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Never Give Up Dodo – Episode 1

The verdict is out. This hilarious, naughty, in-your-face comedy is something you should not miss. If you haven’t started watching it, drop whatever you’re watching right now (Go!) head over to or whatever channel is available from your location and start streaming! I guarantee you’ll not only have a hearty laugh but you’ll be on the floor LMHFOing. If you don’t I’m telling you, you’re missing 10% of your life. Or maybe not exactly 10% but ypu’ll be missing a hell lot. Not convinced? I’ll give you some reasons why you should watch it.

Reasons for watching:

1. Godfrey Gao acting cute on camera.

2. Godfrey Gao taking his shirt off.

3. Godfrey Gao pouring beer all over his naked body.


My brain just self combusted conjuring such powerful images of him especially the third one. Sorry, give me a moment to collect my thoughts. This lady is so utterly giddy that I’m seeing stars and hearts all around. I’m afraid I’m writing gibberish here. I love this show so much but I wish it’s much longer. My only gripe is that it’s only 25 minutes for 10 episodes. Too short.


Here’s a quick recap.

Qian Dou dou is a loser when it comes to love. After a fortune teller told her that she’ll never get married and will be alone till the day she dies, all her previous relationships have failed no matter what she did. Her first fiance eloped with her bridesmaid so she had to return her wedding gown. But the shop refused to accept telling her that nobody could wear the gown because her breasts are too small. She returned to the same shop a second time for the same reason but was refused again. This time her fiance married another woman. But Duo duo refused to believe that she doesn’t have any luck in men.

godfrey gao

Duo duo (Yin Hang), is now a manager in the company runned by her friend Director Sun (Li Yuan) where Xu Fei (Godfrey Gao) used to work but is now starting his own business. Duo duo and Xu fei are engaged and the couple love to role-play and pretend to be strangers making out. They have bought a house together but unfortunately the broker swindled them.

never give up

It turns out that another person has already moved in. Duo duo refused to accept the situation as such so she went to the house to meet the owner. As luck would have it, the person who moved in (who’s the real owner’s friend) was none other than her ex-fiance Li Dong (Mike Sui). The three struck a deal. They would all live together.

never give up dodo

This is where the hilarity began. Soon after moving in, Xu Fei and Li Dong started their “competition”. They tried to outdo each other to show Duo duo whose a better man. They made the same, omelette but ended up appreciating one another in a bromantic kinda way. They flexed, stripped and poured beer on their bodies to show who has a better body.

never give up dodo

They would spy on each other too. They even fought about a stuffed animal (which was given to DD as a gift from LD). But Xu fei had enough and wanted to move out. So they decided to stay at one of his ex-girlfriend’s house who according to him was fat, ugly and nerdy. The couple packed and left. They rang the bell at XF’s ex-gf’s house and out came a vixen!

never give up

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Godfrey Gao, Sunny Wang in Raunchy Comedy Film Never Give Up Dodo

Once in while actors would venture into a genre less familiar to them in order to refine their craft. Sometimes it doesn’t work and other times it does. This is perhaps what my loverboy Godfrey Gao is trying to do. I don’t have any complaints about him playing the same rich-drop-dead gorgeous-protagonist (The Queen of SOP, Remebering Li Chuan, Gorgeous Gens, Volleyball). He doesn’t even have to act yet I’d still be staring at the screen for hours spazzing like any other female. I didn’t even care that his eye make-up was heavier than mine, covered in rainbow-colored glitters and gay playing the role of the high-warlock Magnus Bane in TMI: City of Bones. I still thought he was hot!

This time loverboy brings out his comedic side with the internet movie Never Give Up Dodo 钱多多炼爱记. The film is produced by Sohu together with famed director Leste Chen with Lin Xiao Qian as director. It’s a raunchy, sexy, comedy film starring Godfrey Gao, Yin Hang, Sunny Wang, Mike Sui,Cica Zhou, Zhu Dan, Zhao Yi Huan etc. Godfrey plays an adonis (but of course!) while Mike Sui is a guy doubtful about his gender. In other words, he thinks he might be gay! Expect one-night stands, sexual fantasies and a lot of provocative scenes plus a whole bunch of half-naked wet bodies guaranteed to make every male and female hearts satisfied. Godfrey HALF-NAKED. ‘Nuff said. I’m sold!

It will start streaming over video site on October 22nd and will be simultaneously broadcast overseas and the United States in the coming weeks.


Check out the gallery below.

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