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Korean Drama “I’m Sorry, I Love You” Gets a Chinese Movie Remake


The 2004 South Korean drama I’m Sorry, I Love You was a tragic, sad, painful and beautiful story about ill-fated individuals who met by chance, separated by circumstance, brought together by revenge only to be separated again by death. It starred So Ji Sub and Im Soo Jung as Cha Moo Hyuk, a homeless scam artist who roams the streets of Australia and Song Eun Chae, a fashion coordinator.

The drama gets a fresh make over as chinese director Larry Yang Zi brings it back to life with a movie version Sorry, I Love You 对不起,我爱你. Model-actor Vivian Dawson (yes he is Jolin Tsai’s man) plays the lead as Wu He (Moo Hyuk)minus the crazy reggae hairstyle .It’s a big step for him since this will be his first starring role plus he’s got some big shoes to fill. Playing En Sai (Eun Chae) is newcomer singer-actress Wen Jian Ting. The movie is set to be released on October 28th in China and Hongkong and will have a special screening on November 7th in New york.


Check out some posters and stills:

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Godfrey Gao, Sunny Wang in Raunchy Comedy Film Never Give Up Dodo

Once in while actors would venture into a genre less familiar to them in order to refine their craft. Sometimes it doesn’t work and other times it does. This is perhaps what my loverboy Godfrey Gao is trying to do. I don’t have any complaints about him playing the same rich-drop-dead gorgeous-protagonist (The Queen of SOP, Remebering Li Chuan, Gorgeous Gens, Volleyball). He doesn’t even have to act yet I’d still be staring at the screen for hours spazzing like any other female. I didn’t even care that his eye make-up was heavier than mine, covered in rainbow-colored glitters and gay playing the role of the high-warlock Magnus Bane in TMI: City of Bones. I still thought he was hot!

This time loverboy brings out his comedic side with the internet movie Never Give Up Dodo 钱多多炼爱记. The film is produced by Sohu together with famed director Leste Chen with Lin Xiao Qian as director. It’s a raunchy, sexy, comedy film starring Godfrey Gao, Yin Hang, Sunny Wang, Mike Sui,Cica Zhou, Zhu Dan, Zhao Yi Huan etc. Godfrey plays an adonis (but of course!) while Mike Sui is a guy doubtful about his gender. In other words, he thinks he might be gay! Expect one-night stands, sexual fantasies and a lot of provocative scenes plus a whole bunch of half-naked wet bodies guaranteed to make every male and female hearts satisfied. Godfrey HALF-NAKED. ‘Nuff said. I’m sold!

It will start streaming over video site sohu.com on October 22nd and will be simultaneously broadcast overseas and the United States in the coming weeks.


Check out the gallery below.

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The Four 2 Drops Fashionably Stylish Cast Posters

Trapped -- Liu Yi Fei, Deng Chao, Liu Yan and Jiang Yan.

Trapped — Liu Yi Fei, Deng Chao, Liu Yan and Jiang Yan.

I remember watching the first film adaptation of Wen Ruian‘s novel series The Four Great Constables 四大名捕 last year which was aptly called The Four. It starred Deng Chao (Cold Blood), Liu Yi Fei (Emotionless), Ronald Cheng (Life snatcher) and Collin Chou (Iron Hands) as the titular characters. I watched it just out of curiosity and afterwards I remember feeling like I got the short end of the stick. It held a lot of promise in the beginning but sort of dwindled somewhere in the middle and gave itself a final shove towards the end. It didn’t help that you can practically compare it to Marvel’s X-men complete with a mind reading, wheelchair wheeling mutant. It’s not all snoozefest though. I like the action sequences and the infusion of wuxia and fantasy but I thought that the movie lacked that which propels a movie towards a satisfying end.

Anyhow, I wasn’t expecting a sequel to come out this soon. The first movie was released just last year and it did okay in the box office both in Hongkong and in the mainland.  The Four 2  is in 3D so I expect better special effects. If the people behind this movie paid attention to what Di Renjie: Rise of the Sea Dragon has done, they would know that it relied heavily on 3D special effects and look where it’s at. It’s currently the highest-grossing film this year. and breaking records to boot!

The Four 2 (which should not be confused with the TV adaptation) still has most of the characters from the first movie including Divine Constabulary’s head Anthony Wong with some notably female additional cast members. Gordon Chan once again directs. According to press release, this version is more tangled, the chase more complicated and the suspense more intense and I suppose this story will also focus not only on the cases and characters’ past demons but on the love angle which was missing in the first movie.  It hits theaters on November 22.

Check out the gorgeous and fashionable photos of some of the cast in an emotion-themed style  posters. Can I just say that I love them!  If these posters are any indication of how good the movie is, then I’d say sign me up quick.



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Liu Shi Shi Stars With Chang Chen in Upcoming Mainland Movie


飞鱼服绣春刀 Fei Yu Fu Xiu Chun Dao

Set in the most autocratic period in Chinese history, the Ming Dynasty during the ascention of Emperor Chongzhen. It tells the story of 3 sworn brothers Chang Chen, Wang Qian Yuan and Li Dong Xue.

Grace Wang Qian Yuan is the dutiful older brother Lu Jian Xing who hopes of someday holding a post as imperial guard. Chang Chen is the second brother Shen Lian who’s only wish is to be with Zhou Miao Tong (Liu Shi Shi) and Ethan Li Dong Xue is the unsophisticated, easy going yet lovable third brother Jing Yi Chuan.They set out on a journey to find the exiled former palace eunuch Wei Zhon Xian (Jin Shi Jie) who was solely responsible for the deteriorating empire. But they found everything they were told are lies and part of a bigger conspiracy. The movie is directed by acclaimed director Lu Yang and will hit theaters early next year.

This movie is relatively low profiled compared to the other upcoming movies headlined by big stars. Although I think that the story line is very similar to The Three Musketeers down to the 3 brothers’ characterization, I am still excited to see this movie. Chang Chen is a great actor in my opinion. I have seen his other works including most recently, The Grandmasters. He’s the brother with the loveline in this movie with one of my favorite Chinese actress Cecilia Liu Shi Shi. I have seen LSS in a costume period drama of course. I mean how can I have possibly miss out on Bu Bu Jing Xin? Right? But I have yet to see her in a movie. She has done several movies this year including the one with Vic Zhou “A Moment of Love” but I haven’t seen that one yet either. So I’m adding this one to my growing pending watchlist.

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