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Beautiful Country with Ruby Lin and Yuan Hong Drops Official Trailer plus Poster

The first trailer is finally out! Was that fast or what!


My Thoughts:

It’s good to see Ruby Lin in something other than her soft feminine roles in most of her period dramas. I don’t really see her as great actress but she’s good in this one. But I also think that she has to toughen up a bit more to convincingly portray a cross-dressing, sword wielding girl. It’s a bit too much to compare her to the likes of Shu Qi or Zhang Zi Yi. However, it’s great to see the variation in her acting skill.

Two words, YUAN HONG. I’m trying not to overpraise him but forgive my bias. I am just a girl (all right I’ll stop there). He does brooding really well and when most people would rather overact, he on the other hand, underacts. I like it when he does that. With his eyes and mannerisms telling the story. This has got to be his best so far.

Ma Tian Yu. Where did the pretty boy go? What I see here is a MAN! And the older version of him with just a little bit of stash, is surprisingly so magnetic. I never thought he could do well as a rogue.

The backdrop plus the sad, soft music does justice to this series’ title — Beautiful Country.


Beautiful Country official poster

Beautiful Country official poster  


The couple Liu Xiu and Li Hua in their matrimonial garbs. I’m guessing it’s for their second wedding. Or it could be the first (but I highly doubt that since they were pretty young and poor then) Or the third (when he’s already the emperor of  Han) They will be married thrice after all.



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Pursuit of Happiness Brings Together Sonia Sui and Tony Yang for the First Time


After waiting for a few months, it’s finally down to a few more days. Fine, it’s still a few weeks away but i’m an optimist! One of the (few) dramas that I’ve been patiently anticipating is finally airing!  愛的生存之道 which literally translates to Love Survival, with an English title — Pursuit of Happiness (not to be confused with that Will Smith movie) brings together Sonia Sui and Tony Yang. Sonia has not done a drama in Taiwan since 2010 which was the highly successful The Fierce Wife but instead was very busy doing dramas in the mainland. It is actually one of my favorite Taiwanese dramas of all-time, so if you haven’t seen it I highly suggest that you start now. It is also the reason why I like her, thus making me anticipate her follow-up project. Tony Yang on the other hand, though he may not be my favorite, but I gotta say that he’s a solid male lead. He’s got the talent and aura to make women swoon. I guess, he just isn’t my type. Yet, since he is pairing up with Sonia and what with the BTS photos and teasers I’ve been seeing, I can say that there is definitely some chemistry there. I am hoping that it translates on screen. The production has actually begun a few months back, so I am expecting that this one will be good and not like those obviously hurried,throw in your face dramas of late.

The drama is about a 30 plus woman who almost has everything she wants in life. A job she likes and a man she loves until somebody steals her thunder at work and stole her man right under her nose. Sonia Sui is Ji An Lei, who will join forces with her roommate Tony Yang as Huang Yi Kang, a guy who is pining for Ji An Lei’s boss’ daughter, Shen Hai lun played by Aggie Hsieh, steal back her boyfriend He Ting Wei, Zhuang Kai Xun who happens to be Shen Hai Lun’s current flame. So they device a plan to make the other two fall in love with them. Will it work or will they instead fall for each other? Yeah, all right, I’ve seen this storyline before too but who cares! I’m still going to watch this one. The drama will air on October 11th over TTV as 22:00 and at 22:30 on October 12th on GTV.

Here’s the trailer.

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