BTS for “Man From the Stars” featuring Kim Soo Hyun

SBS released publicity photos for the upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama Man From the Stars or You Who Came From the Stars 별에서 온 그대 showing male lead Kim Soo Hyun going around the block in a suit. He even checks himself out on the monitor, not because he’s vain but merely as a common practice among actors. Of course you would want to see the finished product. In the stills, he looks astonishingly young. I’d say around 16 or 17 although he is 25 in real life. I want to have whatever he’s having!

In the drama, KSY plays Do Min joon, a 400 year old alien who fell to earth during the Joseon dynasty but has maintained his youthful, pretty looks. He is supposed to look perfect and is fast and agile. Because he has stayed on earth for four centuries, he grew cynanical over human beings. This is going to change after falling in love with a hallyu star Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) who is physically much older than him.

I have already seen their cute dynamics in the movie “The Thieves”, and I gotta say that pretty boy can hold his own ground. I guess he is not intimidated by his noona sunbae. Maybe it’s because he has romanced older women in the movie and more so in the drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun. ‘Atta boy!



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