“Pretty Man” Struggles On It’s First Week while “The Heirs” Soars Higher



While “The Heirs” is enjoying the air up there by its lonesome registering 22.1% (Thursday) it’s highest rating since its debut, the two other rival dramas Bel Ami/Pretty Man and Medical Top Team are wallowing down below with a measly 6.1% and 6% respectively.

It is interesting to note that the spot vacated by Secret which ended it’s run with 20.6% is struggling so much against it’s direct competition. But I think this is to be expected. Pretty Man/Bel Ami‘s core audience are the young adults which are also the core audience of The Heirs. The latter has got the upper hand since it’s already halfway through so most viewers are unlikely to switch sides at this point. Maybe it did manage to snatch a handful of them (or not). Now where did the other 14% go? The question is, who are the 14%? They are the 30-40s and the ahjummas who loved the angsty, convulated melodrama that was Secret. You don’t really expect them to watch a drama centered on a flower boy? How could relate to that? With all these hurdles to overcome, Bel Ami has a steep path ahead. But all is not lost, after all it has just begun and although the story is quite cliche and we have seen Jang Geun Suk playing a narcissistic role (You’re Beautiful), the tandem is fresh and fairly adorable. Maybe it might just work. It is working pretty well for Lee Min Ho (Kim Tan), who after a good many years is wearing a high uniform again just like in Boys Over Flowers (Gu Jun Pyo). It’s still early in the game so Bel Ami still has a fighting chance or it might just go Medical Top Team‘s route and stay below.



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