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Tony Yang Joins Tang Yan, Hawick Lau for “Lady and the Liar”

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From the makers of the beautifully executed period series Prince of Lan Ling come another period drama starring Tang Yan, Hawick Lau, Tony Yang and Lemon Zhang called Lady and the Liar千金女贼. What is more interesting about this production is that it brings back the art director responsible for the artistic scenery in Prince of Lan Ling, Gossip Girl artistic director Charles E. MacCarry and the South Korean team responsible for the awesome special effects in Painted Skin 2. If the producers are willing to spend as much and make sure that the technical aspects are well made, this could be another sure fire hit in the making.

The story took place in the 1930’s during the Shanghai Concession, at a time when chaos gripped the land. It tells the story of Jiang Xin (Tang Yan),the daughter of the richest man in Shanghai but lost all her memories due to a shipwreck. Her life was stolen by Du Xiao han (Yang Rong) posing as Jiang Xin. Their fates are interchanged. Two men helped her regain her memories but who would she trust, the man who lied to her, Bai Zheng Qing (Hawick Lau) or the man who constantly stood by her side, Wen Sheng jie (Tony Yang).

The boot camp will start in December and is slated for release next year. It is a 45 episode period-romance directed by Zhou Xiao-peng. The team gathered for the ceremonial peace offering and prayer lead by Tang Yan and Tony minus Hawick, who was absent due to prior filming commitments. I actually wonder how they manage their schedules. All 3 of them are currently doing other projects. It will also be Hawick and Tang tang’s second time working together but I’m pretty sure that no “love angle” is necessary since everyone knows that Hawick is engaged to Tang Tang’s real life BFF Yang Mi.


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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2013) Extended Trailer


If you are a wuxia series lover (like me) you would definitely know that another one  of Jin Yong’s well-loved novels is getting a reboot next year. I said another one, meaning two of them are in the works.  There is the much talked about ROTCH with Chen Xiao which is a part of a trilogy which are Legend of the Condor Heroes, Return of the Condor Heroes and Dragon Saber and Heavenly Sword, all of which have been adapted and retold a few times over. My personal favorite though is Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 天龙八部.  A bad-ass, expansive, emotionally gripping series, it’ll take you on a roller coaster ride. I have seen the 2003 version with Hu Jun, Jimmy Lin, Gao Hu and Liu Yi Fei which became partly responsible for my wuxia love affair. So I was jumping up and down when I heard news of its remake early this year. I was even more happy that the amazing Wallace Chung will be headlining it. I think he’s perfect for the role of Beggar Sect leader Qiao Feng. The other two pivotal characters are Shaolin Monk Xu Zhu who will be played by Han Dong and Dali Prince Duan Yu will be played by Korean actor Kim Kibum. My initial reaction to the latter’s casting was unpleasant, however Lemon Zhang Meng who’s playing Wang Yu Yan is a pint size cutie, so I thought they would be a good match.

In the 2003 version, Duan Yu‘s 3 sisters fell in love with him  because they didn’t know that they were siblings at first and he ended up with Wang Yu Yan.  Even Shaolin Monk Xu Zhu got his happy ending but Qiao Feng did not. His first love A Zhu (Liu Tao) died helping him while younger sister A Zi (Chen Hao) who’s in love with him, died for him. Remember that part when they jumped off the cliff? Well, technically he jumped with her in his arms. Sigh. This new version however is based on the third revision of the novel so we will definitely see a few changes here and there. I’m not a spoilsport so I won’t spoil the fun.

Regarding the trailer. One thought. Spectacular. The special effects are tastefully made and not overly done like those RPG ones that are coming out next year. Gotta hand it to the production team.


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