Liu Yi Fei Gets Waxed at Madame Tussauds


Personally I would have loved to see her Xiao Long Nu wax figure more than anything else just like the character waxes of Nicky Wu as Emperor Kangxi and Sun Li as the legendary Zhen Huan. Instead it’s a modern version in an embellished pink gown. She joins other Asian stars including Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Sandra Ng and Kim Hyun Joong at Madame Tussauds, Wuhan.

Playful as she is, Liu Yi Fei kissed her wax self saying that she’s happy to have finally met her twin sister. She also coyly posed with superstars Michael Jackson and Johnny Depp and excitedly took a picture with Einstein.


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Nicky Wu, Liu Shi Shi Admits Romance

At around 2:00 today (13th November) Nicky Wu (Wu Qilong) posted this message on his weibo account:


Thank you for your concern and blessing, we cherish this hard-won feelings, we sincerely hope that we can have our private life, give us some free time and space, thank you for understanding.”

A while later Liu Shi shi responded with this post “Thank you for your concern, I believe that God will give the best arrangement. “


It can’t be any clearer an admission than that! Just yesterday I posted about Shi shi and Hu Ge holding hands at the BQ event (see related post here) but after they walked the red carpet, Shi shi actually sat next to Nicky during the whole ceremony. As early as August this year, there have been many claims of “sightings” but the two never adressed those rumors. Earlier this month many media outlets reported that the two spent 8 hours together in one place thereby igniting more romance rumors. With their admission, fans responded with mixed reactions. But most were happy and congratulatory. It was said that weibo recorded more than 300,000 responses to the post within minutes. Many of the couples friends congratulated and sent happy messages to the two including Little Tigers bandmate Alec Su, co-stars Yuan Hong, Jiang Jin Fu, Ye Zu Xin, Guo Zhen Ni and even Nicky’s ex-wife Ma Yashu.

Nicky Wu and Liu Shi shi have worked together in the mega-popular Scarlet/Bu Bu Jing Xin步步惊心. Due to its massive success, which is also responsible for reigniting Si Ye’s (Nicky) career, a sequel Bu Bu Jing Qing 步步惊情 was made and is now about to be aired (thanks to the fandom’s incessant requests). They are also working on a third project together “Incisive Great Teacher 犀利仁师 ” According to many onlookers, the couple looked like well, a couple!

But some people are also doubting the veracity of the post because of its timing. They think that it’s an advertising ploy for the upcoming Bu Bu Jing Qing release. Oh please give me a break! I don’t think these two would resort to such cheap advertising gimmickry. So, let’s just all cry happy tears (like me!) and wish them happiness.


Check out the gallery below:

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Hu Ge and Liu Shi shi Arrives Hand-in-Hand at 2013 BQ Favorite List Awards

The 2013 BQ Red List Awards ceremony was held in Shanghai last week. The annual award is given to chosen individuals in the entertainment industry by virtue of popularity, influence and show’s success.

But the focus of the evening were Hu Ge and Liu Shi shi who arrived at the event holding hands. If I didn’t know any better, I would have been jumping with glee over this, thinking that something is brewing between them. But I know that this is all for show, because of their upcoming series Da Mo Yao aka Ballad of the Dessert or Legend of Sun and Moon, which after what felt like eons of waiting, its official trailer was FINALLY released. Many fans are rejoicing for sure.

What I really want to know is when the airing dates will be. I am hoping to see this series early next year if the drama gods permit. It has already been cleared by SARFT so I don’t see the reason for more delays.


Here are the winners:

  • Most Influential Actors of the Year: Liu Shi shi and Chen Bo Lin
  • Favorite Actor of the Year: Nicky Wu and Zhang Yuqi
  • Favorite Drama Actor: Hu Ge
  • Most Popular Actor: Tang Yan
  • Breakthrough Artist of the Year: Liu Tao and Yan Kuan
  • Popular Idol of the year: Chen Xiao
  • Most Valuable Actor of the year: Massu Gallen
  • New Movie Actor of the year: Chen Dong and Guo Biting
  • Most Popular Artist of the year: Li Wei
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Fan Bingbing, Kim Tae hee, Gao Yuan yuan et.al. Attend Cosmo’s 20th Anniversary Bash


Cosmopolitan magazine celebrates it’s 20th anniversary with a gala event held last night in downtown Shanghai. The event called Fashion 时尚COSMO20 with the theme — “Fun. Fearless. Female. Love and Tell” was field with glitz and glamour. Celebrities from the mainland, Hongkong, Taiwan and South Korea were chosen and were awarded as “Dream Icons”. Some of the Chinese celebrities who graced the event were Fan Bingbing, Gao Yuanyuan, Li Yuchun, Zhang Yuqi, Hans Zhang, Chen (Xue) Dong, Nini, Zhang Jingchu. Taiwanese hunks Peter Ho, Bolin Chen and Kenji Wu were also present. South Korean stars Kim Tae hee and Kim Soo hyun were the only recipients of the award from Korea and Hongkong actor-singer Aarif Lee was also given the award.

The ladies kept it simple and chic. But I guess Kim Tae hee didn’t get the memo and went for a white bridal gown. Maybe she wants to send a message to her beau Rain. The men were sharp and stylish. My man Peter Ho brought more style in that coat more than any other man.  But during the awarding ceremony he ditched the mustard turtle neck and Italian long coat for a more classic black suit.



Check out the gallery below.


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Harper’s Bazaar Brings Together Rainie, Myolie, Bosco, Bolin etc. for Goodwill

One Cares One 買一善一 which literally traslates to “buy a goood one” is a charity event spearheaded by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation together with fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar China. Together with 10 famed Chinese designers who masterfully crafted 10 sneakers for different occasions like sports,leisure, stylish, functional etc., launched Bazaar Design Charity which brings together top stars from China, Hongkong and Taiwan including Rainie Yang, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Bolin Chen, Momo Wu, Fu Xinbo etc. The stars put out their unique characteristics and artfully show them in the shoes they are modelling.

The event hopes to help the less fortunate children especially those who reside in the mountains, who are the main beneficiary of the said event. Rainie Yang who has recently launched an album called Angel Wings is particularly active in the campaign expressing her concern for children she said “Let us help the children in poverty-stricken areas so that they achieve their dreams”.

Check out the gallery below.



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Zhuo Dong Yu Denies Rumored Relationship with Lin Geng Xin

Official Poster for My Ol’ Classmate

Just last month photos of mainland cuties Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying acting intimately made the rounds on every entertainment site in China. Which they have since denied. According to them no such relationship exist or ever existed.

Just a couple of days ago another dating rumor hit the stands and the web alike. Chinese actors Lin Geng Xin and Zhou Dong Yu were snapped “supposedly” rendezvousing at night. The 21 year old Zhou Dong Yu’s white cayenne was parked in the vicinity not far from where the 25 year old Kenny Lin was. A few moments later, LGX hopped into the same car. People are speculating that the couple have been together since early August. The two are currently doing a movie called My Ol’ Classmate and have gotten closer even sharing cute snaps on their individual weibo accounts. Which in my opinion is what you call “marketing”. ZDY was recently interviewed and she denied any romantic involvement with LGX saying that their encounters are strictly work-based when asked about the issue. For his part, LGX has got more explaining to do because everyone knows that he has a girlfriend of four years.  The fans may not like his plain-looking girlfriend who is said to have come from a well-off family like him, still, they’ve been together a long time.

Kenny Lin’s girlfriend

Actually, I like LGX more for admitting his relationship and the fact that his girl is just like any normal girl. It shows that he’s the type of guy who looks on the inside and not the physical attributes of a person. But I know that showbiz can change a person. I hope he doesn’t though and that he stays true to his real feelings no matter what. Wu Chun was able to endure it. But of course he had had to lie so many times to his fans faces. But I’m pretty sure he feels that it was all worth it. The man looks really happy now. Kenny for his part still has a long way to go.


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2013 BAZAAR Star Charity Night Beijing

The who’s who in the Chinese entertainment gathered for one night for a cause, the 2013 BAZAAR Star Charity Night held last night in Beijing. Chinese superstar Jackie Chan urged the crowd to do more and bid more to help raise more funds. Shu Qi, Li Bingbing, Fan Bingbing, Yao Chen, Gao Yuan Yuan, Miriam Yeung, NiNi, Feng Shao Feng, Godfrey Gao, Tong Da wei, Peter Ho, Ady An, Li Chen, Tong Lia, Daniel Chan, Angelababy, Zhang Jingchu, Daniel Chan, Bai Baihe , Huang Bo and many other celebrities assisted the auctioneers by modelling jewelry, brand bags and other valuables to hasten the bidding and helped raise the values. Korean stars Song Hye Gyo who’s active in the mainland attended the affair as well as Superjunior heartthrob Choi Siwon.

The stars walked the blued carpet and were interviewed by local and foreign media alike in their glamorous gowns and suits. By the end of the night the organizers announced that the total donations amounted to more than 62 million yuan.


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29th China Golden Rooster Film Awards — Red Carpet and Winners

The 22nd Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival and the 29th Golden Rooster Awards ceremony was held today September 28 in Wuhan. The red carpet came alive with the biggest stars from the Chinese entertainment.  Six films competed for the Best Feature Film category including Zhang Guoli’s 1942 一九四二年 which is the biggest winner of the night including Best Film, Best Screenplay, Special Jury award and Best Actor for Zhang Guoli tied with China’s number one hearthrob Huang Xiao Ming for American Dreams in China/中国合伙人.  Peter Chan won Best Director for the film as well.  Song Jia was the night’s Best Actress for her role in Falling Flowers/萧红. Best Supporting Actress award went to Wang Luo Dan for Caught in the Web while Wang Qing Xiang brought home the Best Supporting Actor trophy for The Grand Master/一代宗师. Vicky Zhao Wei also won a golden horse for her directorial debut So Young/致我们终将逝去的青春.


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