“Prime Minister and I” Teases with Lee Bum Soo and YoonA’s 1st Encounter

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KBS2 released the first official trailer of its upcoming Monday-Tuesday rom-com drama Prime Minister and I 총리와 나. Based on the trailer, this drama hints at a hilarious, carousel type of story. One with just enough up and down, yet fully enjoyable and romantic. It brings to mind, one of the most successful romantic drama South Korea has ever produced —Lover’s in Paris with Park Shin Yang and Kim Jung Eun. Guy rides a luxury car while the girl rides a bicycle (in this case a moped). In both dramas the male leads were once married. The girl enters the picture bringing along a bundle of sunshine with her and changes the heart of a once cynical, workaholic, uptight man.

I do hope that for once YoonA can do better. Her previous dramas were mostly duds. The most recent being the tragic “Love Rain” which had an average rating of 5%. Maybe she can learn a thing of two in acting from her veteran partner Lee Bum Soo, for she definitely needs a few pointers in that area. Let’s just say, she’s a better entertainer than actor.

In their run-in YoonA (reporter Nam Da Jung) looks to be drunk (pun intended (^.^)) holding on to Lee Bum Soo’s (PM Kwon Yool) leg while he gives her a cold, what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-this-girl stare. I’m pretty sure there will be more run ins after that.


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One thought on ““Prime Minister and I” Teases with Lee Bum Soo and YoonA’s 1st Encounter

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