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The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 7 – Recap

To bravely face what you have intentionally refused to face for fear that if doing so would mean finding out that everything has been a fantasy…that takes courage.



After going through the motion of trying to get over someone,  Ji An Lei found her way back to He Wei Ting house. She apologized for the trouble she caused him and for inconveniencing him. She poured her heart out for him during that short gut wrenching moment. She told him how having him in her life made her feel that she deserves to be loved and that his presense gave her emotional and mental assurance. Damn! It was so painful watching this part, I was actually crying my heart out just like Lei lei. Her face is all wet with tears and she’s in agony but here she is telling the person she loves that it wasn’t a mistake to have kept him in her heart for so long. At least HWT is not a jerk. He told JAL that she missed a lot of chances with other men because of him and that she also truly loves Hai Lun. But he also told her that during the time he was away, sending postcards to her made him feel that he still had a home, to which JAL replied “Too bad, I wasn’t the one who made you want to stay”. I love how strong she is saying those feelings out loud. It must have taken all her will power when she finally said “He Wei Ting, My love for you ends here” and walked away.

All the while, Huang Yi Kang was waiting outside by his motorbike. Lei lei came out sobbing looking as if she just lost everything. Yi Kang then asked her to go for a spin. I literally wanted to poke his eyes out at this point. I mean obviously the girl needs a hug dude! Just hug her already! But at least he whisked her away in his bike. Hai Lun also came to HWT’s place and heard everything. So now, she has no doubt that he loves her. She also said that she ought to be braver just like him and stand up to her dad. But HWT told her that he didn’t want to put a wedge between her and her family. Meanwhile Lei lei and HYK spent the whole night by the beach. Just talking with each other, giving comfort and being each other’s strength. Although he has fully given up on his crush, she on the other hand still can’t completely let go.

The following day, Lei Lei got a surprise visit. Her older sister came to Taipei for a wedding and decided to drop in on her. Yi Kang opened the door and a surprised An Lei jie asked who he was. He explained that he was Xiao Yun and Da Kai’s friend to which JAL’s sister replied “they went to Europe so what are you still doing here?” So JAL told her that they were dating so she didn’t need to set her up on blind dates. She begged HYK to help her pretend that they were dating telling him that her sister would not stop setting her up on dates unless she’s already seeing someone. Of course, he could only follow. So Yi Kang hid in his room or at least he tried to while JAL and her sister talk in the living room. HYK tiptoed to the bathroom unable to hold it in but unfortunately JAL’S sister needed to take a leak as well so he hid in the shower. While in the bathroom, she  asked JAL if the two of them have already seen each other’s bodies, or if they have been so close to the point of kissing, or if they have hugged each other. Both of them thought of the same memories just then. An Lei jie woke up and heard someone snoring in the other room so she entered and found a sleeping HYK! So she took off and left a note telling JAL to be brave if she has found love and that she didn’t have to hide even if they were already living together, or so she thought.

Yi Kang and Lei lei went to work and she thanked him again for covering for her. Hai Lun asked JAL for some private “girl talk”. She told JAL that she heard everything she said to HWT. She apologized, thanked her and asked if they could still be friends. It’s really hard when your competition is being nice to you (real or not) because it robs you of every weapon. It leaves you defenseless. It is much easier if she were a bitch. But I suppose the writers don’t want to go that way. So be it! Meanwhile HWT crossed paths with An Lei jie and she spilled the beans on him.

Jia Yi and Tiffany are waiting for Lei lei to finish working so they could all go to a KTV. Jia Yi is having some marital issues so she refuses to go home. She suspects that her husband is having an affair. On their way out, a masked man suddenly grabbed JAL from behind. The thief took some of their stuff, tied their hands and locked them in the room. The two women started crying while JAL remained strong. Jia Yi was fearful that she wouldn’t have a chance to see her husband and apologize for being stubborn while Tiffany was afraid that she won’t have a chance to tell A Tai that she loves him. Suddenly, Wen Ge, Jia Yi’s husband arrived and rescued them. The police came afterwards.  JAL thought to herself who would she want to see the most if it were her last day.  So the four of them went to a KTV and Jia Yi and her husband are okay again as if nothing happened. Ah Tai also came and comforted Tiffany. Poor Lei lei, she could only sing by herself and wish her friends continued happiness.

She got so drunk that she started walking the wrong way, thankfully HYK came to the rescue again. HWT happens to be in the same place. He was quietly observing the group but came rushing when JAL suddenly fell. He saw Yi kang and told him to take care of her properly. A drunk JAL hugged HWT and told him she was happy and that her friends also found their happiness. He then forced JAL to ride in HYK’s motorbike and the two drive away. She was so drunk that she started slipping so HYK took her arms and wrapped them in his waist (that gentle touch was so cute),but still slipped, leaving HYK with no choice but to place her in front in stead. It was so a sweet torture watching the scene. She was leaning on HYK, singing a sad song (the beautiful insert song which I don’t know the title of) while crying at the same time.They stopped at some statues (which look awfully similar to the opening theme) and JAL puked. I’m already beginning to fall for HYK myself her, he pats her back while she throws up and then cleans up her mess (who does that!? I mean what guy does that?!) She rambles about how her friends found happiness but she hasn’t at her age. HYK reassured her that it doesn’t matter because she still looks cute and she can surely begin a new life. But how can one let go of a love you’ve had for 10 years?

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Tony Yang Joins Tang Yan, Hawick Lau for “Lady and the Liar”

Official Poster


From the makers of the beautifully executed period series Prince of Lan Ling come another period drama starring Tang Yan, Hawick Lau, Tony Yang and Lemon Zhang called Lady and the Liar千金女贼. What is more interesting about this production is that it brings back the art director responsible for the artistic scenery in Prince of Lan Ling, Gossip Girl artistic director Charles E. MacCarry and the South Korean team responsible for the awesome special effects in Painted Skin 2. If the producers are willing to spend as much and make sure that the technical aspects are well made, this could be another sure fire hit in the making.

The story took place in the 1930’s during the Shanghai Concession, at a time when chaos gripped the land. It tells the story of Jiang Xin (Tang Yan),the daughter of the richest man in Shanghai but lost all her memories due to a shipwreck. Her life was stolen by Du Xiao han (Yang Rong) posing as Jiang Xin. Their fates are interchanged. Two men helped her regain her memories but who would she trust, the man who lied to her, Bai Zheng Qing (Hawick Lau) or the man who constantly stood by her side, Wen Sheng jie (Tony Yang).

The boot camp will start in December and is slated for release next year. It is a 45 episode period-romance directed by Zhou Xiao-peng. The team gathered for the ceremonial peace offering and prayer lead by Tang Yan and Tony minus Hawick, who was absent due to prior filming commitments. I actually wonder how they manage their schedules. All 3 of them are currently doing other projects. It will also be Hawick and Tang tang’s second time working together but I’m pretty sure that no “love angle” is necessary since everyone knows that Hawick is engaged to Tang Tang’s real life BFF Yang Mi.


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The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 6 – Recap

Sometimes without consciously knowing we form a habit. It becomes so normal like mundane everyday things that we barely notice that we are already falling into it. Whether it’s good or bad habits…sometimes we are not sure. And sometimes when we meet new people we grow accustomed to them without realizing that we actually love having them around already.




The three ladies, Ji An Lei, Tiffany and Jia Yi  all went for a check up for different reasons. AS they were talking about the results, Lei lei mentioned about having to eat loads of carrots because the doctor said she needed them. The 2 besties were surprised because they know for a fact that she hated carrots. Lei lei explained that thanks to Huang Yi Kang, who infused them in whaetver food she eats but is very good at it, she can’t even taste the carrots in them. The two then teased JAL for becoming so comfortable with HYK.

Yi Kang already feels settled living with JAL that he does many of the chores unbidden. He changes the lights, he fixes the fuse, he even makes coffee for her. But JAL, being the feminist that she is, told him not to do those things. He asked if it’s because she doesn’t like them. She explained saying that it’s not because of that, but rather it’s because she doesn’t want to rely on anyone, especially a man. The two then engaged in a not so lengthy battle of the sexes. After their “non discussion” she declared that she was going out. Surprised, HYK asked where would she go on a weekend. She said that she’s been working hard the whole week so she needs to use this time to date He Wei Ting. In turn she asked him whether he had asked Hai Lun out. He hasn’t. He also reminded JAL that needed to do some grocery shopping. She told him that it’s okay because as the landlord, she’s assigning the task to the tenant. HYK could only give her a thumbs up.

Hai Lun was trying to send a message to ask Wei Ting for dinner but decided not to send it. She was headed for the office but her stepmom asked if they could talk for a while because she wants to show her something. It was an old photo album when HL was still a kid. The stepmom (who is surprisingly cool!) was very supportive of her telling her to go for her happiness if she’s sure in her heart about it. She told HL that happiness can come from different sources and she should not be afraid and stand up to her dad. Meawhile, JAL and HWT are playing badminton like good friends do but HL’a father saw them. After that he talked with JAL regarding his daughter and HWT. It turns out that he has already changed his mind and is already willing to accept him if he could make his daughter happy. He asked JAL if he were truly serious about HL since she seemed to know him well. He was even willing to give him his dream job. This placed JAL in a tight spot because HWT just told her how he wants to prove himself and not simply suit anyone’s preference for him.

Lei lei decided to make dinner for her and HYK and tell him the news at the same time. She sent him a message but didn’t read them. After seeing HL still hard at work, he decided to stay and help her. It was already when they finished repacking so they took the bus home together. He chose that moment to confess. Unfortunately she didn’t her his confession because she had already fallen asleep. At the same time, the dishes JAL prepared were left on the table untouched. Finally he arrived home and started eating the food. JAL was knda upset becausde he didn’t inform her where he was. Hee said that if she told her he spent the night with HL would she still be angry. This chaned her mood suddenly and she perked up more when he said that he already confessed. The downside was that she was sleeping. Be he said that he feels muchbetter after expressing himself. That he has a sense of fulfIllment. JAL was of course incredulous about this. But HYK assured her that HL has already given him an answer and he has accepted it and gave his blessings. It made her more upset. And then he countered and ashed if she had confessed her true feelings for HWT herself. She said she hasn’t it didn’t matter because thing are going to change this weekend. She imposed on him not to give up on HL and that he must no’t think about it at all.

On the day of the barbecue, everyone who works for the company came to the Director’s house. Everyone was chatting happily enjoying HYK’s freshly barbecued meat. The director himself was in a good mood. Finally HWT arrived. HL immediately ran into his waiting embrace and they agreed not to fight in the future. He thanked HL’s father for inviting him and the director then made the announcement in front of everyone. He introduced HWT as his daughter’s boyfriend and also that he was going to be the editor-in-chief of their publishing company. He was of course not happy about this so he talked with the director and graciously rejected the offer. But the director won’t have it. HWT would also not give in saying that he doesn’t want people to say that he used his connections to get the position. HYK asked JAL if she already knew what the director was going to say and why she didn’t tell HWT in advance. HYK accused her of using the situation to gain an advantage, to which she responded saying she’s not that kind of person. She said that she could not have predicted what would happen whether it will turn out for good or bad. She also told him that she’s not like him who would easily give up on the person she loves.

Lei lei was waiting outside for Wei Ting. When he came, she immediately asked if he accepted. He said that of course he didn’t for how could he. He asked if she already what was going to happen and why she din’t tell him in advance. He was so upset feeling betrayed by his own bestfriend. Every bottled up feelings she had for the past 15 years spilled out after that. she said, that she has always been in love with him. A surprised HWT then said to her, “what do you expect then since I can’t accept the job nor can I reciprocate your feelings.” He told her that all he wanted was his bestfriend but she’s no longer there. HYK, who was actually eavesdropping (don’t you know that it’s rude to do that) nearby approached her. He asked if what she wanted was for the two to break up so she could come in. JAL was upset telling him he doesn’t understand where she’s coming from since he’s not the one who waited for 15 years. He then told her that it was her who don’t understand. He said “you’re time has passed and once it passed you cannot get it back”. He encouraged her to forget about him and learn to truly live her life and learn to enjoy the little things.

Yi Kang (he’s such a busybody!) went to comfort HL afterwards and then finally told her that the girl he actually likes is her. He went on and said that his confession was not for anything but for him to put an end to it. She thanked him for liking her and they agreed to remain good friends. He went home but JAL was not there. Obviously worried, he called Tiffany and asked if JAL was there. She was not, so he went out and searched for her everywhere! But they kept missing each other. JAL decided to do what HYK told her to do, she went to a KTV, read some books and tried to forget. All the while HYK was wondering where she was but he was happy because she was trying to overcome her pain. Even though he’s emotion was also messed up, he’s happy that he has her with him and asked her to let him accompany her in her sadness and pain. But eventually JAL ended up at HWT place. She apologized for making things difficult for him and then he said he’s very lucky because when he was away he has someone whom he could send postcards to and made him feel that there was always someone home waiting for him. She started bawling her eyes out (so was I! damn this was a painful part!) and hugged her.

Personal note:

This episode was emotionally charged. I think Yi Kang is not really in love with Hai Lun. He simply likes her that’s why he is not as torn as Lei lei is. 15 years is hard to forget. That’s like a lifetime! I liked Yi Kang’s compassionate nature. He is always there for other people. I especially like how he looks out for Lei lei although at times he seems rough. But sometimes, tough love is necessary to make a person see reason. As for Hai Lun’s father, he’s acting for me is lacking. I don’t feel anything when he talks. He should also be happy because the man his daughter wants to marry is a man with principles which is rare these days. He should actually be proud because he’s not an opportunist.

The ratings started out quite low for this but it’s been improving. The best rating it got was episode 4 with 1.03 although it dropped to .83 last episode. I hope the ratings improve. Next week’s episode looks exciting and funny!

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The Pursuit of Happiness – Episode 5 Recap

In life we are faced with indecision. Sometimes we are not sure if the direction we are headed is the right one. We often ask if we should change our course or stay where we are. But is changing course the best option? Are we certain its the right path? Because sometimes, the more undecided we are of which direction to take, the more we get lost.


Everyone was up and about preparing for the event which is happening is a matter of minutes. Hai Lun was standing outside when Yi Kang arrived, he asked if she was waiting for him and just then Wei Ting pulled in his red car and HL hurried over to him. He came to be the speaker of event but when he was on stage he could barely open his mouth to speak. Just before he went on stage HL’s father belittled his ability and asked him to break up with her. Thankfully YK saved the day by taking over as guest speaker. YK spoke about his travel experiences. He shared how liking a girl can make someone change what he likes and thinks about. The speaker asked if the girl he talks about is his girlfriend. He said she was his “dream girl”.

After the event, YK went straight to the hospital and picked Ji An Lei up. They went to the grocery afterwards to get something for dinner. YK offered to cook as a celebration. Ji An Lei thought that WT did well. While they were walking around the store YK picked up some carrots. Lei lei told him to put them back because she’s never gonna eat them. During dinner she kept saying how much she hates carrots. But YK said he could never tell because she was eating them already. Naughty YK put carrots into the dishes he cooked. Lei lei was upset and began to gag. He said that he only wanted her to overcome her dislike for carrots and was just concerned about her. He then said that people can change.

That afternoon, after the event YK overheard HL and WT fighting at the rooftop. WT was upset about the situation while HL was trying to apologize and asked him what was wrong (you’re father is what’s wrong girl!) Of course he didn’t say anything about the real reason he was upset but instead told her that he could not give her what she needed and walked away. YK went over to comfort her.It is at that moment when he realized that she needed a better man (himself). He told LL that he already agreed to work in the company and will be starting the following week. Furthermore, and most importantly, he decided to fight beside LL in pursuing their happiness. At that moment, LL was extremely happy, it was like all the walls are gone between them. Now they are allies.

Yi Kang reported for work and Lei lei introduced him to the team. She briefed him on his duties and was extra snappy. Simon suggested to have a welcome party for him but LL chided him saying it wasn’t necessary and that they should focus on work. After her meeting, she sent YK a message asking him to rendezvous at the rooftop. She told him that he should make his move on HL and that she also did him a favor by sending her something supposedly coming from him. Unknown to them, Simon and Zhi wei saw them talk and thought something was weird especially after the show they put on in front of everyone.

After work, YK asked LL if she wanted to go home together. She answered, of course this was the best way to save on taxi fare. He said it was not necessary since he bought a bike. So they hopped on it together and headed home.To their surprise the whole gang was there. They interrogated the two and asked them what was the real score between them. LL tried to explain but they believed that the two are living together as a couple. LL tried to call WT but he still refused to answer. Tiffany told her to be happy because it only means that the relationship is on the rocks.

The next day, YK presented his design ideas to HL. She liked it. She also thanked him for the “gift”. He asked if she was okay. Afterwards, he went to the store where LL was and asked her to go for lunch together as a way of thanking her for the “gift”. During lunch, he told her not to meddle too much into his love life and just focus on WT. He said that he’ll do it his own way. She told him she did so because they were allies. LL went to WT house later. WT was clearly not himself. She asked what really happened because she knows that he’s not an irresponsible person. So she forced him to change and eat out with her. She put on the necklace he gave her and sent YK a message asking how he was progressing. YK took HL out to a place to throw paint on the wall so where can forget her troubles.

Meanwhile LL and WT were not doing so well. WT was obviously so heart broken to think about anything else. LL tried her best to cheer him up. Suddenly he noticed the necklace she was wearing and asked why she still has it. She said that she still has everything he gave her. She told him that he can be happy again. On the walk back hugged LL and thanked her for spending time with him. She said it was her duty as a good friend. WT took a taxi and LL messaged YK and informed him that she was done. He said he was talking a romantic stroll with HL.

She waited for him to come home hoping to hear his good news. Eventually they both admitted that the evening was not that successful. YK said that the couple was just having a rough patch so it might be difficult for them, so they should come up with another plan. Just then, Tiffany called and asked YK to help her. YK pretended to be her boyfriend in front of her suitor Ah Tai. Naughty Tiffany got scared after hearing his love confession. LL advised her not to be afraid and go for it if she loves him. Tiffany was unsure not having been in this situation before. YK waited until the 2 are done talking thinking that she won’t have a ride home. Lei lei was touched by his action.

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The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 4 – Recap

Is it wrong to want to be happy? Is it wrong to try to pursue your own happiness if it means coming between two people already in a relationship? If it’s a terrible thing to do, then is it better to just accept and move one?



Ji An Lei started seeing other guys however unwillingly with the help of her girlfriends. But since she’s not willing to let go of He Wei Ting Tiffany reminded her to go with her plan to steal him back with Huang Yi Kang’s help. Her friends kept encouraging her.Meanwhile, HWT pick Hai Lun up from work, showing off his new ride.He heard from HL that JAL was sick and didn’t come to work for 2 days. So he went to JAL’s place to see how she was.He leaned in so (ridiculously) close to feel her temperature. She then admitted that she was not sick but just wanted to take time off. He then asked her to go for a spin on his new car. she climbed into the passenger seat and smelled HL’s scent. She thought that she had obviously marked her territory and she had no place in that car so she told him that she was tired. JAL found HYK’s recording and listened to it and was grossed out. She thought that he was involved in some adult film. HYK later explained that he was doing a research for a spa.

Lei Lei asked Yi Kang if he would like to work at her company. But he was a bit confused knowing that she wanted to resign. she then told him that she needs his help because she’s not brave enough alone. The following day she went over to HYK’s place to ask him to help her snatch HWT back, in return he’ll have work and a place to stay. But instead he turned her down and questioned her moral standards.she then ranted about everything in his “future” apartment and hurried out fuming mad. That night she went to tango class with her girlfriends. Both her friends have blissful relationships save for her. Both are having “date nights” while she’s trying to convince herself that she’ll be okay alone. Eventually they decided to forego their plans and decided to have a ladies night instead.

She found her necklace (the one which she threw away) on the table where HYK left them. she lashed out at him telling him that he was so nosy and weak. He told her that he was leaving that weekend and won’t have anything to do with her and her despicable underhand method of breaking up a happy relationship.LL asked wt to be the speaker for their product launch as a travel expert. She convinced him. HL and HYK met and told him that she was using hs idea fir her project and asked him to reconsider her offer. LL confronted HYK about not being brave enough to face her. She told him that he was a hypocrite since they obviously want the same thing. HYK then told her that they different, while she wants WT, the only thing he wants is HL’s happiness. Meanwhile, the couple met for and talked the deals they made with HYK and LL. Eventually WT admitted why there’s a lot between LL and him, that she was his ex-girlfriend. She admitted that she already knew from the first time they met.

Yi Kang came to work the following day.But because of what had happened the previous day, he and LL avoided each other at work and at home as well. He went to check the products at the store and she dropped by to check on them too being a responsible supervisor that she is. He apologized for the hurtful things he said but she didnt’t want to talk about anything personal. She hurried downstairs to see the items but unfortunately she fell. He took her to the hospital and informed everyone about it. HL and HWT came rushing to the hospital to check on her and Simon came moments later. They all told her to stay home and rest and not worry about the event. So JAL stayed home by herself. Suddenly hungery but helpless, she decided to sleep instead. Good thing that HYK brought food for her and helped her to eat. They started talking and cleared tha air between them. He said that she will drive for her check up the following day.

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The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 3 – Recap

Ji An Lei and Huang Yi Kang are in the same boat. Both of them are waiting for the person who holds the key to their hearts. Both are hopeless but unwilling to totally give on their love believing that somehow there might be a chance.


EPISODE 3 Flight or Fight

He Wei Ting sought Ji An Lei to vent about what happened over dinner with Hai Lun’s family. He said that he wanted to find a stable job to win HL’s fathers’ approval. Lei lei thought this must be a big sacrifice for knowing how free spirited he is. But he said he was willing to sacrifice for her. She flashbacked to the day she asked of him the same thing but he was unwilling then. She realized that he was only unwilling for her but is willing to change for HL. The same night Hai Lun also came to the house with a box of Huang Yi Kang’s favorite ice cream (are they that close in the past?!), seeing this, JAL realized that HL is also the girl HYK secretly loves.

Hailun came to HWT place, brought some plates and cooked for him. The 2 were like newlyweds in their sweetness.So the unpleasant dinner was forgotten. Meanwhile, Tiffany advised JAL to be more agressive so she could get what she wants. But JAL thought that she’s already lost the battle because she doesn’t have the wildness in her anymore to go after the man she wants. She went around wondering what to do. Meanwhile, Tiffny went looking for HYK at JAL’s house and asked him to fix her “faucet” and offered him a design job at the spa she’s operating as well. She asked HYK to save his details on her phone and gave him the passcode to open it which turns out to be “sex-sex-sex” making HYK uncomfortable.(Naughty Tiffany, I couldn’t stop laughing.)

It’s a national holiday so JAL decided to stay home all day, mope and sleep.HYK was at home cleaning so he volunteered to leave to give JAL sapce. But she said that she’ll stay in her room anyway. HYK told JAL to stop moping and move on with her life. He told her that an ex-boyfriend is an ex-boyfriend so she needs to let him be.He chooses to heal his wounds, forget about HL and then move on. The two of them are so opposite in their standpoint so they argued. He beleieves inletting go and accepting calmly while she insists that it’s easier said than done. Irritated by his unbelievable calmness she decided to ask him out for dinner with HWT (of course he didn’t know that Hai Lun is the girfriend)telling him that she wants to see how he would handle that kind of situation.

The next day, HYK went to Tiffany’s salon to check the work which needs to be done.In the middle of it, he got a call from Hai Lun asking him to meet her. She offered him a job at the company but he rejected it.He thought it was best to avoid her. Finally, the time for the “dinner date”came.An unsuspecting HYK was so shocked seeing Hai Lun with HWT. It was painful just watching the other two go through dinner when the couple were obviously so enamored with each other. Misery loves company and the two members of the broken-hearts club are perfect companions.They know exactly how the other feels so there was no blaming and anger, but only understanding.

The following day JAL had a job interview and passed it.She went to her company to get some files only to get pissed because HL took over them and messed them up. Although, HL’s intention was good she still felt violated. She and Tifanny went to a bar to drown her sorrow. She then confessed that she really wants to get HWT back. So the brilliant Tiffany suggested that HYK and her join forces to win theirl “loves” back. JAL refused saying this was unethical but Tiffany insisted saying “love has always been selfish”. She had to grab it if she wants it. The next day she woke up more determined to find her happiness.

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The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 2 – Recap









It picked up where it ended in episode 1 with Ting Wei‘s reveal regarding his fiance Hai Lun. Lei Lei sat through the entire dinner pretending everything was okay pasting a fake smile on her face. She walked feeling dejected and went straight to bed dismissing what her niece Xiao Yun was trying to say. She woke up and realizing that she hasn’t changed, went straight to the bathroom where someone was taking a shower. Thinking it was Xiao Yun, she stripped down to her undies and started talking about her worst day saying that she was pathetic because she still loves the man who doesn’t love her anymore. She walked out but realizing that she left her phone, went back only to find a naked Huang Yi Kang. She hysterically asked him what he was doing in her house and he went on to explain. It turns out that Xiao Yun had rented her room to him for a month and left Lei Lei a message but she did not listen to it. Suddenly Lei Lei’s friends came to celebrate her supposed engagement but Jiang Yun had to go to the bathroom and found the naked Yi Kang and Tiffany followed suit. Soon after Tiffany accidentally opened the broken faucet and Yi Kang ran to contain the water letting his cover go. Tiffany (can’t help but love this girl) offered to cover Yi Kang herself. The 2 girls then realizing the real situation told JAL to let HYK stay. She agreed.








Meanwhile, HYK is still waiting to hear from Helen. His been wanting to confess even buying a necklace for her. Finally she replied and agreed to meet him. It turns out that the girl he likes and HTW’s fiance is one and the same girl. They met in a resto and started talking about their past encounters in New zealand. HYK started dropping hints as he began his confession only to be totally shut out after hearing Helen say that she has finally found the man she’ll love forever. He then decided to drown his sorrow with alcohol.At the same time, JAL is getting some encouragements from her friends. She thought that perhaps the lesson she must learn is to let go of the past. She came home and found a drunk HYK. As she herself was broken-hearted, she decided to join in and the two got drunk on champagne. It was their first time to really talk since both can understand what the other was feeling. HYK then gave JAL the necklace she bought for Hai Lun. Alone in her room much later, JAL recalled a time when HTW gave her a necklace when they were still a couple.








The following day JAL and HTW met for coffee. The were obviusly very comfortable with each other. HTW asked JAL if she was ever happy with him saying that maybe all he gave her were heartaches. He then told her about their third break up which happened at the airport and what he told her at that time. JAL pretended to be uninterested (when she practically thinks about it all the time). She was touched that he still remembers his promise to marry her when she’s still single at 35.He said that he wants to be her good friend forever. He also confessed that he was very happy with her but treated her badly. He said that this time he would treasure his present relationship. Back in the office, JAL and her team are thinking up a good marketing plan for their new product. Simon (a co-worker) asked JAL about her plans regarding HL. The whole team is unhappy with their new “general manager” and plans to do something about it. However, JAL is hesitant. She is uncertain whether HL is an enemy or not because she seems to be nice enough.

He Ting Wei asked JAL to help him choose a necklace for HL (she chose the house, now she’s choosing the necklace too!) which he will give later at dinner. He was going to “meet the family”. However, everything went sour when HL’s father asked HTW regarding his future plans. HL’s father looks down on HTW’s ability to raise a family with his meager earnings and unstable job. HL’s sister said that her jie jie is old enough to decide on her own future(she’s an outspoken kid, good for her). After dinner a wounded HTW went seeking for JAL advice. Meanwhile JAL has just returned home, she found HYK fixing her door. He said that he noticed her difficulty when she closes it (how thoughtful!). But she retorted saying he doesn’t have to do anything. He also volunteered to fix the broken bathroom door. He was talking more casually with her after their “heart to heart” drunken talk the previous night. But JAL still puts up her wall shooting down HYK’s efforts. She then went in her room to get changed. At that time the doorbell rang. JAL came back out,in house clothes, and munched on a slice of melon HYK offered. He then said that someone was there looking for her. She turns and found HTW waiting at the living room and started explaining for him not to misunderstand the situation. He said “I need you now.



First off I like the homage to In Time with You. When the girlfriends were talking Tiffany said that maybe JAL thinks the two of them are like Li Da Ren (Bolin Chen) and Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin).

Second, I’m beginning to dislike (not hate) Hai Lun. She’s so pleasant it’s so fake. And I like Tifanny! She’s the type of friend you’d want to have. Naughty but great where it counts.

Third, did you see Tony Yang‘s body? The dude’s ripped. I was like, Ji An Lei open your eyes girl! There’s a better guy right under your nose.

P.S. The preview looks really interesting. It looks like we’re going to see the love-square in action, finally!

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The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 1 –Recap

The team behind In Time With You is back again with this drama minus the director, so it’s no wonder that you can draw a lot of similarities in it including the whole narrative and female point of view. The adorable Lin Mei Xiu who acted as Ariel Lin’s mom in ITWY is back in the mom role as Lei Lei’s mom. I think she’s been mom to almost everybody but I love her nonetheless. What I like about this drama is that it feels real. Women past their prime or even in their prime would normally think of what they want in life, a happy marriage, a family, a thriving career or simply to find happiness. But what if the happiness that you pictured is not what destiny brings you?

Episode 1 opened with Ji An Lei (Sonia Sui) pondering about her future. She has a lot of doubts about what she wants that will really make her happy and her motivation to live. Lost in her thoughts, she hails a taxi and heads for “bridal street”. The taxi driver congratulates her thinking that she would be getting married or why else would she be in that place. Her family has been waiting for her to take the wedding photos. She made some excuses about being late then quickly changed into a white dress. It’s not her wedding, but her nieces’. Standing alone, the photographer asked if she is waiting for someone or if her husband is dead, to which her mom replied that she is still single. Her mom then prods the poor man if he wants a girlfriend. Mama Li urges Lei Lei to seek a fortune tellers advice but unfortunately it seems that luck is not on her side both in love and career.

On the other side of the world Huang Yi Kang (Tony Yang) is saying goodbye to his co-workers. He decided to go back to Taipei for love. He doesn’t have enough time to book a hotel so he decides to go to his former student’s Xiao Yun and Da Kai’s house instead. Lei Lei mistaking him for a pervert hurriedly closes the gate on him. He insists and calls her “Xiao Yi” to which she incredulously replies “how do you know to call me that?” Fortunately, Da Kai and Xiao Yun comes out and recognizes their assistant teacher explaining to Lei Lei that they have met him before.

Ji An Lei is expecting a promotion and her colleagues believe as well that she deserves the post as General Manager after Jason, the former general manager got pirated by the rival company.Her boss asks her to come to his office to talk. He then tells how she is an asset to the company and that he relies on her. She thought that it is a clear indication that he will be promoting her.

Her phones rings and the mysterious caller who’s been calling her all morning reveals himself and turns out to be her ex-boyfriend He Ting Wei (Zhuang Kai Xun). He then tells that he’s coming back and plans to settle down. He even remembers his promise to marry her when she’s still single at 35. He asks her to pick him up at the airport. Flashback to her college days and their first meeting by the bridge. She recalls how many times they’ve broken up and got back together again. She’s thinking that they are probably meant to be together.

At the bar, Lei lei and Yi Kang met again. She is throwing a bridal shower sort of thing for Xiao Yun while Yi Kang is alone waiting for the girl he’s been calling on the phone. LL’s friends ask YK to join them on the table. Xiao Yun then proceeds to tell Xiao Yi of their first encounter with YK’s help. Turns out that they have met in the university a few years back but LL has forgotten. The next day the wedding takes place. The bride calls all the single ladies for the ceremonial tossing of the bouquet. LL refused but caves in when everyone starts chanting her name. The bride tosses the bouquet which landed on YK’s lap instead. He goes over to LL and gave it to her. She doesn’t want them but she has no reason to refuse.

Back in the company, the boss calls for a general assembly. The employees start talking to themselves saying that this must be about the new general manager. Lei Lei tries to look cool but deep inside she is anticipating ther good news. But instead the new general manager turns out to be the director’s own daughter Shen Hai Lun (Aggie Hsieh). Knowing that she does not deserve the position, she offers LL to use her office and call her by name to which LL refused saying that she’s happy in her place.

LL’s friends tries to comfort her by saying that maybe the champagne is not for her job promotion but to her wedding proposal. Ting Wei asked her to meet him at a nice restaurant to tell her of a very important matter. She is half expecting a proposal given all the hints he’s been giving. He arrives at the place and tells her that he decided to get married to the girl who made him change and “that” girl is here. Hai Lun then approaches and kisses him on the cheek then turning to LL saying “So you’re the friend he’s been telling me about.”

Overall it was a solid start. I’d definitely watch the next episode.


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The Pursuit of Happiness Special Screening Held Today


With just two days left before it’s premiere on October 11th (TTV), the entire cast of The Pursuit of Happiness 爱的生存之道 led by Sonia Sui and Tony Yang held a special screening today in Taipei to hundreds of loyal fans. The media and fans alike were also privy to the different pairs jostling, which is a “must” for Taiwanese promotions I should say. I don’t know why they always do the “dip and pose” thingy. I have yet to see a pair for a Taiwanese drama not doing that. The cutest that I’ve ever seen to date is probably Chris Wang and James Wen‘s “dip and kiss” during their promotional activities for The Fierce Wife movie. That one was hilarious!

This is what I'm talking about!

This is what I’m talking about!

Sonia, who was the titular character in the movie and in this drama as we all know is a jilted girlfriend. Much like her character Ji An Lei, her boyfriend left her for another girl (Yao Yuan Hao whom she dated for 7 years is now Cyndi Wang‘s current flame). I don’t mean to condone nor point accusing fingers on anyone, it’s their life! Besides who needs a douche! I bet a Huang Yi Kang portrayed by Tony Yang, is just around the corner waiting to sweep her off her feet. Tony was even teasing Sonia during the event that it’s about time for her to “open her heart” to which Sonia laughingly replied “Where? Show me who!” Other co-stars in attendance were; Zhuang Kaixun, Xiepei En, Xiaoxian, Guo Xin Xu Yi-Fan, Zhang Jiahui, Xin Yue but unfortunately child actors Jane Wang Lin, Zeng Yi-Chia, Hoi Yu Fen were unable to attend the press conference.

Oh well, my late nights are just about to get even “later” with this new addition to the slew of other dramas already in my watchlist. But there is no way I’m letting this one pass. Thank God for eye creams or else I would look like I’ve been punched in the eyes all the time.


Cast L-R:  Xiao Xian, Guo Xin, Zhang Jia Hui, Xu Yi Fan, Zhuang Kai Xun, Sonia Sui, Tony Yang, Xie Pei En, etc.

Cast L-R: Xiao Xian, Guo Xin, Zhang Jia Hui, Xu Yi Fan, Zhuang Kai Xun, Sonia Sui, Tony Yang, Xie Pei En, etc.

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Cover Wars — Godfrey Gao VS Tony Yang (Taiwan)

It’s about time to bring the MEN out! Go grab some tissues, turn on the AC and grab a cold drink because it’s going to be hot in here. Feast your eyes on these two glorious Taiwanese stars.


GODFREY GAO for Men’s Joker October 2013

I dream of Godfrey every night and I wake up still thinking of him. Can you blame me?!  It should be a crime to look this good! Asia’s first male supermodel clenches his jaw and broods the night away for this Men’s JOKER photoshoot for October.




TONY YANG for GQ Taiwan October 2013

Amber Kuo is one lucky girl. Tony sweats it out on the cover of GQ Taiwan,just like your regular guy and gives us a glimpse of his assets. And look at that winning smile! Enough to melt any girl’s heart.


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