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Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum Ends Euro Tour

Photo/TV Daily

The newly minted love birds found their way back to their home land holding hands via Incheon International Airport after a month of honeymoon European tour. The two look so much in love. They are even sporting the couple look. Why, their shoes are even matching! How cute is that! I bet they have tons of couple stuff; shirts, eye wear, rings, hoodies, mugs, and what not. They are in what we call the “honeymoon” stage so the real test is yet to come. I sincerely hope they last longer than other celeb couples (Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young) after reality sets in and their work pulls them apart.

They just look so perfect together and I swear you could almost hear birds chirping when they made their way through the airport amidst the buzzing paparazzi. I bet they are thanking their managers for giving them Goddess of Fire Jung Yi, where they met. It was a dud, true. But at least something good came out of it! It’s good that they got a chance to relax a bit and spend time together because we all know that right after, Kim Bum will be working on his projects in the mainland while Geun Young figures out what project to do next. I hope the media would just give them time to work on their relationship in private. But I guess, that’s like asking for the moon.

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Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young are Officially Dating


Can somebody please pinch me? Or better yet, give me a hard smack because I think I might have died and gone to OTP heaven!  It has been confirmed today by Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum‘s agencies that they are in fact dating! According to to their press release, the two have been dating for about a month.  But they have decided to be open about it. We know that Goddess of Fire has wrapped up a few weeks ago which means that the couple are not constantly spending time together anymore. Kim Bum who’s 2 years younger Moon Geun Young,  is now busy with his commitments in China while she is considering some new projects. But before all that, it is said that the two went to Europe for a vacay together! People have also been witnessing their closeness in a few outdoors sighting. However, some are questioning their decision to reveal their budding romance so soon. Well, I say I don’t ca–eh eh eh-eh are!  I am all for this couple. I wish they stay together forever and ever.

Although Goddess of Fire was a train wreck, who knew that it was actually blissful on set. Though it did held a lot of promise in the beginning it never really established its story and characters well to be relevant.  It didn’t even crash and burn since it never really took flight to begin with. It was painful just to watch it thriving like a headless horseman with nowhere no go. So I was more than happy that it finally ended. But despite its lackluster turnout, it wasn’t exactly garbage. It did have it’s wonderful moments and of course,  Tae Do! Although he did not end up with Yoo Jung in the end, he did manage to get the girl for “real”!  This has got to be the best ending. Now, bring out the champagne and let’s celebrate!

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