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Hu Ge, Tang Yan, Wallace Chung Considering TV Adaptation of “Lang Ya Bang”

A few days ago I’ve written about Long Ballad 秀丽江山, a popular novel which is about to hit the small screen with actress-producer Ruby Lin and Yuan Hong headlining the said series. At this point the shooting is almost about to wrap up and ready for the chopping block (board of censors)to give it a go signal for airing next year.

Shandong Television Media Group has acquired the rights to the novel Langya Bang琅琊榜, a highly popular internet novel known as the Chinese version of Count of Monte Cristo. The novel is about to get a live adaptation with two famed directors Kong Sheng and Li Xue at the helm. According to several sources, initial preparations are already under way. The script is ready, the costumes have been designed, the settings have been chosen and names of actors offered to play the lead roles are floating in the netosphere. If the rumors are to be believed, which I pray to the drama gods to be real, Hu Ge, Tang Yan and Wallace Chung might be the leads. Excited does not even come close to how I feel! I should probably start burning the midnight candle, add a little bit of incense and start chanting to make it work.

Hu Ge and Tang Yan have worked together in several projects in the past including the modern drama Unbeatable, a typical mainland workplace drama which also starred heart breaker Roy Chiu, and the RPG series Rift of the Sky 轩辕剑之天之痕, which was so ridiculously whack I laughed uncontrollably at some scenes. But it did have it’s saving grace, Yuwen Tuo’s (Hu Ge) tormented character and demoness Dugu Ningke‘s quest for redemption and love.

I have always been a big Hu Ge fan since forever. I love how he always works his chemistry with co-actors like Ariel Lin (Seven of the Sky, Legend of the Condor Heroes), Ivy Chen (Modern People), Liu Yi Fei (Chinese Paladin) among others. Oh well, save for Shangri-La which I could barely stomach despite of my love for Hu Ge. He may not be so young anymore to play Lin Shu but I have no doubt he can pull it off. Tang Yan, on the other hand, is one of my favorite mainland actress. She can be cute (Love Waking Up,The Xia Girls), kick-ass (Agent X,Storm Warriors), cunning (Chinese Paladin 3,Rift of the Sky), innocent (Gone with the Wind) and surely she portray Princess Ni Huang with aplomb. Wallace Chung, although I have only seen him in a series once, (The Magic Blade which I absolutely abhor) is a solid actor and I think he will be perfect as Jing Wang Xiao. If the three signs on they will start filming in February 2014.


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Marry Him If You Dare Episode 5 – Recap

Now I’m convinced that the reason old Mi Rae came back is precisely to help Kim Shin get back on his feet or rather help him avoid making the same mistakes which lead to his eventual downfall.  With Empress Ki premiering this week, MHIYD has a bigger opponent. The episode merely got a single digit rating  falling on third place.


Episode 5 A Change of Heart

Old Mirae went into detail on how Kim Shin will fail. According to her he will hit rock bottom and drag Mi rae along with him making their lives both miserable. Kim Shin tried to keep his cool during and after the whole interview. He confronted old Mi Rae asking her if she likes him because of the attention she’s giving him. He walked out and came across Se Joo who was there to meet “someone”. KS called Mi Rae to remind her of their study time and said he would be waiting at the EAST gate. A few moments later SJ called her too and said he was waiting for her at the WEST gate. Old Mi Rae asked young Mi Rae if she was meeting KS. She then explained why she kept pushing her to SJ. In the end she left her to decide for herself. However, old Mi Rae’s physical condition gets worse by the day and she eventually collapsed. Good thing that Miranda recognized her after appearing on the show and approached her when it happened.Mi Rae decided to stand up KS and went home instead but not after meeting SJ and inviting him to go to the amusement park the next day. An obviously happy SJ agreed. Meanwhile Miranda was suspicious of old Mi Rae and asked why she was so interested in her grandson.

Mi Rae decided to meet both men and sort out her feelings along the way because she’s not sure if she could continue to like KS after knowing what she knows or whether she could actually like SJ. The next day the rain won’t let up so their amusement park date was cancelled so they ended up in SJ’s fake shabby pad watching his old college film project.Mi Rae was intently watching the film while SJ was intently watching her. He waved his hand in front of her face but she waved it away and for a moment they were touching hand-to-hand. He brushed the residue of popcorn on her lips with his thumb making both of them feel embarrassed.


Seo Yoo Kyung on the other hand was busy filming with an over bearing director who wants to showcase her physical assets more than her talent. She’s so pathetic that it’s sad (I actually feel sorry for her).She came to the bar afterwards looking for SJ who came much later (after sending MR home) He started gushing about MR saying that he likes her independent nature. While on a bus home, KS sent a message asking MR to meet him right away.

They met at a basketball court and made a bet. The loser will treat the winner to soju which eventually KS did. He said it’s all well that he treats her since it’s his farewell to her telling her that he was leaving the city for a regional post in a week. Mi Rae comfronted old MR about this at home. The next day everyone said their goodbyes to KS while Oppa (MR’s brother) talked to him in private asking him why KS and MR met last night. He asked him if he likes her. He started denying it and asked if he (oppa) likes her too.

Later that night, SJ gave MR a call apologizing for what had happened at work. She said it was not his fault and that he had nothing to do with it anyway. Meanwhile, ahjumma (old MR) went to the supermarket to get something for dinner. She was soon flocked by so many people who recognized her from KS’s morning show. The mob started saying mean things about KS. Suddenly she realized that she had to help KS for she still loves him afterall. She checked her diary and slipped quietly out of the house and meet KS by the hill. While having dinner she called MR and told her to take her brother outside because she has a gift for them. At the same time, Miranda also stepped out suddenly remembering what the fortune teller told her.KS was wondering why ahjumma wanted to meet him. She said for him to just hand on a little bit longer because she’s about to do something for him. She handed him an umbrella and it started raining.


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Pretty Man Officially Started Filming, Jang Geun Suk, IU Attend Blessing


Last October 24, the whole cast of upcoming KBS2 drama Pretty Man/Beautiful Man/Yeppeun Namja/ 예쁜남자 sat down for their first script reading. Four days later initial filming began and eventually to kick-start the drama and ask for bounty and great ratings (of course!) the cast gathered for the ceremonial offering.

There was a time when I was absolutely crazy about this guy to the point that he was my wallpaper. I’ve seen all his previous films and drama alike. But for some reason, my feelings subsided and eventually fizzled. So when I heard news about his drama comeback (of sort) I wasn’t exactly jumping up and down. However, the drama addict in me does not want to be left out.

News of Jang Geun Suk headlining the drama Pretty Man floated as early as June, even before Secret 비밀 started. He was the first actor on board. It is safe to say that everyone involved in this project wanted only him as Dokgo Ma Te, the most beautiful man in the world,ambitious, capricious and a man who seduces and uses women for his own gain. They probably think that there isn’t anyone else in the industry as beautiful as him. Or there might be but they’re doing military duties. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against JGS. On the contrary, I think he fits the bill perfectly. Playing the mentor David Choi is Lee Jang Woo, who is relegated to second-lead status. I’m glad that he’s not so picky with his roles unlike some. IU who’s playing the female lead Kim Bo Tong, an ordinary girl obsessed with Dokgo Ma Te is also a welcome addition. The girl epitomizes the saying “strike while the iron is hot” having just finished her very successful drama You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin and releasing her 3rd studio album Modern Times which is currently topping charts in Korea. A few days ago, Han Chae Young also signed on to play the part of DMT’s first love. It makes me sad however, to see her playing second lead roles now when she can very well play the lead.

To be honest, I wasn’t familiar with the comics and of how popular it was. But I’m willing to bet that the drama will be popular. Just looking at the two lead stars together looking oddly unmatched that it’s cute makes me smile. But I gotta say that pig is taking the attention from them. Pretty Man is replacing Secret, which is currently on top of the Wednesday-Thursday block giving it an edge over currently airing The Heirs and Medical Top Team. The first episode airs November 20.

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Korean Drama “I’m Sorry, I Love You” Gets a Chinese Movie Remake


The 2004 South Korean drama I’m Sorry, I Love You was a tragic, sad, painful and beautiful story about ill-fated individuals who met by chance, separated by circumstance, brought together by revenge only to be separated again by death. It starred So Ji Sub and Im Soo Jung as Cha Moo Hyuk, a homeless scam artist who roams the streets of Australia and Song Eun Chae, a fashion coordinator.

The drama gets a fresh make over as chinese director Larry Yang Zi brings it back to life with a movie version Sorry, I Love You 对不起,我爱你. Model-actor Vivian Dawson (yes he is Jolin Tsai’s man) plays the lead as Wu He (Moo Hyuk)minus the crazy reggae hairstyle .It’s a big step for him since this will be his first starring role plus he’s got some big shoes to fill. Playing En Sai (Eun Chae) is newcomer singer-actress Wen Jian Ting. The movie is set to be released on October 28th in China and Hongkong and will have a special screening on November 7th in New york.


Check out some posters and stills:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye Shares First Kiss

SBS shared some treats today well ahead of the holloween celebration. It shows Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye)  sharing their first kiss at the school’s rooftop. Did I just hear a collective yell? ‘Must be my imagination. It looks like Kim Tan is moving in for the kill! Way to go boy, who looks hot in a high school uniform. Until now Kim Tan has only watched Eun Sang from afar not revealing how he truly feels. They have been constantly bickering and he’s been acting like a jealous boyfriend. But with these stills, it only means that things are about to change as Kim Tan confesses his true feelings. How would she react?

On the downside, I just had to say this. We got to admit that he looks kinda old for a high school student and so with the others. I still think it would have been better in a university setting though. But then again, if the vampires at Mystic Falls can pull it off, then I say why the heck can’t they? On with Boys Over Flowers..err…I meant The Heirs.


Do enjoy!


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Shin Min Ah, Jo Jung Suk Confirmed for My Love, My Bride Remake


A few days ago, news floated about Shin Min Ah and Jo Jung Suk‘s offer to star in a movie.  Both of their agencies revealed then that both actors were positively reviewing the offer. Today, casting of Shin Min Ah and Jo Jung Suk in a remake of Lee Myung Se‘s My Love, My Bride is confirmed. It will be their first time to work together. Jo Jung Suk’s career has been red hot since his star-making turn as a rigid, unwilling romantic soldier in King 2 Hearts. He just came off a very successful and highly rated drama with IU, You’re the best Lee Soon Shin and the box office movie The Face Reader. Shin Min Ah, on the other hand hasn’t starred in a movie since 2009’s A Million. Her last TV drama was last year’s not-so-successful Arang and the Magistrate with Lee Jun Ki. I’m not quite sure about their chemistry since I haven’t seen them in anything together. However, I know for a fact that this movie is a Korean classic so I am curious to see how this classic will fare in a modern setting.

My Love, My Bride 나의사랑 나의신부 is a 1990 romantic comedy movie by award winning director Lee Myung Se. It starred the late Choi Jin Sil who got a Grand Bell Awards for best actress for her role. It is a simple story about college sweethearts who got married right after graduation believing that their love can overcome any odds. Pre-production has already begun.

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Cover Wars (Men) — T.O.P VS SIWON (Korea)

It’s a battle of the boy bands aka idols. Both started out early and both have transitioned into acting. Who’s got the edge? Tough choice.


CHOI SEUNG HYUN aka T.O.P of BigBang for L’Officiel Hommes November

Touted as the most enigmatic member of the group with a taste for avant- garde fashion. This guy makes every girl wonder what’s on his beautiful mind. In the cover of L’Officiel Hommes he looks impeccable in a navy suit and perfectly coiffed hair.


CHOI SIWON of Super Junior of Arena Homme+ November

As the center guy of the group, he makes every girl swoon. He walks the streets of Hongkong and sheds his usual squeaky clean image for an unshaven, rough and tough look on the cover and pages of Arena magazine. What’s not to like? Purr..fection!

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The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 3 – Recap

Ji An Lei and Huang Yi Kang are in the same boat. Both of them are waiting for the person who holds the key to their hearts. Both are hopeless but unwilling to totally give on their love believing that somehow there might be a chance.


EPISODE 3 Flight or Fight

He Wei Ting sought Ji An Lei to vent about what happened over dinner with Hai Lun’s family. He said that he wanted to find a stable job to win HL’s fathers’ approval. Lei lei thought this must be a big sacrifice for knowing how free spirited he is. But he said he was willing to sacrifice for her. She flashbacked to the day she asked of him the same thing but he was unwilling then. She realized that he was only unwilling for her but is willing to change for HL. The same night Hai Lun also came to the house with a box of Huang Yi Kang’s favorite ice cream (are they that close in the past?!), seeing this, JAL realized that HL is also the girl HYK secretly loves.

Hailun came to HWT place, brought some plates and cooked for him. The 2 were like newlyweds in their sweetness.So the unpleasant dinner was forgotten. Meanwhile, Tiffany advised JAL to be more agressive so she could get what she wants. But JAL thought that she’s already lost the battle because she doesn’t have the wildness in her anymore to go after the man she wants. She went around wondering what to do. Meanwhile, Tiffny went looking for HYK at JAL’s house and asked him to fix her “faucet” and offered him a design job at the spa she’s operating as well. She asked HYK to save his details on her phone and gave him the passcode to open it which turns out to be “sex-sex-sex” making HYK uncomfortable.(Naughty Tiffany, I couldn’t stop laughing.)

It’s a national holiday so JAL decided to stay home all day, mope and sleep.HYK was at home cleaning so he volunteered to leave to give JAL sapce. But she said that she’ll stay in her room anyway. HYK told JAL to stop moping and move on with her life. He told her that an ex-boyfriend is an ex-boyfriend so she needs to let him be.He chooses to heal his wounds, forget about HL and then move on. The two of them are so opposite in their standpoint so they argued. He beleieves inletting go and accepting calmly while she insists that it’s easier said than done. Irritated by his unbelievable calmness she decided to ask him out for dinner with HWT (of course he didn’t know that Hai Lun is the girfriend)telling him that she wants to see how he would handle that kind of situation.

The next day, HYK went to Tiffany’s salon to check the work which needs to be done.In the middle of it, he got a call from Hai Lun asking him to meet her. She offered him a job at the company but he rejected it.He thought it was best to avoid her. Finally, the time for the “dinner date”came.An unsuspecting HYK was so shocked seeing Hai Lun with HWT. It was painful just watching the other two go through dinner when the couple were obviously so enamored with each other. Misery loves company and the two members of the broken-hearts club are perfect companions.They know exactly how the other feels so there was no blaming and anger, but only understanding.

The following day JAL had a job interview and passed it.She went to her company to get some files only to get pissed because HL took over them and messed them up. Although, HL’s intention was good she still felt violated. She and Tifanny went to a bar to drown her sorrow. She then confessed that she really wants to get HWT back. So the brilliant Tiffany suggested that HYK and her join forces to win theirl “loves” back. JAL refused saying this was unethical but Tiffany insisted saying “love has always been selfish”. She had to grab it if she wants it. The next day she woke up more determined to find her happiness.

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Marry Him If You Dare Episode 4 – Recap

There’s just one thing I found unsettling in this episode. Why all of a sudden Kim Shin was so good to Mi Rae? It was like a 360 degrees turn. I guess perhaps the strange man who went through the time portal is the explanation. But nonetheless, it could have been more subtle and believable.


Episode 4 Twisted Reality

Mi Rae made in to Kim Shin’s morning show team.

Kim Shim was so jealous he lashed on Mi Rae and Se Joo telling them to tone down on their PDA. He walked out of the studio and wondered what’s wrong with him.


Seo Yoo Kyung  was obviously taken by Se Joo’s arrogance. She decided to go after him and told MR about it. She went to an expensive bar and saw SJ by himself. She offered to pay for his drinks but it turns out that the drinks he ordered were the most expensive ones.

She still insisted on paying and in return he offered to treat her as well. So they went to an udon house across the street. But it wasn’t a regular udon house. It was for those who can afford as well. She was wondering why he goes to expensive places knowing that he was but a mere VJ.

Back at MR’s house, the two MR’s were arguing again. Young MR was getting tired of old MR’s seemingly insane plans and notions. She doesn’t want to give up her job as a writer and doesn’t want to depend on any guy whether SJ or KS, to have a nice future. She said that she wants to pursue her own dreams and tread her own path. Finally fed up, old MR then decided to reveal the truth. She showed young MR the window where she draws her plans. But young MR still seemed uninterested in all of it.

People say that the past has it’s own way of catching up on you, no matter how you try to bury it or change it. And it sure does. That night MR and KS had the same dream. They were sharing a bed at the hospital and were very lovey-dovey when suddenly MR’s brother woke up and asked them “What are you two doing?” The following day they came across each at the lobby and were obviously conscious of each other. She told him that she was running some errands and he ended up escorting and giving her a grand tour of YBS! They checked a salon at the building where MR’s brother was getting groomed and asked them “What are you two doing?” They proceeded and ended up at the props room and chanced upon Darth Vader. In the blink of an eye, he was in Darth Vader costume and she was Mrs. Santa.She was moving around she got tangled with him and her dress ended up torn so he sewed the rip material himself. At the same time, he was gave her some advice about the broadcasting industry. He volunteered to teach her the trick of the trade and agreed to meet again.

Meanwhile, Miranda was fuming mad because their hotel business incurred huge losses so to save it she decided to downsize. She decided to fire many YBS employees thinking that they are not important. Of course, SJ ran to the pent house to talk to his grandma out of it but she was already decided. Some employees who got the boot, tried to convince KS to help them but he said that he was helpless as well.So the following day, Miranda came to YBS to personally congratulate those who will remain and sack the others. She came to KS’s morning show where SJ was a part of. Suddenly, KS arrived and refused to start the show unless Miranda agrees to let everyone in the team stay. They had a showdown of who will give in first to which Miranda lost. In the end, everyone was retained and MR was beeming at KS saying how marvelous he was. What she didn’t know was the reason why KS actually stood up to Miranda was because of her.

Old Mi Rae was of course unhappy seeing how young Mi Rae seemed to be falling for KS all over again. But oh no, ahjumma won’t be deterred on her plans..she still wants to push on what she thinks is the best future for her so she went on the show as a fortune teller in place of a suddenly MIA legit fortune teller. Kim Shin who does not believe in them proceeded with the questions and asked her name first, to which she answered “My name is Na Mi Rae”. She said she’ll make him believe. She said facts about his past and his habits (they were married so she should know!). He asked about his future to which Na Mi Rae responded with “You will fail.”

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Vic Zhou Wins Best Actor at 48th Taiwan Golden Bell Awards


The 48th Taiwan Golden Bell Awards was held in Taiwan at the Zhongshan Memorial Hall yesterday. The event was hosted by last year’s best actor winner, Bolin Chen. Taiwanese celebrities glammed up and walked the red carpet. Most notably newcomer Janet looked smashing in a black sexy peekaboo gown. Event host Bolin Chen was most probably the best looking guy of the night save perhaps for best actor winner Vic Zhou who looked equally delicious in a suit. Bolin handed him his first trophy personally. It was a sweet moment for Zai Zai after losing the best actor award to Mark Chao for Black and White. The two of them were the leads of the drama and were nominated for the same category back in 2010. But I think it is safe to say that everyone was expecting him to win. It may also be the reason why the once good friends became bitter friends. So I am so happy for Zai Zai’s win. He truly deserves this award.

It was also good to see some of my favorites on the red carpet like Nikki Hsieh (I would have loved to see Chris Wu as well but I guess that’s asking too much), Sonia Sui, Amber Kuo, Megan Lai, and Selina Jen (minus Ella and Hebe).


Here’s the list of the (drama related) winners:

  • Best Program: Falling PTS
  • Best Mini Series/TV Movie:Life Story PTV
  • Best Actor: Voc Zhou for Home
  • Best Actress: Miao Ke Li for Han Xiao Shi tang/Flavor of Life
  • Best Supporting Actor: Lee Daniel for Home
  • Best Supporting Actress: Esther Liu for Falling
  • Best Director: Wang Ming Tai for Falling
  • Best Screenplay: Wen Yu Fang for Falling



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