shin.But, I like it! Mi Rae’s character was established although the other 3 of the square not. We only got a glimpse of them which I think is right because the story is supposed to come undone slowly through Mi Rae’s own choices. I also love Yoon Eun Hye‘s energy. She’s like a bundle of sunshine. I actually thought that she was acting younger than her real age because her persona seems a lot younger and damn she looks fresh!








The Bad.

They could have chosen a better time-travel mode instead of a ridiculously big ticking clock and a vintage elevator but heck I have seen worse! Also it wasn’t clear exactly how it all works. Probably the writers saved it up for later episodes. And my, old Mi Rae’s boots must go to charity and young Mi Rae’s swimsuit straight to the shredder! But nothing beats Kim Shin’s hair. Man, do news anchors in Korea really use that much hair gel? I want to tell the hairstylist to go easy on the hair gel. The animated pop-ups are kinda cute but too cartoonish for my taste. I mean, this is not a high school drama so let’s leave the cutesy-gooey stuff to that other drama over at SBS.








The Aww Inducing

Which literally translates to the engineered romantic captures which we drama addicts live for.
This one’s all Team Se Joo. Voyeurism much! Mi Rae decided to go au naturel at the beach glowing like a sea mermaid while Se Joo is recording the action. Oh but he didn’t intend to! Our guy’s fallen at first sight.









Episode 2 Kim Shin VS Park Se Joo

Or what I’d like to call the hot-headed prick versus the humble pretender.

The Good.

Ahjummas are beating the younger gens to the pulp! Choi Myoung Gil has a commanding on-screen presence as older Mi Rae and Go Du Shim is crazy funny as YBS president and Se Joo’s grandmother, Lee Mi Ran. Lee Dong Gun, you arrogant a***ol! He’s a prick all right. But he’s so good at it that he’s perfect. Oh I hate his foul-mouthed, unbending persona but I know that’s what the role calls for. We are also getting to see the picture more clearly as to what happened in the future prompting old Mi Rae to come back and change it. The reunion between her and Kim Shin was not good as if there’s bad blood between them. A mystery is always a good thing because as a viewer it makes me want to see more to know what the answer is.








The (not so) Bad.

Don’t hate me for this Jung Yong Hwa worshipers. I just thought that he needs a little more push in the acting part. I just thought his facial expressions were almost the same. He’s supposed to be pretending to be a normal guy yet I can’t distinguish any difference between the two or maybe it’s because the chaebol persona has not been given enough time to come out thus dissecting his performance is futile. I mean let’s face it, LDG is a veteran compared to him. Han Chae Ah was also short leased here. I didn’t feel her presence in episode 1 nor in this. Perhaps it’s because there wasn’t much for her to work on to begin with.








The Aww Inducing.

Round 2 for Se Joo again. He got to see the girl on the beach again right under his desk! and now they even get to work with each other. He covers for her when her oppa comes looking and then helps her with the preview editing. After a while the two of them listens to the musical score together sharing one headset sitting on the floor.He even charmed old Mi Rae who obviously thought she was seeing angels.








I actually enjoyed the second episode more than the first so I don’t understand the drop in ratings.Let’s hope next week to see more reveals and better ratings. And can I just say how young looking Yoon Eun Hye is! She looks about the same age as Jung Yong Hwa is some frames.

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